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06/05/2023 – The video you can record right now to get more listing appointments on Facebook

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So happy Monday, happy Apple release day. Today’s recorded video, it’s on the blog. We’re going to go to a once a week live session so we can drive more people to that, and then a daily blog. Most of those will be video. That’s probably going to turn into a podcast because we’ve got a lot of feedback saying, hey, the videos are great, but hard for me to join you at 11 every single day. And it’s hard for me to watch video all the time. Are you guys going to be doing audio? So I’m not going to exclusively switch to audio, but we are going to add an audio feature so that those of you that want to listen to us on podcasts, you can definitely do that. So look for that coming this week. Here’s a simple exercise I would do today. And you may shock yourself. I would create a video just like this. I would, you know, talking head, no fancy animation screens, anything like that. And I would talk about the three biggest challenges as to why some people win at selling their home in today’s market versus why some of them lose. And in your market, if you’re like anything like mine, everybody’s probably winning, but some are breaking crazy records and doing it stress free. Others are doing it very the opposite way, right? So I would create a video talking about the three challenges every single seller faces in a market like today. And then at the end, I would tell them, I put a very specific line in the description. And I would just say something very basic, like if you’re thinking about selling your home, learn this strategy here with a little arrow in a domain, point that to a blog post, a squeeze page, a contact page, anything you want. Create that video, talk about the three things that they need to do right now to still break a record, stress free, even today’s market with high interest rates and low inventory. Run that as a Facebook ad, boost it only for page engagements, not video views and not web traffic page engagements. A page engagement is a link click, a video view, a post click, a like, a comment or a share. So if any of those things happen, you’re gonna get billed for that, right?

You might shock yourself at the results you get. Next question you might be asking, well, Steve, how much money do I spend on this? And my answer to you would be, I would test it, right? If you wanna start it at a dollar a day, you could do that and you could see what happens. I’d probably started at about $8 a day and if I could get the video view somewhere around 2 cents and I could get a couple clicks to the link with that every single day, I’d jack it up. If you only did this every single day in conjunction with the dollar a day video strategy that we went through a while ago and I’ll put all those videos here on the blog so you guys can see those sequentially in order. If not, then I’ll put a link to the YouTube channel below and you can watch it there. In conjunction with those things, if those are always going over and over and over again, I promise you it will only be a little bit of time before you go to the grocery store and somebody says, “Hey, I know that guy, I know that guy,” right? That’s the power of video, right? Don’t overthink this, give away everything that you need, tell them what it takes to be successful in today’s market, run it out against it, eight bucks a day, five bucks a day, 10 bucks a day, just pay attention to the metrics. Facebook will tell you if it’s a good video or not and if it’s good, put money behind it and see where it goes, all right? Happy Monday, hope you guys are doing amazing. The tip every single day, it’s still coming. See you on the next one.


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