Let us Advertise, Automate, Follow Up and Set Appointments for you

We are the Industry's leading done-for-you lead generation and conversion platform for real estate agents

What is included?

Social Media Ads Management

We’ll meet with you 1 on 1 to multiple times per month to determine your objectives and who you want to reach. We’ll create the creative (not including video), write the copy and launch ads. We’ll measure the ROI and make changes accordingly.

Reporting is included and we’ll manage an unlimited ad spend. 

Platforms Managed: Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, and YouTube

Your Own In-House ISA Team

Our inside sales professionals with communicate and follow up with all of your inbound leads to determine who you should be connecting with and what their motivations are. When we identify a good lead, we’ll include you on a 3 way email and an SMS introducing you. 

Our ISA’s will followup with leads we generate for you plus additional leads you would like to add to the platform. 

Communication Types: Email, Phone, SMS

Marketing Automation CRM

We’ll put all of your inbound inquiries in a marketing automation CRM that you’ll have full access too. We’ll include automatic follow-up emails, SMS automation, call tracking and appointment scheduling along with a dashboard so you know exactly what your pipeline looks like. 

Need a custom landing page for a campaign? We have you covered. 

Replaces: ClickFunnels, Followup Boss, Better Voice, Google Voice

Want to Learn More?

Schedule a call with the team to see if we are a fit together

Are you looking for our team to install this operating system into your business instead? Learn about our 3 Month Implementation process here. 

Our Most Common Questions

No, you can run this as a team or as an individual agent.

While we will start small, you should have a goal to get past $5000 per month

We do not do setup fees, contracts, or cancellation fees. We do ask for a 3 month commitment to start so we can get results as fast as possible. After that it is month to month. 

No, you can use ours as a bolt-on.

We typically can get ads live within 2-3 days of you joiing us. 

Yes, we will only take one agent in most cases per city. *We consider a city your primary city even if you cover multiple. 

The investment is $1895 per month.

Yes, one of our Ad Agency Professionals will be assigned to you and develop custom ad campaigns that drive leads to your business.

You can schedule calls with your Ads Manager at anytime to discuss stragey and results. 

Yes. Everything is branded to you. Your Pages and Social Media Accounts. Our branding is not on anything. 

We will run the ads from your ad accounts directly. 

Yes, one of our ISA’s will be assigned to you and will handle all the upfront lead followup so you can focus on working with the right people and not waste time with the ones who will never buy or sell. 

You can even import your current leads into the system as well. 

Because we are including the Marketing Automation CRM with the membership, all reporting is dynamic and will be on your dashboard in real time. 

Nothing. The appointment setting is included in the membership.

No. You can keep 100% of the commission.

No we include it with the membership. 

We will need to manage email and sms. 

Emails are billed as follows:

Per Email Sent: $00.00081

For example: $10 gets you about 12,345 Emails


Outbound Calls: $00.0168 per minute
Inbound Calls: $00.0102 per minute

Phone Numbers:

About $1.60 per month per phone number


$00.095 per SMS segment (160 characters)

The investment is small but to stay compliant with regulations, it is important. 

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