Work with Steve to install the OS required to scale a real estate business

We will install the entire Business Scaling Operating System for you.

We’ll operate from project management platform that will yield huge results. 

Here is who should consider consulting with us:

  • You are already (significantly) profitable
  • You have a team (or leverage) or are wanting to scale leverage fast
  • You want to go deep and win unfair market share
  • You want to build a true all in one operations tech stack
  • You want to take complete control of marketing and your brand that will create predictable revenue and growth

What we will install

  • Lead generation systems that are scalable and that don’t depend on Zillow
  • A media and ads team (We will recruit and interview with you)
  • A virtual ISA team (We will recruit and train with you)
  • Integration into your CRM including building out a new one if needed
  • Full built out buyer process
  • Full built out listing process

The Partnership Commitment

  • There are only a few open spots to work with Steve
  • There are no limits to the  amount of calls you take but every call must have a purpose and an outcome provided in advance
  • We work in 3 month sprints
  • The investment is $16,995 per quarter or 3 monthly payments of $5,995
  • You own everything

*This is market exclusive

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