7/29/2021 – The Good, Better, Best Listing Model

Oh, uh, good morning. Good afternoon. Sorry. I gotta stop my son from requesting all these apps. Uh, turn out to disturb for one hour. Uh, check in really quick. I have to replace my, uh, camera battery. So I will be right back in 10 seconds here.

All right, there we go. Now we’re good. I got a little warning notice on my, uh, my, uh, SDG and E bill, our, our electricity bill, uh, for, um, Carlsbad. And in there it says you are using it. You an absorbent amount of energy. I have, like, my office is a thousand square feet. It’s three rooms. And the only thing that takes any power is this camera, mic lighting set up.

And I have this little power bay that has all my batteries on it. Like cannon batteries. Uh, the battery for this microphone here, this charges, um, these little, like.

Just to give you guys this battery on my wireless mic, which is like this big it’s tinies, it’s like the size of a double a, I have five of these charging. Cause these only last, uh, this wireless mic is awesome, but the battery on this, why last two and a half hours is kind of frustrating. And so they said, oh yeah, your, your battery charging bank is, what’s putting you over the edge.

And I’m like, what are you talking about? So here in California, that’s how, uh, that’s how picky they’re getting with, uh, everyth. um, so let’s, uh, let’s wrap for a second. Um, do me a favor in chat, check in, just give me a win really quick. Let me know that you can hear me on the mic and I wanna talk about some USPS and I’m gonna find a, um, I’m gonna find a quick landing page that I think we can emulate pretty well.

It was in one of my groups. Yes. Okay. There it is right here.

nobody’s in chat right now. Give me an update. Check in. Let me know. How’s it going? Can you hear me? Okay,

Andy, this. Heather A. Guy that I know that does, what I do in the insurance space has 64 VAs. It’s him. He runs the entire coaching program and his only other employees are 64 VAs. Can you imagine that? I have a meeting with him on Monday, cuz I am definitely going to, uh, what man, whatever I can steal from him, I’ll give to you guys.

Cuz I, I, I have three and, and my hands are. Good. Love it. Okay. So, um, there is a sta out there. I’m gonna try to find this, and I think you can find this by conversion increases with options. Um,

There is a study that I thought, um, Seth Godin did, or maybe it was Tim Ferris or, or maybe it was not gonna be above. I read it. It was, it was a fascinating blog post. It was a written blog post. And they gave stats. If you were in sales, they gave stats around. If you had one choice and they’re assuming that your choices are good, not, not average, what’s up games.

Um, they’re assuming that if that, if your choices are good and you have one choice, you have a 41% statistically chance to, to say. That they’re gonna say yes. Right. There were some other, um, stats in here, but I don’t remember what they were. That number, that number went up 30 something percent. If you gave them two options, it went to 91%.

If you gave them three 90, 1% chance of saying yes to you and working with your company, if they had three paths to work on. So what I’m gonna show you right now is, is an idea. I’m not suggesting that you guys do this like word for word or. Or USP for USP, but I think there’s a way in the, on the part for those of you guys on the partners, uh, side of it, I’ve got, um, a couple, uh, funnel experts, I guess you’ll call.

I’m not gonna give you their names that are working on funnel for, for your specific ads on this, both on the buyer side and on the seller side. Um, but if, if you add three different options for listing their home, what would they be? So InShot really quick. And actually if it, if it’s okay with you, somebody volunteer, I, I wanna bring you on the webinar really quick.

Just gimme a yes. And let me, let me walk through this. Remember the great things happens to those who volunteer.

I got 55 minutes whenever you guys are ready.

Nope. Heather it’s change yours to everybody. Um, Jackie, let me promote you to panelists. Jackie would be the hardest example. Um, Jackie realtor, I don’t know which one you are. So I’m gonna go to promote to panelists. I’m gonna check the second one. See if that’s the right one.

So Jackie, if I got the right one as a panelist, will you turn on your audio and video? If I did not then tell me in chat. I got the wrong one. I will promote this. Yeah, I’m on. Oh, perfect. I, I guess the right one. Okay. So, um, If, if you were giving, if you were at a listing pitch right now, and you were giving somebody three options to work with, you give, gimme an example of what one of those options would be.

It, it, it could be, uh, listing terms. It could be, uh, commission. It could be, I mean, there’s a whole bunch of ways we can do this. What, what would you think of? Well, what I tell them that we have a four phase selling process and three prong marketing. No, I, I, um, think of this as like a menu of services. Like you could either with us, oh, menu this capacity or that capacity, what would you say?

Give me an example. So I know exactly what your question is. But let’s go commission, right? If, if you don’t want me to work my tail off and you just wanna hire me at a flat fee, our flat fee is 9 95. If you want, um, you know, all the advertising we can do the flat fee for the advertising. The ad fee is $25,000.

If you’d like full service, it’s X percent, that would be an example. Um, we typically just go with 5% and I explain that 5% gets divided into 50 50 between the buyer broker and selling broker or which is a listing broker. And then I also tell them that, uh, from there it gets split again between our broker and our team.

And when they hire our team, we have five licensed realtor that they’re gonna be working on their behalf seamlessly along with two, uh, What if you, if, if you were, what, if you were gonna offer them three options, how would, I’m not suggesting you do do this? Just brainstorm with me for a second. If you were to offer them three different options, how would you break that up for like, um, have you ever heard the marketing thing?

Like good, better, best? Is that familiar to you at all? I. So in, in the marketing of sales world, most times when you go to like car washes, a really good example, car was, is probably the best example, right? The good would be the $9 wash. We’re gonna run it through the automated thing. There’s an automated blower.

We’re not gonna vacuum your car. We’re not gonna drive the car. It just, it just is what it is. Right. And then the better would be. Um, we’re gonna, we’re gonna apply auto, you know, automatic wax, and you’re gonna get the wheel shine and then the best would be, we’re gonna vacuum. We’re gonna give you the works from the car wash.

We’re gonna dry it for you. We’re gonna give you the car sent and maybe we’re gonna clean the leather, whatever. Right. So that’s like $9, $18. And then, you know, 29 99 or whatnot, that would be a good, better vest. If you had to apply that in a listing thing in your market, cuz like you’re in a very unique market.

How do you, how do you see that fitting in with your listing process? In that case, I would say that, uh, with the 4% there would be, uh, no, um, no marketing and there will be participating in the cost of the marketing, uh, with, uh, 5%, but we will take care of the staging and also the inspections. Um, and then for.

No. Uh, yeah. Uh, and if we go with five and a half percent, we probably can take care of a full concierge program, which is taking care of their, uh, moving, coordinating everything from a to Z, even including, uh, the intro designer to pack them, unpack them and so forth. So do, do you guys see how Jackie, so they just walk in and, uh, they can walk in and enjoy the new house?

Yeah, it’s a, it’s a turnkey solution, right? We, we are the full red carpet concierge from beginning all the way to end. Um, yeah, there are a percentage of clients out there at every price point, like it, or love it that are just never, ever, ever going to go for the turnkey solution. They are always going to shop on price.

Right. Mm-hmm uh, a, a buddy of mine who, uh, It really first turned onto this. He was kind of in the auto industry is kind of not he’s, he’s a price conscious person. He doesn’t care about the salesperson. He doesn’t care about the dealership. He doesn’t care about the warrant. He doesn’t care about anything.

He’s a cash buyer and he shops solely based on price. So every time he buys a car, he is a Porsche guy. Uh, he just bought a, a brand new, uh, turbo S. I don’t know the details. I know he paid 260 for it and, uh, he lives up in LA and you know what? He got a VA on the call and he goes, Hey, here’s I think it was 74 Porsche dealerships, um, west of Texas.

And he’s told the VA to call every single one of them, talk to their sales manager and say, I want this Porsche, if you have it in these three colors and you’re willing to order it for me, I’m willing to pay 2 54 or 500 for it. Yes. Or. And if they say, well, let’s consult, hang up, call the next dealership, took him 11 dealerships.

And somebody finally said, yes, they did the paperwork over the phone. He got the car five days later, if that client Jackie were to walk into ho Porsche, which is our Porsche dealership in Carlsbad. And try to do that ho were to walk him because they, they don’t like that type of client. That’s fine. Right.

Owen has their business and he has his business and it’s his job to find otherwise. So for him, he would rather do it all online and just get, you know, the car delivered to him, you know, a little bit later, take a little bit longer because he wants his price. He doesn’t care about everything else. So what I’m asking you guys is in your market, do you believe that there are a percentage of listings with people out there that are that wanna list, but just don’t want the dog and pony show.

They literally. Hey, my home is a run of the mill home. It’s a track home. There’s nothing specific. I noted if we throw it on the MLS, it’s probably gonna sell and I’m willing to take a very bare bone service to get it out there and get it done, you know, and they’re gonna keep shopping agents until they can find the cheapest one.

Um, Jackie, not necessarily you, but in, in chat, do you know of clients in your market right now that maybe you’ve walked in the past because they didn’t pay our fee? right in the, in the marketing world. What we do is, is, uh, we don’t negotiate the fee. We negotiate the deliverable. Just lost one. We don’t negotiate the fee.

We negotiate the deliverable. So, um, if, if I, and I don’t build websites, I I’m never gonna get into that game. But if I was building a website and I said, my fee’s 10 grand and somebody’s like, I only want three pages. Some people may say, well, I’m not gonna charge you 10 grand for three pages. So, you know, you’re not my client, I would say, okay, fine.

That’s one grand, but you’re only gonna get three page. Nothing else. There’s, there’s gonna be no support. I’ll give you the site. You’re gonna do whatever you want with it. And we’re done and you get the three pages out. You deliver it. You move on to the next one. So what I’m suggesting, uh, Jackie, thank you for that.

I’m gonna demote you back to the, uh, whatever you call it here.

I saw, uh, I was in a discussion with a bunch of agents yesterday, about how many of you guys have seen home coin? Anybody ever heard of home coin before, this is kind of what triggered this conversation.

I, I don’t, you don’t have to worry about this just so you know, I don’t think they’re dominating in an industry or anything, but home coin and I’m I just went to home coin.com. Right. Move this outta here. And, uh, so essentially what they do is they say, Hey, we’ll, we’ll offer to list your home for a flat fee.

And, uh, let’s click some of this. I don’t know. I don’t even know what the flat fee is, to be honest with you. We didn’t even talk, oh, here it is. Right here. So, if you want your flat fee MLS listing, we’ll charge you a hundred bucks. If you want a lockbox, we’ll charge you 1 25. If you want photography, we’ll send that out.

If you wanna sign post, we’ll do that for a hundred bucks. Uh, if you want forms, we’ll do that. And then, uh, there’s a buyer rebate too. So it looks like if they identify the buyer, um, and they’re gonna rebate 25 to 50% of this, right. And I’m assuming, well, let’s just look at their region. Sure you can look at my, oh, look how freaking heavy they are in California.

God. Good for them. So smart, new to average sales price.

Okay. So let’s look at this, uh, listing here in San Diego, 3 0 1 west G street looks like it’s a condo. So, um, this is like how bear this is. No options on this whatsoever. Now Lewis I’m willing to bet is not them. I believe this is the client’s info.

So let’s take a look at something 3 0 1 west G street. Let’s see if this is still listed

Zillow. Here it is right there. Ooh, look at that 6 55 already did a price cut a couple days ago. So this has been on the market 65 days. Now I will tell you, I don’t know if Maria or Russ are on, on the call right now. The condo market in San Diego is not flying like single family market. So you may think like, oh yeah, 65 days.

This is a joke. And it’s not that simple. Let’s go find a single family.

89,000. How do you buy something in California for 89,000? No, that’s. Now these are all bizarre listings. Oh, that’s cause I’m way up.

This one’s pending that one’s pending. Okay. Cypress, here we go. So this one’s listed for 3, 6 95. Horrible, horrible photos.

Let’s see what the deal is in this in Newport.

So this guy’s been on the market for 27 days and there it is. So there’s Jonathan or however, say his last name from home. They’re a brokerage and they’re a brokerage in every state they recommend, or they represent. Right. So I don’t know what they, they agree to do with this, but here’s what I do now. The reason why this works.

Is that when they’re looking at this, they give the consumer options. Now are there times yes or no? When somebody may CA may come in, oh, here, there go. Maria. Somebody may come into the funnel and they may think that they want a flat $795 listing. But after a conversation with you, they actually figure out that that flat fee service is gonna shoot them in the foot.

You guys ever run into that. Somebody’s a price conscious Lister and, and you meet with them. And all of a sudden they sign at whatever your commission percentage is.

Now the hardest objection to face is when they say, oh, James I’m, I’m interviewing with this other agent in DC, and that agent’s gonna do it for, you know, a dollar I’m making it up. Cause we can’t, I don’t want, you know, this to be construed with price fixing, but, um, you know, we’re gonna do it for a dollar and we’re gonna do all the advertising.

Well, listen, if I was one of you guys in your market and your brokerage may allow you to do this, they may not. I don’t know. If we go to, I don’t even know where I found all the listings,

current listings, let’s say that I’m James Grant and I work California and I go to somebody’s house and I say, this is why you should list with me. Look at all the listings we carry. Do you think that’s gonna help your bigger business? Yes or no. And you wanna know? What’s funny. I would be willing. James says, no, you don’t think that’s gonna help your listing business.

I think you’re gonna freaking crush it. You will destroy the market with that in a good way. Right. But here’s my point. I would be willing to venture to guess that this, whoever that agent is at home coin probably never meets the client. They never go to the home. They never see anything. And the entire process is done.

I bet they could have their home listed in 24 hours assuming they had photos now. So here’s, here’s what I would do. Here’s the way that I would look at this. So if we go back to home corn, I think this is their main landing page. And I don’t know how they get people here. I’m sure they’re paying for traffic, but it even says right here, print scan, fax.

Nope, we don’t do any of that crap. We do all this online. We can do it all online too. We can do it with an integration with hello sign. We can figure it out with DocuSign. I bet. Um, It gives them all the menu of services, past sales, current listing. So if I click here,

I mean, even though California’s humongous, that looks like a lot of sales in California. Yes or no.

I mean, I’m getting buried in the data that just looks like they’re the number one brokerage in the state, but it’s not, I mean, it’s probably 800 homes, right? But again, even if I’m Maryanne and, and I go to a listing presentation and Maryanne says, I list homes, Oceanside south of the border. And I show them this map, like how does anybody fight Maryanne?

So if, if I go back to the, if I go back to the. Conversation. I had with Jackie a second ago, we could go to dollars week or we could go to a, um, we could go to a, we have a flat fee service. You don’t want all the bells and whistles? Totally. Okay. Totally. Okay. Right. It’s gonna cost you X amount of dollars.

Here’s the menu of service. You, you only get what you pay for. No advertising, we’re gonna put it on our site. We’re gonna spend our own money, advertising that to other buyers that we know, and maybe we’ll bring the buyer. You could do the commission rebate if you wanted. Um, the second thing is, is we already may have an investor that will write you a cash offer in 48 hours.

That’s option number two, option number three, and I would brand the turnkey service. Right? Um, red, red carpet turnkey. I would come up with a brand around.

That’s correct. So it’s not, it’s not $1, $2, $3. We’re negotiating commission. It’s really the outcome of the sale. And, and again, if you guys want to make sure you’re at, um, panelists and attendees, so everybody can see your comments and questions, unless it’s just meant for me. That’s totally okay. But if I had, if I had one squeeze page and I think probably the first mastermind, um, the first part of the first day of the, of the first partner mastermind at the end of August, what we’ll probably go over, um, how to create this funnel and, and just run an obscene amount of advertising to it.

Um, I think that if you gave somebody a. Here’s a flat fee service. Here’s a, uh, one of our investors or myself. We’re gonna write an offer in 48 hours. And here’s our turnkey red carpet service. Um, there’s not a whole lot of people that would not choose you because now it’s not whether they like Maryanne or whether they don’t it’s.

Hey, what do you want us to do you want to be done with it right now? Cool. Let me go to my investor list. I’ll have them all write you. I’ll get you 10 offers in the next 48 hours. You sell as is they’ll close whenever you want. They’re gonna pay retail for it based on what they’re gonna add to the home and, and add to it.

So whatever it’s worth right now, you’ll get full value for the house. You don’t need to go through all the inspections. You don’t need to do any staging work. You don’t need to fix anything. If you just want an offer and you just want to move on, I’ve got a buyer for you right now. Maryanne knows this.

Russ knows this. I don’t know about your markets. There are acquisition buyers right now that will buy and their margins are very thin. Meaning they’re, it’s just. And then there’s some that need like the 30, 40, 50%. And they’re gonna do significant rehab, the acquisition teams. If you guys get on LinkedIn and you start searching these they’re all over the place.

Um, that’s correct. Yeah. They always gotta pay the buyer, the buyer. And even if you go to home coin.com and you look at their frequently asked questions yesterday, when, when I was kind of combining through this for our meeting, it even addresses like you’re an idiot. If you, if you don’t. You you’re an idiot.

If you don’t pay buyer commission, you’re, you’re never gonna sell your home. And it, it doesn’t say you’re an idiot, but it, it strongly recommends you offer at minimum 2% commission to the buyer broker.

So now look, this is a good, better, best option. Right. Yeah. And, and they’re, they’re waving the back end cuz there’s so there’s a big fail safe in that Jackie. So Jackie says, oh yeah, that’s everybody. Thank you. Um, oh no, that’s just to me. So they wave, um, there’s a brokerage in Jackie’s, uh, market that waves the two and a half percent buyer commission.

If they double in their listing and only keep, uh, their own listing percentage, um, You can, I mean, it doesn’t matter where you give the benefit, you could benefit on the listing side, you could benefit on the buyer side. The commission is the commission that brokerage she’s talking about. It doesn’t matter if it comes in as buyer commission or listing commission, the commission still comes in, but it’s not like most of us assume.

And here’s what I’m trying to tell you guys right now, most of us assume that, um, agents are winning because they’re discounting. It’s not that they’re discounting it’s that they’re giving options. And for the people that doesn’t matter, you know, I told you guys about a big influencer. I think maybe I don’t know what meeting it was, but that lives in Rancho, Santa Fe.

He did a 10 day close to buy his neighbors, his next door, neighbor’s home for a mastermind, uh, office. And he was pissed that, that the agent that he used got a six figure check. She didn’t even do anything. He didn’t have a choice because the broker was already in place by the time he wanted to write the offer, but, and he technically didn’t pay for it that the seller paid for it.

But there are always gonna be those people that no matter how good you are as an agent, um, they’re just gonna take it. And even if, um, you know, James might be thinking like, okay, cool. So we go to the sprint, we take 25 listings and great. We’re gonna make like $400 on that. Well, the 25 listings gives you an ad platform.

That’s UN uncompetitive. Is that a word it is now. Um, meaning you’ll have so much inventory. Like you can advertise whatever you want and those Andy, um, uh, what, what was your, I’m not gonna, I won’t spoil it for everybody. What was your cost per lead on the river or the Marietta listing that you just launched?

I don’t know is still on. About a dollar 62, are you guys telling me and, and look specific listing ads are the best ads you can run homes for sale ads are good, but the lead is very, um, agnostic. They’re very generic, specific listing ads are much better, right. So that’s great. Should we create a two to three commission menu options to show, to sell it?

Yeah. And I don’t even think it’s commission. I, I think it’s outcome. The outcome is what dictates the cost. You guys wanna make sure that you, that you. If you guys are at a, at a, at a specific brokerage, some brokerages, uh, like don’t care. I don’t, I don’t know IFP cares or not. Um, but I do know there are quite a few people INP that run something like this.

So there’s an approval somewhere. Um, I know that there’s a lot of people at home smart, Marianne, I think you said, I, I know there’s people at your brokerage that do this. Um, there are, uh, I, I think most are open to this, knowing that they’re gonna get listing inventory. Because the brokerage benefits for it as well.

What your agreement is in regards to your split? I have no idea how that applies. You guys don’t wanna get into this business if like, let’s say James goes out there and he takes 50 listings in DC for a dollar each again. I’m not gonna use specific money. Um, but he doesn’t have any advertising on the back end to take advantage of that.

Then James gonna get stressed out and say, this was stupid. I didn’t make any money. So it’s gotta be a part of a much bigger play to get market share. right. And I will tell you 30% of the people who will join you or who will, who will, who will register on the site from a price conscious perspective.

Once they know the actual details, they’re like, Hey, it’d kind of be good to save 15 grand, but I’m kind of in Vegas right now. Like if I save the 15 grand, is that gonna come up? You know, I don’t know how they handle negotiations. It’s probably directly with the client. I don’t know about you. Um, , but in almost anything that’s sizable that I wanna negotiate for.

You almost always want a proxy between you and that negotiation. I’ve never done better. Um, you know, there’s a reason why the wealthy, a lot of you guys, Jackie, do you guys use, um, do you guys have an intermediary sometimes between the agent and the client? Like they use a business manager? Yes. Great question, James.

You have to take these fees up. You have to take these fees up front. I would not take ’em to closing. That would be stupid.

Um, so in LA certain parts of, I know they do it in LA JOA, but ultra wealthy, I’ve done, I’ve dealt with a couple of ’em on the multifamily side where we never actually dealt with the client. We dealt with their business manager or their CPA or their financial guy. And then maybe they have the realtor already, or maybe we were the realtor.

Um, and the reason why some people do that is they just tell ’em, Hey, I want you to go get that home for. And I don’t care about any emotion, just go get the price. And they put that person in between them and the realtor, because that adds another dynamic. And what they’re doing is they’re is they’re misplacing or they’re once removing the emotion of the sale.

Um, I think I took, I told you guys a story in LA JOA. Uh, again, I won’t use the name because half of you on this call will know who I’m talking about, but there was a very famous broker owner. He still a very famous broker owner who listed a home for sale in LA JOA. Uh, I don’t, I’m not gonna use the exact numbers cause I can’t remember it, but I’m not gonna be far off.

I think the listing price was, um, like 12, nine or 11, nine or ten nine or something like that million. And one of my, I, I won’t call him a friend he’s in between an acquaintance of a friend. His dad is very wealthy. He’s in Phoenix and he saw this home, you know, huge, massive garage underneath like 12 car garage, gorgeous house.

He calls his wife, he goes, oh my God. I found our house. And she goes, I, we can’t buy another house. I’m sick of doing this. And she said, the only way that I’m going to agree to it. Is if you can get it for under 6 million bucks. And, uh, he’s like what to do is in no way. And so what he did was he put, you know, he had a real estate agent down there.

He found somebody else. I think it was a CPA. He told his CPA, Hey, you are to beat this agent up as hard as you can to get me as close to six, as you can give the seller, whatever you want, we will do all cash, but I don’t need an inspection. Just go get the deal done. So they write a 12 day offer. This was years ago, a couple years ago.

I don’t know, four or five years ago, he wrote a 12 day offer for half the listing price and they gave him 24 hours to respond. And, uh, so this, this CPA or the finance guy goes to the agent and says, look, it is what it is. Here’s the proof of funds. If you can get it done by tomorrow at noon, we’ll close the deal.

So they give the offer and he calls his wife and says, oh, well, you know, whatever next day, guess. Offer gets signed, no negotiation. They got the house at half off. Now, was it worth 10, 9, 11, 9, 12, 9. Who, who knows? Maybe it was overpriced. Maybe it was really worth eight. And he knew that and, and he was willing to take six and, and, you know, just to be done with it, the owner of the home is, you know, if you knew who he was, you’d think like, and he didn’t even negotiate, but sometimes getting out of the deal is what people wanna do.

That deal never would’ve happened. If the principal was the one doing the negotiation. It never would’ve happened, but because he just told somebody to do it and somebody’s like, I can’t let, let boss down. Let’s do it. That would be an example of somebody who’s just a very price, conscious people, uh, price conscious person.

Are there price conscious buyers as well, even in today’s market? Are there people that just, I don’t care what the market’s doing. I’m not gonna pay lists. You guys dealing with any of those people right now. I had a conversation with one yesterday. It’s principle. I’m not gonna pay over list. Okay. You should call me in four years, we’re gonna do business then, but now it’s, it’s not gonna happen.

This is just an opportunity. It’s 50% of this is to reel them in. So you can have a conversation and 50% of it is it so we can collect some of those listings, if it makes sense. And doesn’t completely erode the brand. Now I know what you’re thinking. What will the realtors think of me? And, and guess what, those of you guys that crush it at your top of the market, the other realtors don’t like, you.

Oh sure. The only way that Steve Olson did that is he took a bunch of $1 listings, maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re wrong, but he has a bunch of $1 listings and his sign is all over Carlsbad now. And everywhere you go, you see home coin, Steve Olson or whatever your brand is. Right. So what’s more valuable to you, perception of brand or what your competition says.

What are they gonna say? Oh, you’re thinking about listing with James Grant. Oh, James Grant. You don’t wanna list with him. He does these thousand dollars listings. What’s the client gonna say really? Only a thousand dollars? Like what, what a great objection for your competition to say to you? He doesn’t do anything for his listing.

Well, for a thousand dollars, what do you have to do? So my, my suggestion would be before you go and build the tech stock, I would write down what are my three options. The price conscious option that will give you an option will give you an instant offer option or a 48 hour option, or our turnkey red carpet.

You do nothing. We take care of everything for you option. And I would make option a, which is the price conscious one and option C as far apart as you could, you don’t want them close. You want them as far apart as you could, as you can, right? Um, what would you have to do tech stack to do this? You need to, you need to need to need a landing page with a form on it that says, what option are you thinking right now?

We’ll discuss all three. Don’t worry about it. So you can segment the follow up for it. Um, would you have to build a specific listing page in Elementor? Yes. Uh, but that’s, it’s just a blog post with a template. I can help you guys with that. So those of you guys in partners, Jeb, can help you guys with that.

Peter can help you with that. Um, Would you need to create a backend portal for the listing clients that were flat service to get access to their stuff you might, we probably could just use custom fields and keep and just send ’em an email once a week with everything that they need. I don’t think you’d need to build anything out significantly.

And I think that would be it. I think that would be it. So I’m gonna pause here. Questions and chat. Hey, how many of you, how many of you think right now there is room in your market to do something like this. Meaning the marketing message would be strong enough to where you would have more listing conversations.

And if we had five hours together today, we probably could talk about 30 options. It’s that broad.

Okay. So a couple viewer. Yep. James says, yes. Heather says, yes. Jackie says, yes. Um, if you wanna break into a new market, probably the easiest way to do it. How many, like how many of you guys are all, all of you guys are mega amazing agents and not one person on this webinar ever heard of home coin before.

I never heard of’em before yesterday, I’ve never seen an ad by them, an agent in a little group that mean brought it up and, and, and she brought it up from that perspective of we’re screwed. I’m like, you’re not screwed. This is a great agents are already doing this right now. They’re just not advertising it.

What’s the difference between you going into a listing presentation, getting beat up on your fee and saying fine, I’ll take it at three grand. I just need the sign on the at what’s the difference between doing that and advertising that that’s an option. There is no difference. Do you know why most agents can’t provide the service in chat?

Why do you think that 99% of all agents can never be able to provide a service like this? I’ll give you guys the link to this in chat and look, there’s a ton of other one.

They lack the system. I agree.

What, what other reason could they not do this? Brokerage? Won’t allow us. That’s a big reason. How many of you guys are seeing that, like the value proposition between the broker and agent the, you know, it’s kind of doing this right now. I think it’s been doing that for five years. Brokerage won’t allow us, you know, why most agents can’t do it cuz they’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Because it has to be connected to another play to make money. Yeah. Right. And I think that’s part of it. Right? You gotta have an ad funnel and you, and you, it’s gotta be an all in system. Now, could you, could you offer this and walk every low dollar buyer because you need the high commission dollars to funds.

You could just because you have the option doesn’t mean you need to sign the agreement. You’re not bound. I’m not saying I would offer it and like be fraudulent and say it doesn’t exist, but you would have to be strategic over who you could take on at, at, at the low fee listing. It’s kind of like how, and, and I don’t like how a lot of the agents did like list with us.

You know, if we don’t sell it in seven days, we’ll buy it. Well, yeah, they’ll they’ll buy it, but it was, you know, they would discount it for no reason of discounting it. I mean, the homes were 600 all day long and they’d get a four 80 offer. Well, of course I’d buy it at four 80, but you know, that’s. That’s just a, a fail safe, right?

The, the, the instant offer. How do we get people to write instant offers?

In fact, you guys should be building an instant offer list right now. To where you give all of your instant offers people on your instant offer list, a 48 hour email before it goes live. You give them all the photos, you give them the inspection, you give them everything. And you say, you have, you have 72 hours to give me an instant offer on this whatever offer you want.

Even if you got 10 offers, James and your client hated all 10, they’re going to say James got me 10 offers on the first freaking day. They were all, they were all. They were all investor offers. We found that for our specific op option, the investor offer wasn’t right. But at least we got momentum and James correct me if I’m wrong.

James lets say a row home today for 2 million bucks, it’s been active for 12 hours. Steve, the agent calls James and says, James, I wanna come see that home today. James is like, great. I need you to get in before six I’ve already got 10 offers on the property. Does that help James negotiation? Yes or.

We could a hundred percent do this online.

We could 100% do all this online. We don’t ever have to meet them. I, I would argue that you guys don’t even have to go to half your presentations as it is right now. Even if you’re charging 10% commission, you’re doing it just because you feel like you need to, they don’t care. Who, who says you guys ever heard the term that buying real estate’s the biggest investment transaction of your.

How many of you guys have ever heard that before? I’m not saying it’s not true. I agree with it. You guys have heard that right? How many times a week do you hear that? Okay, let me ask you question number two. How many, how many times have you guys ever heard your client say that

or a client or a lead? Really? I’ve never heard a client tell me that ever. That is, that is one of the location, location, location, realtor. Talk, the national association of realtor says our board says it, our MLS says it. The news says it, but the consumers never say it. They know it’s big. They know it’s the biggest one of their life.

But the term is perpetuated by us to, to give our own value proposition because we can’t ever say buying real estate simple. And it’s it’s, um, turn key and it’s, it’s, it’s really easy. The instant we say that the consumer’s like, well, There’s your comp that’s gone. So the real estate industry has to keep that rhetoric going.

So my, my point in saying this is there are percentage of consumers out there that just don’t believe that’s true. I’m just suggesting that you serve them. That’s all. I’m not suggesting you lower your income. I’m not suggesting you do it for cheaper. I’m not suggesting any of that. I’m suggesting that when James has that one client with a listing, James wants to take, and James knows that he can leverage that into a hundred more things like James should have an opportunity to work with that client.

So the client can win. They feel like they got what they wanted. And, and guess what? In two weeks, when this doesn’t work, can James client come back and say, Hey, this whole flat fee, thing’s not working. What can James do?

He can amend the agreement. Oh, would you like to go back to our turnkey thing? And my, and what my suggestion boot would be then would be to kill the MLS listing. Let’s restage. It let’s do the work. Let’s come back to the market in a month. And, and we’ll Jo that sales price out. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Well, it hurts you on days on market, probably, but if you position it right, you advertise it. Right. I think you’ll be. Again, the consumer’s gonna there’s. No, there’s no difference between the consumer hiring Steve Olson, having a bad experience, canceling listing in 30 days. And then calling James Grant say, Hey James, I worked with Steve Olson.

He didn’t do what he said he was gonna do. I’d like to work with you. That’s the same process. And you guys would take that listing all day long. Would you? Yes or no. Hey, I tried the cheap way. It didn’t work. James. I’d like to work with you now. James would be delighted to take that listing. I’d be ecstatic, right?

I’m just suggesting we’re the agent in both, both scenarios, you know, you washed your car last time with a $9 wash. It looked like crap. Let’s do the $30 wash this time you learned your lesson. Right. So here’s what I would do. If you’re interested in doing this before you got into the tech stack whatsoever, right.

Um, before you got into the tech stack whatsoever, I would, I would, I would get really clear. Number one, what are you willing to commit to. Can you deliver what you say you’re gonna deliver? Um, the actual pages and the tech behind it, not, I mean, it’ll be a little bit of work. It won’t be the easiest thing in the world, but if you’re gonna do this, you have to go all in on it.

Meaning you gotta, you gotta be willing to die by this sword. I would, I would, I would do it for a year. Um, I would make it its own brand. We’re gonna do it for partners, right? So you guys may, James May call me, or Heather May call you and say, Hey, all. Flat fee opportunities. Don’t even send them my way. I don’t want ’em because my brokerage doesn’t allow it.

That would be totally okay.

But I think there’s a way that we can do this, um, to where we can, we can help you guys put something like this together. You’re still gonna create your video content. You’re still gonna do the blog post. You’re still gonna run your ads, but like the final call to action. Everything you do is, Hey, we’ve got three options.

We’ve got three options. We’ve got three options. We’ve got three options.

What would you do on the buyer side? Last question, before I cut you loose, if you had to give somebody three options on the buyer side, what would you tell them?

I can’t think of many. Actually. You don’t want a flat fee buyer. They’re not paying it anyway. So I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t go that route.

It’d be cool for, you could build a Chrome plugin and every listing, they like, they just click their Chrome plugin. And that says, show me this listing that triggers a notification. I showing agents call ’em right away. They show ’em same day freaking. How great would that be?

Hmm, I just completely came up with that idea right there.

Let me think about that. There probably is a mini squeeze page that we could, that, that we could, um, it would be like grant group showings.com S Scherman showings.com. We just tell them, Hey, do me a favor. Get your phone open up safari, go to this link. Do me a favor on the bottom, click the share button and then add this to your home screen.

So here’s what I want you to do. You got two options. Number one, you see a home on Zillow. You like, I want you to open up this phone. I want you to take a picture of the Zillow listing, and I want you to tell me when you wanna see it hit enter, and we will show you that home right then.

What else would you need for that? How do they get the listing? When do they wanna see it? Maybe there’s a dropdown. If they already have an agent on your team. So it routes to the right agent.

I would advertise that.

Then you could put that call to action on the right side bar of your website. Show me this home right now, redirects to that page. It put the address in there. We could dynamically autofill the address if you wanted to, when are you available? See it. Who’s your agent and go and, and who and who would go show those and check who would go show that

a $35 per door showing assistant? Yeah, not James Grant, not James Grant.

What if James, you know, James, I don’t know what your morning routine is. James wakes up, has his coffee drives over to the beach four hours? How far it is goes. And surfs comes back at 11 o’clock looks at his email, looks at his counter and says, oh, my team showed 11 homes this morning. And three of them wanna write offers, guess I’m right.

Writing off. Or is this afternoon again? Oh, but that’s not turnkey service, dude. I’m telling you, it’s where it’s going anyway. So why not just do it right now? Right? Convenience. The Uberization of real estate and Uberization is not the cheap model of real estate. It’s just the convenience do, as you want.

How many of you guys, when you go to restaurants, you don’t even go there and order anymore. You just order it before and just go pick it up online. Cuz most of the restaurants have an app now that you just order the phone and you go up there. It’s already ready. Our restaurants doing that at a discount.

No, in fact, most of them they’re making more money cuz they’re charging a fee to do it. Assuming they own the tech stack. This is no different, no different. Um, I would whiteboard this with your team. I come up with some, with some solutions. It’ll give you something to talk about on the ads. It’ll turn you into a tech company in regards to real estate.

It’s a lot easier to advertise tech than it is to advertise a service. I will tell you that from tens of thousands of dollars outta my own own pocket, advertising certain things, when you can advertise the technology that clickthrough rate is far greater than a service,

right? Text me email me, um, let me know what I can do to help. And, uh, we I’m telling you you’re, you’re an idiot. At least if you don’t whiteboard this, take the idiot part way. Sorry. For the harsh words, it, it would be, it would be a mistake for you not to at least look into the opportunity for your mark.

That’s a better way to put it. All right. I love you all. Let me know how I can help have a great Thursday. Have a great Friday, have a great Saturday, have a great Sunday. Have a great Monday. Talk to you on Tuesday. Talk guys.