CRM and Ops, Video in Email and INF questions


All right. So two things we’re gonna cover today. A handful of things. I got some infusion sauce, some process questions, somehow to create more engaging, email, more specifically how to in increase the click through rate, uh, you guys saw an email that came out the other day. Actually, there was two that notified you of a webinar recording.

One. The, uh, gift failed did not. You guys did not see it. The other one, the gift went through and in an artificial test with you guys, we do this on some of the other stuff all the time. Uh, believe it or not, the click through rate went through the roof. So when there’s movement in the email, people click it right.

I’m gonna show you guys how to do it. Uh, I’ll show you how to do it really quick with Vimeo. If you don’t have Vimeo and you use YouTube, I’ll show you how to do it with that. It’s really simple. It’s a, it’s a two minute process. Uh, so I’ll show you how to do that at Infusionsoft and active campaign. And then we’ll answer a bunch of questions.

Uh, so because some of this is gonna be, uh, and this is all predicated on the fact that for our final zoom meeting, before we go back to Vimeo live that my screen share works. 50 50 shot that that’s gonna work. And maybe it will, maybe it won’t, if it doesn’t then just pretend it was a great idea. All right.

Let’s rock and roll. So questions. Uh, Richard, I’m gonna go line by line. Um, number one. So, uh, some of these are going, going to revolve around turbo, dial how to adjust the caller ID to agents’ numbers. The easiest way to do that. We’re recording right now. Richard is in the upper right hand corner in Twilio or in, uh, turbo dial, just click the edit button next to the phone number and you need to manually type in your mobile number.

And that will show up as the caller ID. Uh, it’s probably gonna have you send a text to that number, uh, verifying that that’s a legit number. You’re not just cloaking things, but there’s a little green icon to where you can edit up there. And that’s how you add that. Um, the text ID, you cannot, you can only send texts from a Twilio number at a turbo dial.

You cannot send it from your mobile because that would be close. That that’s illegal. We can’t do that with messages. So that’s gonna be Twilio numbers, uh, only. And we’ll cover this later on day on the call for greater detail, if you need it. Um, In almost every instance with active campaign and Infusionsoft.

When you guys are collecting contact data, we always wanna make sure that we collect first name and last name, separate. We never want to do a combined full name for a couple reasons. Um, uh, there are statistics in marketing that say, when you ask for a full name and one field, there are almost always spelling error.

Uh, in my case, you’re spelling errors in every single thing that I do. But when you ask for a full name in one field, there are always spelling errors. They’ll ignore the space, uh, that you just leave yourself open to specific things from a marketing perspective that you won’t be able to do. The reason why that’s important is two twofold.

Number one, you now have to tell active campaign or keep or Infusionsoft to separate those fields. So now you need to plug in to make that happen, or you’ve gotta add a step in Zappier that cleans that field up and it’s just not worth. My suggestion to you guys, when you were running landing pages is, is to do first name only cuz at this stage of marketing, the last name is irrelevant.

We don’t really like, nobody cares about the last name, cuz from a marketing perspective, we don’t really need, we don’t really need that. If you’ve already got the data and an Excel sheet and you’re doing an import to a CRM or maybe you’re pulling it in like drew and I were working through some expired inputs yesterday.

Uh, from Vulcan seven, if your, uh, Excel sheet comes in with a full name, I would use an Excel formula to split it before you do the import, cuz it’s just cleaner. That way you always want to use separate fields. Um, Richard number four, how do we mark a client as a past client? That’s in the transaction client transaction internal form.

We’ll cover that later today. So, uh, no problem with that. Number five cardiac clients to zero will cover that as well. How many of you guys right now in your CRM are using any form of leads scoring right now, they, they exist in both Infusionsoft and, and active campaign. Is anybody using leads? Scoring? So the, okay.

Andy, I know you are awesome. So lead scoring an active campaign. Uh, if you Google lead scoring an active campaign, it’s really easy to set up, essentially. You’re just gonna assign a point value Raj, uh, based on activities they take in your CRM. So if they open an email, if they click an email, if they do any of that, you can say this is worth five points.

This is where 10 points it’s purely based on your logic. The only reason I would use lead scoring is that when you’re working through 200 unengaged leads, it’s just one more metric you have on the right that shows you, Hey, who’s opening the emails, who’s clicking links. Who’s engaging with this. It’s just to give you a little bit of confidence that this 30% are engaging with me.

These middle 30% are, are kind of, and then these 30% down here, aren’t doing anything they’re completely unengaged, right? As you guys get really ninja on some of the things that I’m gonna show you here with video, you wanna make sure that, um, we’re not constantly sending blast to unengaged emails over and over and over and over again, cuz it’s just gonna hurt your deliverability rate.

Um, Andy, in your case, it, um, we can set that when it, when it resets an active campaign’s the same way. So you can say. Only allow this point system to be on the contact record for a max, I would never go longer than 14 days, seven and 14 days, uh, is probably the window that I would do, because if I sent an email to Jose and Jose open the email, I want to give him 20 points or, or he click the email.

I want to give him 20 points for doing so. But if he took no action in 45 days, I don’t want that still to be 20 points right there. I want that to go back down to zero because 45 days later, if he’s unengaged. That’s gonna be a false positive on the lead scoring. Um, both of that is, however you guys look at that in, in, in your specific CRM, there is no specific, uh, weight that I would do it.

Um, same scoring when I hit pedestrians with my car. Yeah, exactly. Like if, if they, if they have a stroller or not a stroller, but a shopping cart, that’s like 10 more points. Right. Guys ever played that game when you were a kid, although we never hit anybody, then we all seem to have our own points system.

Um, How to send videos through text from Infusionsoft, uh, putting a face to the name. So, um, if you use a service like, uh, YouTube, Vimeo, uh, loom works most of the time, ARD works almost every time. If you use a specific video, um, From that specific video link, N you iMessage them, it works on Android.

Sometimes it will embed a gift preview, which I’m actually gonna show you how to do right here in a second automatically. So they see that because we, most of us use third party like Yeti text, fix your funnel or turbo dial. When we send media links. That way it’s a total crapshoot to show review. And, and I would argue on, I would err, on the, on the sense of 95%, you’re not gonna get a preview.

It’s just gonna be a link. Okay. So what I would do is I would say, Hey, I’ve got a video that I wanna watch. I want you to watch. Are you available? I’d love to text it to you, get a response and then send them, send them the link right after. Uh, but if you’re doing it from a perspective of, I want to get, uh, you to open the video so that you can experience who we are as a team.

Um, I don’t know that the initial text without interaction is gonna get too much, uh, traction, unless you use iMessage, which there’s nothing wrong with using iMessage. It’s. It’s manual, right? You can’t automate that process. Um, I think I understand the safe searches that we will wait till this afternoon, Richard.

Um, let’s talk about tagging structure really quick. Cause I get a lot of questions on this and this is Richard’s number nine question and Richard, I’m assuming that because Catherine sent me these questions. You know what I’m referring to? If you don’t then you’ll know this afternoon. So when we do, um, when I build tag structures, there’s a three part structure that I, that I do for tags.

Right. Um, the first part of the tag and this applies to Infusionsoft and active campaign is the intent on what that tag is meant to do. So 10, I would write this down in your notes. If you want to use my structure, 10 is marketing and that’s meant to generate leads. 20 is sales that’s meant to convert leads.

30 is deliverable, meaning like maybe they downloaded a report and I, and I just need to, you know, create a tag that sends them a report. So that would be a 30 tag. That means I owe the client something and 40 is everything else or operations? So 10 generate leads, 20 convert leads or sales, 30 delivery. 40 is everything else.

So that’s just a way that when I look at a tag, I know immediately, oh, this is meant to create leads. This is meant to convert leads. This is meant to deliver something. This is meant for operations. So for those of you guys doing, um, like seller reports every Thursday or ad reports, so that would be a 30.

That creates that that’s the first part of the tag. The second part of the tag is the name of the campaign that, that tag exists in. And again, this is active campaign or Infusionsoft it’s all the same.

The third part of the tag is what the tag name is like. However you would name the tag. And if there’s a fourth part of the tag, Uh, that would be like a start or an end that just signifies what it does. Like the action the tag takes. So right now, without seeing a tag structure like this doesn’t make any sense.

But now if you start looking at the tags I push to you guys, you’ll realize that we write tags with those structures so that if anybody on your team or you ever looks at the contact record and they see these tags, they instantly know that’s a sales tag. This is the automation or campaign that controls that.

That’s the name of the tag. And here’s what that tag does. Right. Whereas if you just start naming tags, Generically. You never really know like what automation they live in. Um, and actually in both keep and active campaign. Now there are areas in the settings to where you can say where that tag is controlled and what automation.

So there is a fail safe for that, but it’s good to conform to those tag structures. So you know exactly what they do. Um, I can’t tell you that my way is the best way. Just the way that I’ve used for the past 15 years. There’s probably better ways to do it. And I can’t tell you that you’re gonna get lost, or it would be better if you used a different way.

However, I would pick one way and I would never deviate from it. So as long as it makes sense to the person who’s writing everything. Um, that’s fine. You only run into issues when you hire multiple people to oversee your CRM, cuz then one person does one thing. One way the other person does it the other way.

And then you get lost. So if you ever hire somebody to oversee something with your CRM, just make sure they know what your CA tagging structure is. Uh, and we can go from there. There will be a member, uh, video they’re already recorded. I just don’t have ’em up yet. That covers how we build campaigns and how we tag things.

So you’ll be able to reference those in the future, but the numbers are important that that’s why those numbers are in place. Does that make sense, Richard? Yep. Awesome. Rock and roll. Okay. Let’s get into email. I’m gonna show you guys both ways to do this here. And, uh, I, I, um, I’m gonna hope that this screen share works.

Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t share screen.

Uh, okay. Thumbs up thumb. No. Yes. okay. Cool. All right. Nobody do anything. So we don’t screw this up. Don’t touch anything. Everybody freeze. Okay, cool. Thank you. let me change my view out over here. Hopefully this doesn’t screw it up.

Here’s my mouse. Okay. Let me reopen chat here. I hate how this just turns everything off when I do this. Okay. So here’s what I’m talking about. If you guys looked at the email, Jacobs was gonna send it from yesterday. Yes. I know Jacob, you still have to do your pen assignment from yesterday. I know. Okay.

There we go. Okay. Um, so I’m gonna click an Infusionsoft and this is what the email would look like. So when you have something like this, And you have an email with something that’s moving. This is a six second gift, and this is it’s a pretty good example. Not, not great. There’s only movement in the screen share when people look at emails and they see movement that click rates skyrockets.

And I can tell you that, like from the data using this versus a button, you will get far greater click through rates. If it is a video based email, Or, or a video based landing page that they’re sending ’em to, or a blog post, or even if you’re just sending them right to a YouTube video or anything like that.

If it’s video only, I’m gonna show you guys how to create this. The easiest way to do it is to record your video. Like you normally would upload it to YouTube, upload it to Vimeo. If you guys, I use Vimeo for everything, um, I think you can do this with the $20 plan. Let’s go find out. I don’t think you can do it with the free plan.

Um, let me see if I can go to, I’m not a good example, cuz I have the most, I have the highest plan.

Let’s go to incognito window here and let’s go to pricing.

Call the action lead generation, Google analytics.

um, Andy CLEs would be a good example, Andy. I know you used the, the $20 the pro account. So if, if I’m gonna show you, if you could do it on your screen and tell me if it works on yours, that would be good. So here’s the easiest way to do it. You have a Vimeo account for 20 bucks a month or higher. You’re gonna go find that video in my case.

It’s right here. When you’re going to the import video, you’re gonna see this little button. Now this is a new feature and there’s gonna be this gift it’s right below the edit thumbnail in the general settings. So let’s say this was the video I was gonna use. I’m gonna click create gift. And it’s gonna ask you to drag this where you want that.

So let’s say I want it to be right here. It’s gonna start at 35 seconds. It’s gonna end to 41. I’m gonna create gift. Your screen is not moving. Yeah. We didn’t see anything. We didn’t see anything that you did. Uh, what do you see right now? Just a frozen screen.

Your email took frozen screen. Yeah, it just says the agent success fault. Okay. Hold on.

I’m gonna try something here. Hopefully I don’t blow up my computer.


Itched me out or mirror this one.

What are you guys seeing right now? My desktop.

We will get there.

This may work. It may not.

Okay. How, how are we doing now? I know it’s a little thing, so maybe you should switch to a speaker view. Can you guys see it right now? You should see, uh,

you should see Vimeo. Can you guys gimme a yes and chat if that’s the case?

Can you hear me? Okay. Yes. Great. Okay. Let’s try this again. So here’s how we would do it. We’d go find our Vimeo video and you notice earlier, so I’m in the general screen inside Vimeo, and I think you need to be at the, uh, $20, uh, paid pan or above. The only reason to pay more than $20 a month is if you need the space or live streaming, which none of you guys would use this for.

So $20 is totally fine. You’re gonna see this little gift thing. You’ll create a gift or GIF. I don’t know what it’s called. And then you’re gonna drag this where you want that gift to. So it’ll give you preview. So this will be a good idea, cuz you can tell I’m clearly talking, my hands are moving, so I’m gonna click create GIF

and then it’s gonna create that. That’ll take a minute or so, but let’s use this one. So I’m gonna click on this gift and rather than use the embed code, I’m just gonna download it and I want to download the small file size. So that’s called Thursday webinar gift. So now I’m gonna go over to I’ll do this in act or, uh, active campaign.

First, you can do this in any email. I’m in just a normal campaign blast, email. And so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna click add a photo new image. We’re gonna add a new image right here, and we’re gonna go to our downloads and I’m gonna find that gift.

It’s gonna upload here. There it is. I’m gonna click choose. I’m gonna center it. And in the settings, all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna send this to my page, right? Steve Olson,, whatever that is, right. I’m gonna link it right there on the right. And then this gift is gonna play over and over and over again in that email.

Right. The reason why we wanna do small size is this one. I think if I remember right, was like 2.3 megs. Um, I would not go bigger than three megabytes for an email. Uh, two years ago, you used to have to be under like 500 K but now internet speeds are super fast on phones. So they’ll load, there may be a little bit of a delay, but that will load.

So you wanna do that, um, by uploading the email or uploading the gift into active campaign and then displaying it right there. You may notice that if we go back over to Vimeo here, It also gives you the ability to click on keep.

Embed an email and you can do this thing. It’ll give you the embed, the embed code. Um, I would not do it this way because I don’t think it’s gonna show an email. Most email providers are gonna strip this code out of it. So even though they do give you like, uh, custom URL and you can put it right there, you’re gonna do HTTPS

I don’t know why you ever send em there, but copy the in embed code, you will get full blown in bed code. And when you go over to let’s test it, I bet they’re gonna kick it out. Drag HTML block here. And then we paste it there. It may show in the builder, but even though this shows in the builder, I cannot promise you that this will make it to there because this is referencing a third party code, and most ISPs are gonna block this code from being shown.

That’s why in that first email, the other day that the webinar was live, there was a gift. And the second one, there was no gift. Uh it’s because I used the embed code for one, and I used the normal image uploader for the other. So, all we wanna do is use that as an image, and then we wanna make sure that the there’s a link to the post that you’re sending them to.

There should be a logo up here. Right. So I would add my logo, go back over to insert, drag an image above this. This is just a sandbox account. Let me go find my image here.

Uh, it’s in creative cloud and logos then E XP. Hmm.

So I go over here. I don’t want new image. I wanna resize that. Let’s lemme make that 200 picks. Then I wanna center that. And then I’m gonna put a text block in between that. Right? So of this, this would be, oops.

This would be, you know, a first name, content of the email. And then you need to tell them, click the video below. No buttons,

change all that to 15. Obviously don’t want this. We’re gonna delete it. We don’t want this. We’re gonna delete it. And then you’re gonna want your, uh, signature below this. That’s it. So that’s how I would send that. I keep it super simple. There’s a bunch of weird spacing up here. You’d wanna delete all this.

Some people may tell you that putting your logo on top is gonna affect deliverability. I have not found that to be the case.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. And then I’d also put a little spacer between that, the text and the video, and don’t think it needs to be any more than 15, but you do want to create some space there. And that’s it. So the only thing that you have under this, uh, and if you wanted to left justify this, you could just to make sure it was even with a text, I’d still leave it centered.

I don’t think there’s that big of a deal. You put your signature out below this and I would send this out. You wanna make sure that all of the, all of the directive or all of the feature, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for? All of the focus of the emails on this. We do not want it to be on the text. Right?

So the same thing, if I’m an infusion soft, you’ll notice this is the email before. So let’s exit outta here. I don’t wanna send this one. I’ll show you guys how to do it. I always do previous sent and I’ll just use this as a draft. I’ll delete this. I’ll drag an image over here, right underneath the text.

I’m gonna upload the image. So I’m gonna go to browse again right back to my download files. There’s my gift right there. Got that upload. I wanna make that a little bit bigger. And then again, I wanna put the URL and I put my, wherever I wanna send them here. So if I was gonna send here’s where we can get really creative, let me go back to my normal screen here.

If I was gonna send an email and it was this week’s new homes for sale in Riverside, California, Andy, what I would do is I would go use Vimeo. I would record myself scrolling down all of the new listings this week in Riverside, on your website. For like 35 seconds, I would just do a screen recording that looks really good.

I’d upload that to YouTube as a private video or upload it to Vimeo, create the gift. And I would embed that gift in the email. So now they see, wow. Not only do I know there’s new listings this week in Riverside, but there’s movement. And I actually see the listings. I’m gonna be clicking on. You’re giving them an in, you’re giving them a preview of what they’re gonna be seeing on that.

Right. I promise you, promise you promise you your click through rate will sky. It, it, it will at least double if you use this, the only reason why it would not is if somebody is in the middle of nowhere, they’ve got very low data coverage. And when they look at this email on their phone, um, the, the, the gift just doesn’t load because your file size is huge.

Okay. So the second thing that I wanna show you guys is if you’re not using, if you don’t wanna pay for Vimeo and you’re using, um, when will you see that email Jose? What do you mean by that?

When would you use that email anytime, um, anytime that you would ever send them to something that you want, that that is gonna go to your page. Hopefully you’re sending them a lot of videos. So you’re engaging with them, just like, you know, we’re doing right now, anytime that you’re sending them to a video on a page every time that you’re sending something to your website at all.

And if it’s not a video Jose that you and I are creating, it’s the same thing I would just do. Like even when I send somebody to the marketing plan, I would pull the marketing plan up in keynote and I would just scroll through the marketing. Upload that to YouTube. You’re never gonna use the video, but then allow YouTube to create that six second gift.

I’ll show you guys how to do that in a second. So again, I know, oh, this marketing plan to Jose’s sending me, this is what I’m gonna be looking at. It’s just, um, there are still people out there and, and hopefully in the political landscape, this is not meant to poke fun in anybody. The conspiracy theory stuff is like running rampant right now.

And that just goes to show you how many people think that just a basic link click could like crash their computer. That’s affecting your clickthrough rate right now. If you guys like, trust me, this stuff’s happening right now, at least this tells them this is what’s coming and we’re gonna, we’re gonna increase that.

So let’s say that you don’t wanna pay for Vimeo or maybe you don’t use Vimeo and you, you don’t wanna do this for the sole reason of doing that. Here’s another resource that you can do. You guys gimme thumb? Yeah. Cool. This is. Um, you can go take this exact same video. And instead of using the built in gift feature of Vimeo, we’re gonna take this video.

We’re gonna copy the link to it. And again, in inside of the embed features, I need to make sure, sorry, general. I need to make sure that the privacy is set to anyone in YouTube. You could do this unlisted. That’s totally fine. And it, um, but in Vimeo it has to be anyone we’re gonna go to this link right here.

I’m gonna put this in chat. So you guys have this bookmark, this

also put that in the members area. We’re gonna paste that video here. I already did it just so you have it. It’s gonna pull the video up and right here, we’re gonna drag this little thing wherever we want that gift to be. This is gonna say, max of 20 seconds, do not create a 22nd gift. That is way too.

That’s way too long. I would do five seconds or less. I just changed the link. So that’s probably not gonna work. Copy the link, paste it right there. Hit go give this a second. That’ll load it. Let’s just pull the video.

Yes, Shane, there he is. I’ll show you how to do it in regards to resizing.

Just gimme a yes or no. And chat when I share screens this way is, is it, uh, is it blurry or can you make it out? Yes. Blurry. That’s a bummer. That’s zoom as well. Okay. So now we’ve got the video. So I’m gonna drag this over here. Now. I only want this to be a couple seconds again, super small file size.

It’s gonna wait here for a second. Then it’s gonna preview that gift. I want it to be four 80 by 360, always do small. Don’t do large. We’re gonna go to makeif.

Okay. So this one that I just created, that’s the preview. And it’s literally, it’s like three seconds long. I’d probably make it a little longer than that. Let’s make another one. If it’s too short, it kind of looks weird. So this one’s one Meg.

I think this is okay. I’d still go a little longer, just so there’s a little bit more movement. Let’s go make, give one more time

still at one Meg.

I think that looks fine even though all this is, I think this is Russian. I don’t know what this is. We’re gonna download it. And then we’re gonna go back to our Infusionsoft email. I’m gonna delete this image and I’m gonna drag another image over here. I’m gonna go browse for that new one. And then there it is right there.

And then I’m gonna change the size of it. So you may think like, oh wait, and I know you guys maybe can’t tell it that’s a little blurry. Uh, remember the only purpose of this image is to say, oh, that’s a video. Let me click to watch it. That was the only purpose of this email. So when you, when you go small on this website, You can go large, but see how this is one Meg.

When I go small, it’s four 80 by 360. I could go large. And it’s gonna give me a, let’s see what size that comes back. May take a minute here.

Yeah, so now lot clear, but now I’m at six megs. It’s not a big difference, but putting a six Meg image inside your email that is going to affect, um, I don’t even know it’s gonna affect deliverability. It will affect loading speeds and they may never even see that if they’re super like fast with email, like most of us are in this call, right.

So medium. We can let’s test what that is. Maybe that’s under two megs. We may, we may be able to use.

Three megs. Uh, it’s, it’s a little better, but to be honest with you for what we’re using this for, I would always use small. The other cool thing about this is when you use gifts on this, we also can take this and if we go to Facebook,

we can go to photo and video and add that. This will also embed the gift. This looks weird, but when you post it, the right aspect, ratio will show up and that gift will show up as a moving image on Facebook, uh, Facebook as well. I have never tried. I probably should. I have not tried, uh, creating gifts in using them as ads.

That I have not tried, but you can use gifts in this. They work very well on social. If you’re doing it on social, then I would come back here. In this case, I would use large. So you get the best quality if possible, cuz on that, it will matter in Facebook you can upload, I think files up to 90 gigs. It will take so it’s Facebook will easily hold that very easily.

All right, let’s go back to camera view here. I’m blurry. Sorry about the blur there. Okay. Questions really quick in, in chat or use case scenarios. Do you understand exactly how I would use this and how I would test this right now?

even if it’s just a, um, if you guys are writing blog posts, I’d split test the blog post. Even if it means you’re in front of a camera and you’re just reading the blog blog post from paper, even if, if that’s all you did differently, I would still do that. Even if it’s a one minute intro to the blog post, and you’re telling everybody to read below, that’s totally cool as well.

You don’t need to create the entire video. However, when there’s movement and email. The click through rate will significantly impact. A lot of us are generating a good portion of our leads that are email only and no phone number. It’s gonna be tougher and tougher and tougher to get phone numbers as we go, because there’s gotta be a valid reason why we get a phone number.

There’s a reason why BoomTown and all of them say, use your phone number, your password, because if you just register with your phone number, you’re your, the conversion rate, just plummets. They’re just not gonna give it to you. So that’s why they do that whole password thing. Some people get frustrated with that.

It is what it is, I suppose. So we want to create movement in those emails. Good. Any questions on this? So far? I got two yeses. How many of you guys are gonna send out your first gift gift email today? Trust like, just trust me on this stuff. Hey Steven. Sorry. I was on the phone. I noticed you wanted me to unmute.

Did you have something you wanted me to say? I’m so sorry. Um, I was probably just mentioning you, um, just because I, I saw you in, in the green background, but, uh, if, if anything comes to me, I’ll, I’ll let you know, but I don’t think so. I think we’re good. Okay. I think that, uh, that covers anything, anything from an ops growth, hiring CRM, a little bit of web, any questions you guys have otherwise I’ll, I’ll give you the other, uh, 20 minutes back of your.

I don’t know if Lily’s mentioning to me or if somebody’s delivering pizza right now, delightful, but lunch is woo. Over. I’m ready for dinner. I have a question, Steve. Sure. Um, so with that whole, um, email process, um, what I wanted to know was, um, Can I put a tag if someone opened the email or let’s say played on that, that click through and then, um, run a campaign like two or three days later that I can run specifically to those people who were tagged in that previous campaign.

Yes, you can. I’ll show you how to do that really quick. It’s actually pretty simple. Ah, Perfect inside active campaign. We’ve got this video right here, right? So we’re gonna have a link here. If you click on this little gear icon. Yes. You can say when somebody clicks this specific link, that, that video add a tag.

And so the way that I would do this, this would be a system tag, right? So this would be 5 0 5. And I would say I would do the name of the email blast. So maybe this one was like, uh, The name of the email blast would be, um, Carlsbad market update. Today is one. What is today? 29th, 28th, 1 28. Clicked video from email start.

You wanna select all of that? You wanna copy? And believe it in this field. I think if you add a comma, there you go. So you gotta add a com and it will, it will do that. It’ll add that. So then I’m gonna click. Okay. So now when I send this email out, anybody who clicks, this is gonna get that tag assigned to ’em, but that all that’s gonna happen is the tag is gonna get assigned.

So what we would do then is we’d open another tab here. When we go to our active campaign, again, we go to automations.

We’re gonna create automation. And we would say, start from scratch, continue.

And then the start trigger would be a tag. So we’re gonna go, tag is added, continue. We’re gonna paste that tag right there. Put a com after, or actually we don’t have to do it once. Cuz if they click it five times, you don’t want this to go five times. and then what we would do there is we’d put a conditions and workflow and then we’d go to wait.

So, um, what, how long did you wanna wait for? Uh, three days. Okay. What, um, just outta curiosity, don’t take this the wrong way. Why would you wait so long?

Uh, I was just trying to give people an opportunity to actually open the email. Um, okay. So this isn’t gonna trigger on open. It’s gonna trigger on a click. So in my opinion, and, and, uh, I am a professional doctor, lawyer, and, um, arborist. So you should take it for what that’s worth. Um, three days, they’re never gonna remember that email.

Like I would do it four hours. Oh, okay. I would do a quick, so what I would do is I would do wait for, and I changes to hours. I’d do four. And even this, I gotta be honest. I think this may be too much time. And then I would add an email right here. So sending options, send an email, create an email, and this is gonna be Carlsbad market update.

Follow up email. That that was for 1 28. Create,

this is gonna be a text only email, even though we’re gonna do a newsletter, we’re not gonna do text only cuz we wanna track this. Right. And then I would call this Carlsbad, like I would do re whatever that subject was.

So whatever that blast you’re sent out, you’re gonna do the same subject line right here, but we’re gonna put a re in front of it. Okay. We’re gonna go continue.

And then this we’re like, you’re gonna wanna play with this. Right? Cuz every market’s a little bit different. We’re gonna delete all the stuff out there. If you have a first name. Great. We’re gonna put merge right here. Personalize. First name. Don’t do a comma cuz if you don’t have a first name, I don’t want that to look weird.

And this was a very like, can we talk right now on the site

a few moments ago?

And then you want to, you wanna phrase the call to action as close to what the email was as possible? So if I was doing a market update in Carlsbad or why there’s no inventory and everything selling in two days, mm-hmm , I would say this market. And Carlsbad is nuts as I am. Sure you have heard there are.

And then, you know, signature, right. Yeah. Can you read that? Oh yeah, I’ll just paste it and chat. Oh, okay. Perfect. Just wanna be able to read what you wrote. Yeah. Um, Caleb’s question. Best email, subject lines, tips, uh, to increase open rates. Always do a question. When in doubt, ask a question. Did you see this right?

That’s probably. Are you, are you still looking, are you this? Have you seen that? That’s by far the best thing. You, you also, you guys also have to remember that we don’t always have to send emails out to our content. I mean, if you guys have a really reputable, uh, Russell, when I first moved here, union San Diego Tribune had a really good real estate section, but now I think they’ve locked everything up for paid.

Like you gotta pay $10 a month to access everything. They had a, they had a really good real estate section. I would send emails out, just referencing that you don’t have to send ’em to your site. Our job is just to get them to understand that when I see this from, you know, Jess Macias, or I see this from Andy, Cleves that like, he’s just the authority and he’s educating me over and over and over again, even though that link, uh, Lulu, uh, I almost called you Lulu.

I, I gotta be careful now cause you’re, I’m eventually gonna change your name. Um, even though that link is going to, you know, San Diego union, you can still put link tracking on that link. It doesn’t have to go to your. That’s the CRM. It has nothing to do with your website. So you put your thoughts over it, inside the email.

And again, E even if I’m on, even if I’m gonna send a video email, same thing, let’s go back to the screen share here. I would go to Fox five. Don’t go to Fox news, but let’s say, uh, FBIs cor for alleged role in capital riot. Okay. We don’t wanna send that one. Let’s say we wanna send this north park. So what I would do right here is I would do command shift five of course.

Hold on. Let me figure out to stop. This was me, babe. No, it wasn’t me, babe. Very catchy song. So I would do command shift five I’d I’d make this, you know, big enough for this. And then an apple, right? I’m gonna do a screen recording, not a screenshot. So I just wanna do the recorded selection. I’m gonna record the screen and I’m literally just gonna show down.

Oh, there’s there’s our buddy, Tom, on, on top. I’m gonna scroll down here just to create movement. Okay. There’s the whole article. Now I’m gonna click escape or I think it’s just, does it enter to stop? No, it’s this up here now I just created this. Video’s sorry, buddy. Tom, on top. I’m gonna scroll. So there’s audio on this, but we don’t care about the audio.

We’re gonna upload this to YouTube now, and we’re gonna create a gift. There’s never gift and audio. There’s never audio and gifts. We’re gonna make that a, uh, private video or unlisted video. We’re gonna create the gift out of it. And I’m gonna embed this in the email. So when they’re looking at the email, they’re just seeing this thing.

Scroll. Turn the audio down here, sign of, listen to my hideous voice. Um, they’re just gonna see this movement. So they know that I’m sending them something legit. When this email goes through. That’s how we can embed gifts in this. So they know that’s where we’re going. And again, that, uh, to do that, that is command shift five on a Mac on windows.

You would just go to and order a Mac. That’s how you would do it that way. I, I don’t know how to do it on windows, but I, I know you can do it. . I, I was told that on a, uh, coaching call this morning. I thought that was pretty funny. Um, what’s a short kind of amount. Yeah. So command shift five will, will, will allow you to draw the square command shift four.

We’ll just do a screenshot of the entire screen. That’s not what you wanna do. You don’t wanna do that. Do loom. You can do that. You can do VI yard. You can do Vimeo, just record the screen, upload it, create a gift, put that in the email. That’s how I would use. Awesome. Leo, good luck on the appointment if you’re still on.

I think you already hopped off. Okay. Does that make sense, Lilly? How we would use that? Yeah, we’re good on that. Um, just a follow up text, just make sure it’s very relevant and, and literally, I, I, would’ve no shame and, and send that email five minutes later. Because remember it’s five minutes after they took action on the post.

It’s not five minutes after the email blast went out. So Lou, if I send the email today at 10 o’clock in the morning and they open it tomorrow at 1104, they’re gonna get that email tomorrow at 1109. Like even though, and most people aren’t crazies like us. They don’t have their E email open all day while they’re working.

So they may not see that email until later, but at least you have a high chance of saying, Hey, I noticed you were on the site. I was on it too. Uh, do you have moments to chat right now? There’s some unique opportunities. We’re only looking to increase the likelihood of them starting the communication with us.

This is there’s no magic script or anything like that. What’s this professional audio and audio setting. I don’t care about. Okay, good on that. I think there was, I don’t know who it is. Forgive me, somebody else raise their hand. Another question we have, or maybe you already got it or put it in chat or

many of you guys know that, uh, Russell is auditioning to be in the next Blair witch movie. So I think he’s practicing right now.

Love it. Okay. If you guys got nothing else, have a powerful day, uh, you know, start throwing the spaghetti against the wall. Let me see what, know what the clicks look like. Uh, if you’ve got phone numbers, you can automate the text after that as well. You don’t have to do email. You can text him based on that, Caleb.

So instead of five minutes later, it’s an email. Five minutes later. Hey, I was on the site. Notice you’re on. Can you chat for a moment? Oh, that’s big brother. Yes, it is. Do you wanna chat right now? Yes or no. All right. Cool. Love you all good after it. Talk to you guys soon.