The 8 options for selling your home


Good afternoon. Good morning. I hope you guys are doing great. Let’s change the audio here. You know, we, we just got done having a webinar with all the partners and I just got done complaining about how bad, uh, this looks on zoom and, uh, or, or how bad zoom compresses video and, and, uh, you know, Here we are.

And low and behold video looks, you know, horrible in, in my opinion, I could be totally wrong. So we’re gonna get started in one quick second. Um, I’m gonna adjust one little thing right here and then we’re gonna get right into it.

Right. The video looked a little slanted to me probably is still a little bit slanted. I, I have no idea. Uh, do me a favor in chat. Just give me a yes. That you can hear me. Okay. I’m not clipping looks good. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just using these, uh, horrible things. Awesome. Cool. So I got a couple questions.

Where’s my, Ooh, my markers in my pocket. I was a little bit prepared yet. I got a couple questions in regards to all of the competition that is happening right now for listings. Right? So from an ops perspective, uh, cuz today’s ops and CRM, it, what would like how what’s the continued messaging that we would always focus on to get more listings?

How many of you guys are struggling with listings right now? Overall? Meaning, like not struggling selling ’em, but you don’t have enough, you, you, there needs to be something in there enough. Right? So yeah. All of us. Right. So here are my thoughts. Um, I think the consumer right now, I don’t think it’s about low inventory.

I don’t think that’s the issue, although it is the issue. I think the bigger issue right now is the consumer is so educated that, um, they know they have options. So if I’m a consumer right now, what are my options? Do me a favor, put in chat. Let me move this over here so I can see it on their right TV. If I was selling my home, what, what would my options be?

Okay. First thing I got was low commission. Did that? You read that right? Low commission B. Yeah. So option number one would be, I could charge low commission.

What else could I do? I could charge low commission. What other options would I have as a seller right now? When I wanna sell my home?

Yeah, I could sell at FSBO. Chris is totally right.

I could sell for sale by owner. What else could I do?

Uh, Richard, what do you mean finding next home?

Yeah. Okay. So make sure that you’re everybody. So I sell. To an investor

number four, like I’m sure it’s probably coming in the chat. It’s not posted yet. I could sell the Zillow

number five. I could sell my home to an buyer.

Number five. I could sell it on the open market.

Number six or number seven. Sorry. I could sell it off market.

What else? What else could I do challenge in finding the next home? I’m saying, what are my options? When, when I’m, when I’m selling my home, how many different options as a seller do I have when I wanna sell my home? Right? Could I rent the home out? Sure. I could rent the home out.

I’m surprised that more people are not flipping their residences into investment properties right now. I don’t know. I mean, the, the one thing that, uh, in, in Phoenix, um, we are still, I we’ve lived here five years and we still have not found our home yet. It’s, it’s crazy how, uh, thin the inventory is right now.

Now granted, we’re only looking two neighborhoods that have a hundred homes each in it, so we’re very picky and very stubborn. Mainly because of the view. Um, but you know, when one pops up, we’ll pull the trigger and we’ll go over there. I, in, in Phoenix, you know, we, Jenny and I’s first home was a condo.

Then we bought like, you know, an average, like 2,150 square foot home track home. It was like 270,000 or something. And then we got the big basement home that we moved back to, uh, the Bilmore. Before we moved here. Every one of those homes, we didn’t sell one to go buy the next one. We just turned it into an investment property.

Right. We, we went to the bank now, do some people have to get the equity out of home. Number one to go buy home. Number two, the answer would be yes, but could they refi that money? Enroll it into the next one. If the value went up high enough. Sure. They would. Right. How many of you guys are talking about the math of over what it over, what it means to turn your existing home into an investment home?

Is that a webinar that you guys could put out right now? 100%. Right. Did you know, like in, in 10 years, I, I just want you guys to think of this right now in 10 years. If, if any of you who are owned your home, sold your home right now, and most of you’re on this call, uh, are probably where up in equity. If you sold your home right now, enrolled all that equity into the next home.

And, uh, let’s say you upgraded the house or maybe, maybe you just upgraded the neighborhood or school system or something like. Ah, totally cool. In 10 years, had you have kept home number one and turned it into a rental and bought home number two and lived in that for 10 years. In which situation from a wealth perspective, would you be better off in 10 years?

And let’s just assume that there’s going to be a market correction in there. Yeah, it’s always gonna be second. It’s always gonna be second. Yeah. I mean, so it, it, it, I don’t think enough, everybody that I’m having one on one conversations about it’s here’s what I hear. Oh my gosh. So many people are selling their homes to Zillow.

Well, I’m not Zillow. I can’t do that. So I’m getting screwed by the competition. So many homes are going for sale by owner. I’m not a for sale by owner agent. I can’t compete with that. So I’m losing outta that. I’m not an investor. I can’t do that. I, I can’t help them on that. So what most agents and they may say, well, like I’m in a brokerage and they won’t allow me to charge low commission.

My fee is Nongo. Um, which legally isn’t true. Right? Um, but let’s say that you can’t do this. You can’t do for, for sale by owner. You’re not an investor. You don’t work for Zillow. You know, you’re not an institutional buyer. I can only sell open markets. So Steve, the average consumer right now has eight options in selling their home.

And I’m only one out of eight. So I’m super stressed out. If you are stuck in that mindset right now, I’m telling you, you’re probably not carrying any listing. Now, if I run an ad to sell to an investor, do I need to be that investor? Yes or no?

No. Why is that?

Well, Steve, if you run an ad saying, sell your home to an investor, isn’t that? Isn’t that false advertising?

No, you just say that you are not the investor. Right. You represent the investors now, you know, what’s funny is all these ads that I see, they all go to commission. They all go to commission. Don’t pay commission, low commissions, low fees as if that’s a driving factor as, as if, as why somebody would sell to Zillow.

I don’t know the, I don’t know the mathematics around Sonya Zillow. I know in the early days, the fee was about four point something percent. It’s only, it was only a little bit cheaper to sell to Zillow than to sell in the open market. And I will tell you, Zillow probably got the better deal 90% of the time, because there was no, no, um, No competition, no open house, no multiple showings, none of that stuff.

Um, the consumer, that’s gonna pick to sell an investor to sell to Zillow, to sell to an institutional buyer, to sell off market or to rent out the home is PR they’re they’re they’re. Um, they’re determining or driving factors around that probably are not money driven, driven. What do you think they are? If they’re not money driven, what motivates ’em to go that.

Convenience. I would argue that 95% of the time, everything is convenience. Everything is convenience. They tolerate the commission because of convenience. The convenience of, I know that I need to get 75 people through my home to break a record. I don’t have time to go get 75 people through my home. I don’t know how to do that.

I don’t have access to the ML. Meaning I’m the consumer, right? So I gotta go out there and find a realtor to put my home in the MLS. Now what I pay for that totally different subject, right. I’m paying for the convenience for somebody else to do it myself. Um, I’m very, very, and I wouldn’t say I’m very tech savvy by nature.

I’m just very interested in how things work. Um, I remember when I was, uh, I was probably nine or 10 years old, probably around the same age as my son right now. And I’ll never forget my middle brother, Andy who’s three years younger than me. Got this bat mobile. This is when Michael Keaton’s Batman came out, I think back in 1990 or 89 or whatever, whenever that was.

And it was like this big, it’s pretty big Batman car, right? It wasn’t a remote control car, but if you pulled it back, you went forward. And then there was some other things that caused it to turn. And I think there was a, um, uh, something moved on the top. Maybe it was like the top. So you can put Batman in it.

Well, I’m staring at this car and for like an hour. And I remember my mom saying like, what are you staring at it for? And I’m like, I, I just don’t understand how this works. And I remember my dad telling me, like, you don’t need to understand. And then like when he said that, I’m like, yeah, but I do, I do need to understand it.

So then my brother, you know, goes to, I, you know, baseball or T-ball or something like that. And I start taking PLIs and I start trying to pull the thing apart to try to see if I can see where the, where the things on the inside are. I can’t figure it out. So lo I don’t know how, how I got to this point, but I think it was due to sheer frustration.

I went from being curious to literally by the end of the day, taking a hammer and smashing it, uh, just so I can get into it. I broke the whole thing. It was in pieces. My brother came home, had a freaking meltdown, and I said, you know, you can use my allowance money to buy another one. And, uh, low and behold, the lady that used to.

I’ll call her our babysitter. I don’t know if that’s the right term. Uh, not, she wasn’t like a nanny or anything. Um, she bought it for him as a gift and, uh, should order it back then. Ordering stuff like over the phone on a catalog was totally different than now. Couldn’t get another one. So I completely ruined my brother’s, uh, prize possession because I had a desire to figure out how these things work.

What I’m getting at right now is that when you, when you come from a curiosity mode, you win a lot more. Except for my example of breaking my brother’s Batman car, I didn’t win. Then I got in a lot of trouble for that. Um, but when you come to consumers with a curiosity mentality over, Hey, I like Tony Robbin says all this time.

I’m sure you have a valid reason for, for coming up with that. Do you mind if I ask what that is? I think that’s one of the most powerful questions we can ask in. I’ll give that to you again, I’m sure you have a valid reasons for feeling that way. Do you mind if I ask what that is? What is it? Um, how many of you guys have figured out when you’re in conflict with a spouse or you’re in conflict with a sibling or a friend, you know, you know, in your head, oh, they did that because of this and they’re a jerk for doing it and then time passes and they come back to you and they say, Hey, listen, I gotta talk to you about something.

Uh, you know, the other day I took your lawnmower because of X, Y, and Z. And I I’m sorry, I should have talked to you for it first. And in every instant we’re. We were wrong in what we assumed. So I don’t want you to assume that when somebody says, um, you know, Richard, I think Richard was the one that gave us the low commission example.

We wanna do it for one and a half. Don’t assume it’s because they don’t think you’re worth three or two and a half or five or whatever your number is. Um, there’s probably a different reason that they want to pay low commission. And most of the time it has nothing to do with this drew. Carey does a lot of fisbos in the chatter.

You’re gonna end Orlando markets. Right. Um, I don’t. People do FSBOs by, by the numbers because they hate realtors or they don’t wanna pay commission. They just don’t understand why they need to pay the commission or why they need to do it to use a realtor. It’s not cuz they don’t want to. Most of them, they can’t justify why they should two totally different perspectives.

But if we always go in there with curiosity, number one, they’ll give us the reason. And if our reason of being a real estate agent is greater or gives them a greater benefit or a result in them going on their own, you will convert. But if you go in there like an average agent, like, oh my God, 91% of all homes sell by a real estate agent, you don’t wanna be amongst the, to lose money on a listing to you.

That’s that’s bad. It’s not gonna resonate with them because you are assuming that, you know what this is. I don’t have, um, I don’t have the ability to go on a website right now. Um, but I believe I remember what this is. I saw an ad for this this morning. It’s called. Um, and you should go to it right now.

Um, Oh, I, I will think of it. It’s uh, San Diego dude, Russ. I don’t know if you’re on the call right now. I don’t have my thing up. Um, Daniel beer it’s this site, uh, turbo That’s what it was. Turbo And, um, those of you guys that may be able to guess turbo home is, is, uh, sell your home quick, right?

That’s kind of the value proposition, but it’s going to be a sell us your home. And you know, we’ll just, we’ll just get rid of it for you. If that’s what you wanna do now, are there times when somebody’s gonna go to turbo put in their address, fill out everything, and they’re gonna talk to Daniel.

I’m assuming that’s who it is because that’s the ad that I. And do you think, Daniel’s gonna say, Hey, we have these investors over here that will write you an all cash offer right now, which by the way, will satisfy this person will satisfy this person. We’ll satisfy this person. We’ll satisfy this person, this person like literally 1, 2, 3, 4 out of the eight will satisfy half of those without.

Thing. And he’s gonna say something to the effect of, if I could show you away in the same amount of time to make more money doing the exact same process with a little bit more stress. Are you interested in hearing that or do you just want me to have this done? Oh, and it will satisfy this person too.

Maybe. I don’t know. I would still charge a commission on that. Maybe you’re gonna pass it on to the investor. I have no. Right. So you’re, you’re gonna tell them that we’re gonna give you a net offer on the property. A net offer is net of off fees. So let’s say that, that, uh, you know, you use Russ in his example, Russ is talking to a client and the client says I want five 50.

Great, well, listen, uh, the fee for us to work with our clients, not you, our clients is three and a half percent. So if you’re interested in. 50 the offer. That’s gonna come in. I’m gonna show you the price of what it’s gonna mean net to off fees, because we’re gonna have the buyer pay all of the fees. So I don’t know what three and a half percent of five 50 is, but let’s assume it’s 20 grand.

So Mr and Mrs. Seller, I’m gonna get you an offer at five 70 K. Just know that what that investor was gonna pay was five 50. And we ask them to add our fee on top of what they’re doing. It’s the same thing as a normal offer. We’re just positioning it in a totally different. Have you guys figured this out yet?

It’s just numbers. Right? What the famous saying is that numbers don’t lie and we can make numbers. Tell any story you want. Right. I’m close. I’m not super accurate on that, but that’s a pretty close statement. So I would be willing to get now. I don’t know, Daniel personally, uh, he may not even go by Daniel.

Maybe he goes by Dan. I have no idea. Uh, don’t know him personally, but, um, I’m assuming if he’s like most people that run these promotions, he’s probably not the buyer. Now how, how would I go after those type of listings and build that type of list

in chat? How would I do that? What if I don’t have the investor list? Well, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna create a squeeze page that says, Hey, do you buy homes direct from the consumer? Get on our private list to get first access to off market, you know, properties that we tie up. Oh, Steve. In my market, we can’t do off market deals.

Our MLS thinks they can control everything and blah, blah, blah. Guess what I’m telling you. You guys gotta trust me on this. All this MLS rules, they will get broken. Meaning, um, eventually the real estate community is gonna say, wait, the, the more that we try to make this fair, the more difficult it’s gonna be.

So you’re gonna have guys and I commend them like the Mauricio Mansky and the James. Uh, of, of the agency million dollar listing James and, uh, what’s the other guy’s name? David Barnes. Uh, they founded a company called PLS, uh, I think is what it’s called or off, off market properties, some off market website in LA that was very successful.

And now they got shut down due to CRLs rules. Now they, I think they found a way around it. Eventually these options are gonna be so dominant with consumers that the, that the NAR and, and your board and your Ms board are not gonna control the data anymore. Think about how many decisions Zillow could make right now, that would completely destroy the real estate industry.

When I say destroy, I mean, completely change it. They can say, Hey, we’re not gonna be realtors anymore. We’re gonna drop all of our, all of our brokerage. And we’re just gonna be a direct consumer platform. We have so much traffic that you can choose to list with a realtor. And you could do that, or you could choose to list with us.

And we have an exclusive website. Like I gotta be honest if I was the head of Zillow, I would do that right now, but I’m not. So you guys have nothing to worry about. Um, but they have the ability to do that with one press release, they could completely disrupt the entire business. And, you know, you guys might be thinking, oh, well, they would never do that.

Or saw all this lobby money. Look, they did it with Expedia. Right. And, and it was like a two week process where they completely flipped everything over. Now it doesn’t mean everything’s gonna go away. I’m just saying that there’s gonna be so many options for the consumer that the old way of, of, of leaning on the MLS all the time is just gonna be a thing of the past.

Right? It’s it is just cuz nobody’s built another marketplace. They will look, Europe has it, Australia has it. I mean all these other places have these marketplaces. It’s not the MLS. It’s not some bureaucratic thing. Right? So here’s my thought to you. You have two types of clients that you’re trying to attract right now, write this down in your notes.

Number one, you want to get as many of the acquisitions people in your CRM as possible. Here’s the good news. If you guys are in a market like mine, these guys reach out to me five times a day, put ’em in your key, put ’em in your active campaign, put ’em in your HubSpot drop ’em in a list. Drop him in a tag and just keep building that list over and over and over again.

Once a month, I would send them an email. Hey, how many homes are you looking to buy? Right. Just so you know, who are the people who are gonna write offers right now and who are the people that aren’t, I got a call from one the other day, uh, an investor deal that, uh, a buddy of mine brought to mine that brought to me, they needed, they needed four partners on a deal was a hundred thousand dollars buy in each and then they were gonna raise, um, that was the acquisition in the hold.

They were gonna raise the rehab. So they were trying to split the acquisition fund from the rehab fund. They were two different funds or two different raises, I would say. And so I don’t know what the, what the raise for the, the. The rehab, we didn’t end up moving forward on it. Um, I wouldn’t have moved forward either which way.

I didn’t think it was that good of a deal. Um, but they needed to raise, you know, a few hundred thousand dollars for rehab. I think upwards are like six or 700,000. Well, I get this random call from this investor saying, Hey, I’ve been in the Santa San Diego market forever. I’d never heard of him before. Um, and I typically focus on the high end and I said, okay, cool.

Do you do LA JOA? Yeah. Oh yeah. We, we love LA JOA. We do a ton. Great. I have a deal for you. Um, but uh, you’re gonna need to gross up our fee and you’re gonna need to buy out a couple partners if they’re already under contract. Oh, they already have it under contract. Yeah. So you’re gonna pay an assignment fee and you’re gonna pay a commission on top of it, but I’ll give you all the details.

It’s off market. You’re never gonna. So, uh, I talked to one of the investors and I said, Hey, if you want out this, I can get this guy to pay this. Plus a fee, everybody will get like six or 7,000 bucks will be done with it tomorrow. We can move on to the next one. I don’t think this one is a home run. The lead investor said, you know what?

I kind of agree. I think we can make a lot of money, but it’s not a guarantee. So, uh, why don’t, why don’t you, uh, call the investor? You know, we’ll put it together and, you know, we’ll split the commission four ways. So we did it and guess. The investor didn’t perform. Uh, now he had all these reasons, you know, oh, you don’t do this.

It’s a, it’s got a slope. I’ve never done. You know, he had all these reasons and you want to know why the guy just wasn’t experienced. Right. It was a good deal. Uh, with one investor, that’s all cash driven that doesn’t have a fund. It’s a no brainer deal. For four investors. It’s a little thin, right? So my, my, what I’m getting at right now is that you need to continually build a list of people and you need to know which people on these lists are actually performing and buying homes.

We as real estate agents do not want any clients that write offers that want to assign those offers to under investors. We don’t make money on those deals. Right. So if any of your investors says, is this contract assignable, whether it is assignable in your market or whether it’s not. For example, in Arizona, as it’s written, all contracts are assign.

So we get a lot of contracts in Arizona that says Steve Olson and or assignee. And it’s common because what happened is they’ll go under contract, but they’ll close in a trust, but maybe the trust or the LLC or whatever is not set up yet. So they just assign it to that. And in Arizona, as long as none of the term change, it is unilaterally assignable with, uh, I think three days notice or something like that.

I believe in California, that is not the case. Everybody has to agree to it. And it is a, it is a, it is a breach of contract if it does get assigned without, uh, mutual acceptance. But there’s nothing to say that you can’t put that in the contract. Right. And then you you’re gonna assign it. So the, the first part you guys wanna advertise to is everybody in your market who requires home.

Right. It could be a fund. It could be, uh, a small institution. It could be a single investor. It could be a mom and pop, you know, people that look for like really good deals for second homes. And we’re gonna run those ads all the time. And we’re gonna say, Hey, you’re gonna join our private list. Right. And I would make a page that looks just like turbo

You can build this in elementary. Right. But the, the demographic for that is acquisition. So I’m not gonna put that landing page on, uh, show women group dot. I’m not, that’s not where that’s gonna live. That’s gonna be a separate branded single page of like, Hey, get access to our off market. So it may be Scherman acquisitions or, or Scherman buyers, or Scherman invest, uh, anything like that to, to keep it completely separate from the main site, we’re gonna run a bunch of traffic to that.

We’re gonna ask people to give us their first name, their email, where they buy what their price point is and what their investment goals. You know, are you a 20 year old investor? Are you a, are you a flip investor? Are you a bur you know, buy rehab, rent, refinance, repeat, are you that type of investor? What type of homes do you look like?

Do you want light remodels heavy. We want them to fill out all the stuff, cuz guess what if I’m gonna give you my email address? And then the second part of that form says, give me all this info. I don’t fill it out. Am I a legit investor? Yes or no?

No. You’re. I see all these people have like these four step forms and the first step is like, give us your first name. What, what, what can you do with the first name who cares about the first name? Well, I want their email address before they give me all the details. Why, if they won’t give you the details, what, what good is their email address?

So you can fill up your CRM with bad email addresses, who cares? People that invest in real estate do not gate their contact info. I’ve told you guys this in the past, uh, we used to take, you know, fourplex investment listings all the time, and we would put them in loop net. We’d have to pay like 150 bucks a month for three listings or something like that.

It’s probably a little bit more expensive. And in LoopNet, they will give you all of the first name, last name, email, and phone of everybody that is a loop net subscriber that has searched for a property that matches your Des. So we get these lists of like 300 people. I get the whole team on the phone and the script was really simple.

Hey, ring, ring, ring. Who’s last on my list. Hey, Shane is Steve Olson from at the time I was with Keller Williams. I’ve listened. We just listed a fourplex over in Mesa, Arizona. It’s currently sitting in about a seven and a half cap, and I’m just calling really quick to see if you have any money you’re looking to reposition right now.

That was it. That was the whole. It’s all we said. Yes. Awesome. Where do I send the deal sheet to you? No. Great, fantastic. Have a good day talk soon. That was it. Very, very matter of fact call and I can’t tell you from the investment space, how many people would say, you know what? I’m not looking for a fourplex right now, but we’re looking for a medical building or we’re looking for a bank or we’re looking for agriculture.

I’m looking for a cow farm or, and cuz investors. They know that it’s not, there’s no centralized marketplace. They always have to be in communication. With what they’re looking for. Seasoned investors tell as many people out there, what they’re looking for at all given times, because that’s how deals happen in the commercial space and in the investment space.

It’s not a very private area. Now, once we go into contract, it’s different, it’s very private. It’s very, you gotta know your stuff, but they’re very communicative in regards to what they need. So we really just have to get the ball rolling and legit investors will tell us what they’re looking for, what they’re not.

If I was a legit, uh, commercial real estate brokerage, and all we focused on was investments. I did a lot of multi-family. Uh, didn’t really do any land. I didn’t do any retail. Didn’t do office. Didn’t do any of that stuff. Didn’t do any leasing. Didn’t do any property management. It was pretty much like four unit.

And I think the biggest one I sold that actually closed was. 74 units. I had a couple over a hundred that were under contract, but they didn’t close. I was very comfortable with that. But outside of that, um, I wasn’t comfortable, you know, in Arizona, I’m sure it’s the same in California. Um, you know, most multi-family we use the commercial contract, but some of the bigger stuff, you know, some of these contracts are written up by lawyers and that’s just not my forte.

Right. Uh, so I stayed clear that. What I will tell you is that they just volunteer the info. Legit investors will volunteer everything. So if you’ve gotta create this crazy squeeze page, that’s multiple steps to trick them into giving you info. You missed it on messaging and you’re not advertising to the right people, right?

So we need to change that. And then once we build that list and you’ve had conversations with everybody and you know exactly what they’re looking for now, you’ve got seven people that say, Hey, if you bring me a deal with these parameters, I will write an offer within 48 hours. Now you have the ability to take that list of people and.

Hey, Mr. And Mrs. Seller, would you like six offers in 48 hours? Could that be a value proposition, five offers in 48 hours, or we sell your home for free? That would be a value proposition. I’m not saying that that those five offers are all gonna be 75 grand over list price. But I will get you seven or five closable offers in two days, or I’ll sell your home for free.

Do they have to agree to a legit listing price? Yes. Do they have to agree to your fee? Yes. Do they have to, you know, like we’re gonna put all these contingencies in there to make sure that we’re protected and that they’re protected. We, we can, yeah. I’m gonna say rig the game to win. I don’t mean rig like from a fraud perspective, but you can protect yourself in regards to how you structure the deal.

All the. So my point is, if I telling you this, the original question was, how do I compete with all these options on the market? And my answer is you don’t need to compete. You need to be all the options. If you think you’re in a competing marketplace, all like you just don’t have enough people that know you.

We’re not in competition mode right now. Wait, I’m gonna turn this mic off and I’m not gonna know here. Hold on. We’re we’re not in, in a competition LA landscape. We are in the, the, the, uh, you know, grant Cardone and, and Darren Hardy will tell you this. Um, we are in the whoever’s loudest, makes all of the money whoever’s loudest and has all the options makes all the money.

It’s not whoever’s best. I know some unbe, freaking believable shame guitar players, and nobody will ever know about them because they refuse to go public. It’s it’s it’s, it’s a heart. It’s heartbreaking. This guy went to college with, I think I’ve mentioned him multiple times before he lived upstairs in the dorm with me.

He’s also a music major unfreaking believable guitar player. This guy can shred an acoustic guitar from a classical, like a picking style. Like nobody’s. But he’s terrified of stage. He’s terrified of being judged for his music. I, I think still to this day, I’m not in contact with him anymore. Skillset only gets you so far, man.

If nobody knows it about it, there’s no options, right? That what’s, what’s that saying? Like if a tree falls in the force and nobody’s there to hear it, doesn’t actually make a sound. If the best real estate agent in the world doesn’t go on any listing presentations, are they really the best listing agent?

No, cuz nobody knows. Right. How many of these different options do you guys think you can push into your, into your business right now? Give me a number and chat.

Somebody gave me, um, you guys have all heard of the J curve of growth, right? Where you, when anytime that you make a decision in business, you make the decision right here. And when that decision gets made, business gets worse. But because of the decision you end up higher than you did before, that’s, that’s why it’s called the J curve of growth.

Right? Uh, regulation works that way too.

You guys are Zillow is not buying your market. That shocks.

Yeah, that’s crazy. Well, if they’re not doing it now, they’re coming. Um, so here here’s my point. Yeah. Shane you’re right. You should do all of them.

There is so much stuff going on in the market right now. That is happening because it’s the way it’s always been. CRLs just came out with a new regulation the other day that everywhere that a IDX listing is displayed, whether it’s on Zillow, whether it’s on your guys’ website or my website, I don’t know when this has to go live, might already be live.

I have no idea. Um, not only, uh, before they had to display the agents’ first name, last name and brokerage they worked for. And regardless of what side is on now, they have to display, I believe their first name, last name, brokerage, and their phone number. Maybe even their email address. Don’t quote me on the email address.

I could be wrong on that. And so, like, I could tell you there’s a million reasons why that should be the case. And I can tell you there’s a million reasons why that shouldn’t be the case. Right. But that’s an example of an overcorrection that I think is probably not gonna stick, because what they’re trying to do is they’re, they’re trying to even the playing field for everyone.

Now that the argument that I would have is that if, if Chris Carter moved over to SBA, It should be against the rules for Chris to position all these listings as his own. And I don’t think that’s the intent with IDX. It’s just, Hey, there’s a marketplace of all these homes for sales on my website. And if you have a question about him, you should call me Sierra MLS said, well, if you call Chris and he’s not the listing agent, can Chris Chris give you all the accurate info?

And the answer would be no, he can’t, but here’s the weird. The listing agent, can’t give it to you either because the seller didn’t give him or her written permission to give it, you know what I mean? Like they may say you call the listing agent. Well, what are they really gonna take? If you’re a good listing agent, the listings agent’s gonna say, I don’t know, write an offer.

What’s their bottom line. I don’t know. Write an offer. Oh, you do know. Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t, but my seller did not give me written authorization to disclose that. So the best thing that you can do is write an offer. Hey Steve, I know you’re the listing agent. How many offers do you have on the table? A lot.

Well, what’s the highest offer. I don’t know, write your best offer. So the very thing that they’re trying to give consumers access to is really a dead end anyway. And you might even be arguing like, well, could it force people into dual agency? It could is dual agency bad? Yes and no. I mean, if you’re a great agent, it’s probably fine.

Yeah. I mean that that’s, but Shane that’s my very point. Define exactly what is all info. Nobody can define that. It’s so gray area right now that we have all this regulation that’s coming in to try to make it easier for the consumer and make it fair. And, and by point in all this thing is, is there it’s impossible.

You can’t make it fair. There is a pro and con there is a consequence to every, yeah, no, I, I know you weren’t questioning me, but I, I think that like, there is no winning, so I feel bad at everybody at, at C R I feel bad for everybody at N NAR. Uh, just like when, when, uh, you know, my team is a very vocal team.

My son’s team in soccer, all the dads are, I feel bad for the refs, cause it, it there’s just no winning, right? Every call of ref’s gonna, you know, make one team happy and piss off the other team. There is no winning when you’re. And I think CA R and AR kind of deal with the same things, right? So we’re gonna go through this.

Uh, how can we make it so safe? And then what’s gonna happen is like, whoa, didn’t really see those consequences. Come in. Maybe we need to open it up. That’s that’s why regulation ebbs and flows. It doesn’t ebb and flow because people have different ideas on different days. It’s just because there’s only so much data that we can predict when we make changes to anything out there.

Um, is real estate ever gonna turn into how it was in Europe? Probably not. Meaning in Europe, most areas in Europe, you don’t need a real estate license. There is no centralized listing system. It is, uh, Hey, you go market my home and you know, we’ll go figure out how to write this up and close it. And, and we can do it all in, you know, two weeks if you want to.

It’s never gonna get that way. But I do think that the, the, um, I do think that a good majority of clients, uh, I’m not gonna give you a percentage. I’m gonna tell you it’s more than 50 though. It’s not it’s it’s the majority. It’s not the minority. Uh, would gladly take convenience and ease over maximum sales price.

And what industry is that already happen right now?

What industry do people sell? What they have for convenience and ease and lose money. 100%. It’s the car. It’s the car industry. I don’t know what the percentage is on people that trade in cars versus sell on their own. But I think if the car is within five years and they’re upgrading a car, I would probably venture to guess that over 90% of cars are traded in.

And, uh, when you trade in your car, what percentage over below the sale are you likely trading that car in anywhere from 10 to 30% over it under its. So people are willing to just give their car back and lose 10 to 30% of that current value, because they know that once I give it to the dealership, I don’t gotta deal with stuff anymore, but it’s the way that it’s always been.

So they’re used to it. I think housing’s gonna go the same way out. I could sell my home on the open market for five 50, or Zillow’s gonna give me an offer right now for five 18 or, uh, five 50, maybe five 20. 5 32 it’s 18 grand in 10 years. Am I gonna miss that 18 grand? Probably not. And you know what, when Zillow writes the offer and closes a week later, iactually, don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I don’t have to stress out about the appraisal, the home inspection, the 75 showings that people stealing, you know, the Vicodin outta the closets. Like I don’t have to worry about any of that. Zillow’s just gonna come in and take care of it. I think the majority of people, if they felt safe and it wasn’t so crazy in regards to like writing a 70% offer, I, I can see where that’s.

They don’t want the circus. They don’t want the dog and pony show. Just, just get it over with, get it over with you guys. Have all had those sellers before Steve kill the showings. Oh. But our highest offer, we can do better. I don’t care. I’m done with the showings. I don’t wanna do this shit anymore. Kill the showings.

Let’s accept the offer and move on. Okay. There you go. Right. It’s not all about the money. And regardless of what the news tell you, it’s not all about the. Where do we go from here? Number one, we build the, I identify the investors funnel. It’s a simple, it’s a simple page. Step one. Give us all your info.

Step two. Here’s how we communicate. That’s it. Next one. You’re gonna go to turbo. I think I’m right. I, I don’t have a, um, a computer screen up right now. I think it’s turbo Um, if has anybody gone to that site yet? Am I right by that URL, Shane? I know you’re already.

Turbo Yes, it’s correct. Okay. Um, you’ve already got a blueprint of what this is. I, I can’t tell you if, if he does well with us or I have no idea. It’s a, it’s a pretty clean looking site. I think a consumer would identify with it. Um, I think he leans way too hard on the commission. I’d lean more on convenience ease.

And the fact of, um, my old business partner in Phoenix, Arizona still sells, uh, foreclosures for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, not a whole lot, maybe a couple a month used to sell like. One of your partners? Uh, every month, um, he told me the other day that, uh, 41% listen to this 41% of all home sales last quarter in Phoenix were acquired by an institutional buyer.

41%. Here’s why I’m telling you this. Whether you guys give them the options or not, it’s happen. Every one of these funds is trying to figure out how to do this in the high end. Every single one of them is. So you may say, oh yeah, that’s the $200,000 stuff. It’s not a whole lot of two, $200,000 homes for sale on Phoenix anymore.

If any, and if there are they’re garbage, right? So it is coming. I just want you guys to be the resource they have. I want you to be the intermediary between, you know, the client and that buyer. You don’t need to be the buyer. If you are the buyer, that’d be amazing. But if you’re not, we should at least try to.

Okay. All right. That’s all what I got today, 1138. Uh, it is painful to have your home on the market. That is why we pitch five. The statement market review. We send the sellers outta town for three day mini vacation during the that’s so smart. That’s such, I’ve never done that. Shane. I I’ve heard some other people do that on, on opening weekend.

Like when we used to do these, uh, big, uh, open houses when we would do the four day launch before, um, we’d always tell them they have to be gone for the day, but I never really thought to like send them to a resort for a few hundred bucks. And back then you could stay at the point resort for like $185 a night.

That would’ve been a no brainer investment on our part to get the sellers out of there. . Yeah, I totally agree. So you know that that’s kind of how I look at it. Right. Was this valuable? Yes or no? How many of you guys think I’m completely full of shit right now? Hopefully it’s none of you.

Yes. Not full of shit. Um, look, you can be the competition or you can be the solution, your choice. Right. I heard that at a business mastery event, years ago, you can be the competition or you can be the solution. It’s your choice. And, uh, it it’s it’s so, um, like,

you know, I, I, I just can’t, I, I that’s, as deep as I can get, last thing, I’m gonna tell you, uh, Dave Matthews, if you’re on the call, my uncle that used to be a partner in, um, uh, Steven Sonata in the Denver market had a Corvette. I don’t know what year it was. It was a rare, it was a stingray and, uh, or, um, a Z 70, whatever the highest Corvette was when they not the current body style, but the one before.

So the first year that came out, um, very rare. I think they made like 175 of whatever he was able to get one. And, uh, it’s just kind of sat, never really put miles on it. And, you know, I think through the Denver weather, he didn’t use it a lot because of the snow and you know, all that stuff. And he was worried about, you know, that’s the cinders or whatever.

Bought. So it never really got used. Well, he moves to Phoenix. Somebody tells him and ands working for a different, uh, dealer con right now they don’t have a Chevy brand in there. So, um, he, he bids it out to a whole bunch of brands in Phoenix and everybody gave, gave him price and somebody said, Hey, you just need to go take it to Carvana.

Or maybe it was CarMax. I think it was Carvana. So he, he puts his info in at Carvana and sure enough Carvan gave him eight grand more than every other dealer. So he goes, yeah, I’ll take the deal. And they say, Hey, in three days, we’re gonna have a little popup shop somewhere in Scottsdale. Come drop your truck, your, your car off.

And we’ll give you the check. So he is telling me this and I said, okay, what happened after that? He goes, I went there, I dropped the car off and there was this 22 year old girl that had a little iPad. And all she did was verify my license, my insurance, my VIN number. And. She checked the odometer and something else.

And she goes, okay, wait right here really quick. And she came back and she said, would you like a check in hand or would you like us to direct deposit it? And he goes, a check in hand is fine. So she looks at her iPad and she goes, enter, goes over the printer, pulls the check off the printer and gives it to him.

And he takes the check and he goes, well, our. Aren’t you gonna test drive it and she goes, no, well, I mean, you’re gonna hook your computer up there to make sure there’s no issues. She goes, no, she didn’t even open the hood. And he goes, what, what if like the car doesn’t work? And he goes, oh, we’ll be in touch.

Don’t worry about it. And she goes, are there any other questions you have for me today? And he there’s like four other people waiting? No, he said that the whole whole process took 11 minutes. If you don’t think there are people in the real estate space, trying to figure out the 11 minute home acquisition you’re.

You’re nuts. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen next month or this year in five years, but people are trying to figure it out and it will happen eventually. We’ll just have a different role, right? You can be the solution or you can be the competition. It’s your choice. All right. Um, you can’t ask you yes or no questions back to back.

I don’t know what that was, uh, in, in reference. Yeah. You don’t wanna do that because you always end up bad. Okay. I love you all. Any questions? Let me know, have a powerful Thursday and, uh, we will see you all next week. Oh yeah. Yeah. You can. You asked if you don’t bullshit. Thank you for that, Chris. I appreciate it.

Rock and roll guys. See you soon.