The 80/20 Content Marketing Rule

Good morning. Good afternoon.

Let’s get some chat, rock and rolling. All right. Do me a favor while we are fixing something with a microphone here. Uh, do me a favor check in and chat, and I’m looking for the biggest marketing win of the week so far.

What is your biggest marketing win of the week?

Uh, I see it was a battery pack year. All right. GPS, not much of a marketing win, but picked up a 2 million bio on relo on GPS. Love it. What else you guys got? So just to be clear, if you didn’t hear me earlier, what I’m looking for right now is marketing wins.

Marketing wins is what I’m looking for. And the only thing left to make this complete is to make sure that I can see okay.

I made the mistake of believing that, um, We got some new screens and, and, and, uh, new light stands. So this morning, when I came in, I thought, you know what? I can get all this done before all the webinars today start. And literally, I’m not even sure that it’s fixed, but, uh, it got done with like one minute spare.

So if I seem a little UN UN put together, that’s why. Right. So here’s what I wanna cover today. Can you guys do me a favor and chat? Let me know if, uh, audio’s okay.

This feels a little weird. Give me a yes or no in chat, if audio’s okay. Yes, audio’s good. All right. Rock and roll. So, um, here’s what I want you guys to do in chat right now from a web perspective. Um, blog posts, landing pages, colors structure. What do I do? Anything on the web? Where, where are you stuck or short right now?

And let’s get one of you let’s get one thing solved for one of you guys today, or, or maybe, or maybe two things or maybe three. So I’ll give you guys a second to chime in on that. I’m looking for. Where are you short on web

while you guys are coming up with that? I was on with Maya yesterday and I didn’t put my participant thing up here. I’ll do that right now. Here we go.

Yeah, my you’re on. So I was on, uh, yesterday with Maya and we were talking about new market things. And if I was going into a new market, but more importantly, if I was going after a different segment that I would do, um, I think that almost all of you guys I’m so behind, uh, Mary that’s, what we’re here for.

Don’t worry about it. Um, if, if, uh, all of you guys were looking to up your average sales price are going to a new market or go after a different source of clientele. I think that there’s only a couple things that you need to do. I would say 15% plus or minus. Maybe upwards of 30%, that would be fine as well.

15% is gonna go to IDX ads based on who you wanna attract.

I don’t know if that’s how you spell attract in my world. That’s how you spell it. Okay. So we have 15% of IDX ads that are gonna attract the type of people that we want. That would be the first thing that I would do. The second thing that I would focus on, and this would literally be you, I would say 15 to 30% and the 30 or 15 to 100% would be content with CTAs injected in there.

So I’m gonna kinda write content. With CTAs now. Um, I, I had an interesting call with, uh, I think it was Marrie the other day when we were talking about blog posts. And how many of you guys think about blog posts as like the old days when, like, it was just a series of words and, and you wrote like news articles, anybody, does anybody think of that when you hear of blog posts?

Yeah, we all do. Right. Who’s trying to call me from Oklahoma, right? We all think of blog posts that way really, but a blog post is just, um, a piece of content that you can share whatever is on your mind. And, and I think probably that one of the most effective blogs in regards to all of this, let me share my screen and I’ll, I’ll show you, uh, and all of you guys can do this right now.

There’s almost no tech to do this.

I did not put, I did not have the time to put together the, uh, podium. So I’m gonna use this POS.

Okay, hold on. This is not

why there’s such a delay here.

Let me share my screen. We’ll go to Google Chrome. Okay. You guys should see, uh, Seth good’s blog. Do you guys see this? Gimme a yes. And chat. If you’re seeing that right. I’m on a different monitor. It looks kind of weird.

So do you know all that Seth does. It’s really simple. All Seth does is, uh, let’s say okay to this cookies thing, all he does is give you whatever’s on his head today. Some like, look how short that is one, you know, a 10th, two fifths, one 10th, two fifths, one 10th, like these aren’t even full paragraphs and this is it.

Whatever is in his head today. He just gives. Right. So this is how I think of a traditional blog. And you might be thinking like, well, Seth, in the marketing space, he’s got a lot to talk about. I don’t, I don’t know that there’s more to talk about in the marketing space than there is in real estate. It’s probably the same.

It’s a million different ways you can market yourself. There’s a million different ways you can sell real estate, right? There’s a million different ways that real estate affects people. So this would be the easy. To just create a blog post template like we’ve done before and just like literally every single day what’s on your mind, push it out there right here.

It says, Hey, if you wanna subscribe, put your email in here and I’ll send you an email every time I put a blog post out. If you guys only wrote, um, blog posts based on how you were growing your real estate business, that would be enough. If you only wrote blog posts based on how you marketed properties.

That would be enough if you only wrote blog posts on, um, you know, I, I was surfing a couple days ago and, uh, somebody in the water has a friend that’s, I think he’s down in LA JOA and he just started this challenge of, uh, 365 days of surfing. So his goal is to surf 365 times in a year. Now the easiest way to do that is once a day, uh, in Southern California, you can’t surf every day, cuz sometimes there’s no waves, right?

So he’s gonna have to do two a days every once in a while. And one, you know, every once in a while he’s gonna have to do a three a day. Right. And uh, he’s gonna form a YouTube channel of, of him doing that. Now you might be thinking like, well, what is he just gonna film? Going surfing every day. Well, yeah, kind of, but what he is really gonna do is, is document what it does to his life document, how it changes his business document, what it does to his health document, if it affects his kids or family in any, any way.

So there’s a million ways that he can parlay 365 surf sessions. Into a YouTube channel right now, he happens to be doing this on video. Uh, you don’t have to do this on video, but, um, and the guy’s not even in the surf industry, he’s not a pro surfer. He’s probably, you know, I don’t know him personally, but based on what, uh, Mike was telling me, he, he would, he’s average of best.

He just wants to see how life will change if he surfs. 365 days in a year. So my challenge to you is that one of the big things that I hear from you guys is like, well, I understand this content thing. I think I understand that the call to actions. I think I understand all these things, but I don’t know where to get started.

And I don’t, I don’t know what to do. How many of you guys are suffering from that right now? Like you just don’t know what to put out there.

Nobody that’s good. Drew says yes. James says, yes. Okay. The rest of you guys are, are multitasking, maybe. Right? So here would be my thought another one. Yes, yes. Yes. I think another guy that like, um, I know Jenny follows him a lot, uh, Louis House. I used to follow a lot. I, I, not any reason why I don’t, um, most effective way.

So there’s this two podcasts. I mean, this guy has one of the biggest podcasts in the world and okay. Now his sight’s loading it. Wasn’t loading earlier. That’s kind of weird. He has a weird cash van red cash venue. So, um, he has one of the biggest podcasts in the world. And can any of you guys, um, can any of you guys tell me what his mission is?

Greatness. Great. Okay. Now we have a popup greatness coaching. What does greatness mean? I don’t know. It’s to me it’s like super, super, super generic. And, and you guys hear generic and, and not, um, oh, that’s like I was talking about yesterday that Tom. Oh, no. That’s uh, Nova joke, Vic. I thought that was the quest guy.

Um, The the, uh, you guys could look at greatness and think, well, that’s super generic and it is, but the, the genericness of greatness gives him flexibility over the content that he can go over. Now, if Lewis house came to your market and started a real estate team, do you think he would need to change his marketing?

Yes or no?

No, I would not change the marketing one bit. The only thing that I would do is on the podcast pages or whatever he advertises from the content is I would just put real estate called actions all over the site. That’s the only thing that I would change. I wouldn’t change what I talked about. I wouldn’t change who I went after.

I wouldn’t change the imagery. I wouldn’t change the brand. I would change absolutely nothing but on the homepage, he may say, you know, uh, right here, welcome to schools of greatness to buy a home in Chattanooga click here. And then people, because he puts out content that people wanna consume. They now come back and say, oh, I understand what this Lewis house guy like, he wants to motivate and give everybody greatness, but he’s a real estate agent and he loves what he does.

So too many times when we think about content, I know that we immediately go through like, well, I know Steve’s doing the summit. We have like, you know, 30 pieces of content there, but how many pieces of content outside of like how to buy a home in a multiple office situation? Can I think of, and I’m telling you that is only 1% of what’s available.

It’s only 1% available. Marjorie. I think I saw you on earlier. Like we could create, I’m not suggesting you do this. I’m just giving you guys ideas. You could create an entire YouTube channel around the journey of building a real estate team. That’s gonna build a, a beach house. You know, rebuild a beach house where, where your guys’ house is, right.

That that’s like people would follow that. Cuz there are probably tens of thousands of people in your shoes right now. Maybe they want a beach house. Maybe they already got one. Maybe it was ruined in a storm and you know, insurance never paid out or you know, whatever the issue is and they don’t, they can’t find the gap between where there, where they are and where they need to be.

Do you guys know that? Do you guys remember when the iPhone went to, uh, there was a specific camera that the iPhone went to. Um, and I don’t know what iPhone it was. It was probably the seven or eight. And it was when they added that whole depth of field, the, uh, what do they call it? Portrait mode. The first camera that had portrait mode.

I think that was, um, I think it was a, uh, yeah, iPhone eight or iPhone nine, something like that. It wasn’t that long ago. Maybe, maybe three or four versions. And everybody, I remember everybody saying when portrait mode came out, what did they say was gonna. Anybody remember checking on chat. When portrait mode on a cell phone came out, what did they say?

That was the death of professional? What.

Cameras professional photographers. Everybody said there’s gonna be no more wedding photographers because if your iPhone desert, what do you need a photographer for? And I remember a lot of photographers at the time and I wouldn’t call myself a photographer by any means. I, I take a lot of photos and I do have a bunch of cameras.

Um, I’m more of a video person, but, um, I remember everybody saying, this is the end of the road for photographers. And guess what the most, some of the most popular most watch YouTube channels are today. Professional photographers. Isn’t that crazy? Like every guy that I’ve ever mentioned to you guys, Peter McKinnon and, and Matt hoop, your hoop hoop, J all these guys that I follow coincident they’re photographers, but because they’re photographers, they’ve learned how to create great stories because they’re media people.

Right. So my, my thought to you is like, you may think like, well, if I’m a photographer, how much could I actually talk about in front of a camera? And I would agree with you. I don’t know that, like, I could only tell you so much about why this lens is cool and you know, what, what 4k is and all that stuff, but they went far and beyond it and learned how to tell stories around using the very equipment that they have.

Right. It’s not about. A photographer, right? So we need to step out of, of your role of thinking like I’m a real estate agent. I need a listing cuz that’s what we’re all stuck in. Right? I’m a real estate agent. I need a listing two. How do I create a brand locally? That is so big. That is so well known. That is so deeply anchored in the community that I’m just synonymous with real estate.

And we do that with everything outside of real estate. Right. And again, Marjorie, I think you, you were the one that put Mimi me. I bought this. Cool. What are this thing called? The director chair, but it was too short. You probably can’t see it in zoom cuz it’s black. Um, but even if it was just even if it was just a Seth blog and every day, um, you guys, how many of you guys read a lot, whether it’s audible or you read actual books or maybe it’s podcasts, how many of you guys are consuming some level of educational content?

Every single. Every single day. Right. Awesome. Okay. Your blog Maryanne could be as simple as what you learned from what you are, uh, from what you’re doing. You don’t have to tell them on page 13, paragraph number four, I learned this. You don’t have to do things like that, but you guys know when you read, we, you read books or you listen to books, you listen to podcasts, something happens and you just get this idea.

Talk about that idea, right? So we have the content and then you say, Hey, by the way, thinking about buying real estate,

like. Click there, rest of your content. Oh, by the way, if you want us to send you homes for sale, click here, rest of content, and then you have your related post down here. You guys, you guys may get shocked at the type of content people want to consume. How many of you guys get on YouTube and, um, you know, I go to YouTube for how to videos, uh, this morning, Jenny and I were creating actually not me.

Jenny is creating a bunch of, um, speaker images for, uh, some of the panelists on, on the, uh, expo coming up and, uh, somehow or another, I don’t know how we did it, but the, the little move tool in the upper right hand corner just disappeared in P. Right. So she’s like, where is it at? I don’t know, you know, what what’d you do?

I don’t know what I did. Right. So now we’re just like staring at the screen aimlessly, trying to figure out like what the hell happened. And so we will go, she goes right to Google and Google’s, you know, how to put the move tool back on. And what do you think the number, the first result in Google was? How do I find the move tool?

What do you think the first result in, in, in Google us a YouTube video? So we went to YouTube and it said, click here, click there, do this, hit save. You’ll get the move tool back. That is literally how, um, in my opinion, based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve researched on our own video things is how like 80% of all YouTube sessions start.

Um, now here’s an interesting stat for you. The average YouTube session is how long anybody wanna take a guess? I heard this on, um, perpetual traffic, the other. 66, uh, seconds I think is what you meant. Nope. Could be a whole day. Dude. There have been some times late at night when I’m trying to figure like this whole summit thing that I’m doing, I’m, I’m on YouTube a lot, like just trying to bridge the gap between my success manager and ops person I have and what we’re doing.

Um, and there’s been times when I’ve been on YouTube for like five hours straight, trying to figure this out. Hey man, I think YouTube’s better than TV. The average session for YouTube, right? The sound is 47 minutes.

The average session for YouTube is 47 minutes. I can’t remember what they said in the podcast about this. Uh, but the average login on mobile Facebook is how many times a day right now. Do you guys remember? I don’t know the exact number. But, uh, I believe it was about 27 logins per day, but the average amount of time on Facebook was just a few minutes.

It’s like, oh, and, and why is that? Why does somebody log into Facebook 27 times a day? Anybody know notifications? That’s the only reason why they get a notification. Richard, Charland just updated something. Oh, what’s he talking about today? Oh, cool. Oh, wait, look at that pretty picture of a goat and you know, and then people just start scrolling and they’re like, oh crap.

I gotta get back to work. And they do that dozens of times a day. Whereas YouTube is more of an intent based, uh, search. I need to go learn how or why something exists. And then there’s the right column with all the related videos and after the video and all of that stuff. Right. It’s totally different search experience.

Um, My point is, is, is that however you guys choose to put something out there, it will all work, but choose one thing and just push it. And it could just be in the simple of a blog post. Right? So, um, don’t think of the old school ways of what a blog post is. Just think of it as a blank canvas for you to tell what you think the consumer needs to know.

Not what you want them to know what you think they’re looking for. That’s why you’ll see a lot of ours is like 10, 10 reasons you should do this three steps to achieve that. You know why this doesn’t work? Should I do this? It all starts with questions that I believe, and I, and I’m wrong, right? I’m not right with all of them that I believe that everybody out there in the public is asking.

Too, many of us are creating content based on how we want others to perceive us. How many of you guys have people on social, your friends that the only photos they will post is vacation photos. Even if it means they’ll go seven months without posting anything, but the only fo yeah. Do you wanna know why they, why they do that is because that’s what they want you to know about them.

That life is always great. What, what was that old? Um, Life is amazing life. What, what was that song that all the kids used to sing? I think it’s from the, the Legos movie. Maybe life is awesome. I don’t know what it was. I, I could have recited it for you two years ago. Um, but people are too focused on social media, posting on stuff based on how they want you to understand them.

And consequently, um, You get no interaction. You guys all know gurus out there. And I, I don’t really like using that term, but you know, they have three, four, 500001.5 million, 3 million followers, and they put a photo on there. It gets like 71 likes. Well, it’s not cuz the Instagram ad is dead it’s because those 1.5 million followers don’t care about a quote anymore.

Nobody cares about quotes. So don’t put ’em up. There’s no interaction of quotes. Now, unless you’ve already got a huge list and they’re super engaged and you’re doing it sparingly it’ll work. Right. But nobody cares about that. That ship has kind of sailed. Easiest way that you are going to crack yourself in regards to getting the consumers, to be able to know you locally in the market is just to be able to put content in front of them all the time and drive them always back to the site.

The benefit to doing this is is, is a couple things. Number one, it gives you a voice, right? That’s benefit. Number one, number two, it gives you a platform to state your opinion, your website. However you put content out there is not your opportunity to play both sides of the fence. Pick a side of the fence and stick to it.

Meaning I don’t mean like politically, but if you’ve got an opinion over, I read something that, that, uh, CAS about ready to do to implement what was it the other day? It’s it’s crazy. Uh, oh my gosh. I just saw two days ago and, and it was one of those, like, you know, right. That’s not real and, and sure enough, they’re gonna freaking sign this thing, but I would make a blog post, uh, saying like, this is ridiculous.

This is stupid. This is why people don’t like real estate agents, because we keep building things like this and you might be thinking, well, I’m gonna make people at our mad. Maybe you will. But how many commission checks does NA give you every, every, uh, week, every month, every year, zero. Who cares? If they don’t like.

The consumers will always follow people with an opinion. And there are just as many consumers that follow the negative shit as there are that follow the positive shit. And you wanna know why so many people spread conspiracy theories because so many people believe in conspiracy theories. Do you wanna know why so many people talk about why you should get the vaccine versus why you shouldn’t get the vaccine?

Because there are just as many people that believe that this vaccine is X versus this vaccine is Y. Not right. Not wrong, but they, they know there’s an audience and they’re catering to that audience. Hopefully it’s because they believe in the message you’re doing it. They’re not just doing it to manipulate views and all of that stuff.

Although I think we can all agree that there are people out there that do that, you know, just to kind of hack the whole thing. But when people take a stance, you start to build your tribe. Your tribe is what you want locally. Now, however you view your tribe, whether that’s high net worth homeowners, whether that’s, uh, lawyers, attorneys, um, doctors, professionals, whether that’s investors, whether that’s, uh, you know, I, I have a, uh, uh, a soon to be family member who’s whose who sold business in, um, their base out of orange county, but they do everything in, uh, Andy.

I don’t know if you’re on right now. Yeah, they do a lot of this in, uh, uh, Riverside. And basically all over in an. And what they do is they buy cow farms that, that are struggling, or that maybe that the owner just wants out of the cow farm. Uh, and what they do is they, they scrape it. They make it environmentally friendly to build on, I don’t know how long this takes.

It probably takes a year or two for them to go through all the bureaucracy and, and permits and all this. And then they make it shovel ready and they go to all these developers and they say, We have a shovel ready parcel of land. Do you wanna build on it? And they, and they market that for so long. I have no idea what the, uh, timeframe is and if they can’t get their price for that shovel ready land, they just develop on it.

I think the, the company, and you might know ’em is, uh, um, Stratham homes, stay them homes, something like that. Have you ever, and have you ever heard of them they’re all over where you live? Yeah. Okay. So that’s, that’s my, um, cousin’s fiance’s company. That’s a very specific niche. Yes or no, right? Like it’s it’s they only go after cow farms, they only bulldoze them.

And so you guys might be thinking like, well, how do I create blog content that applies to my entire market? And the fact is you don’t have to apply to the entire market, but this does need to identify who you wanna work. I’ve told you guys a story before, where I made all these videos and, and I’m embarrassed to put ’em back up because, uh, I was, I was more outta shape than I am right now.

And, and, and they were like hideous quality videos cuz they’re like 10, 12 years old about cap rates and all of that stuff. And I would, you know, I wore these like. Stupid looking polo shirts and shorts. And I would explain cap rates and NOI and all these different investment terms. And I would just have this whiteboard surprise, surprise, and I’d write the definition out and I’d, I’d do a little diagram.

I’m gonna tell them, like, when do you wanna pay attention to NOI when it doesn’t matter? Um, you know, what are the driving factors behind writing an aggressive offer around multifamily? And I got one of my biggest investor clients from those videos, or it technically came from like a once removed referral, but the videos is what kind of put him over the edge.

And I remember the first time he came to Arizona, I met him and I was wearing like slacks or dress shirt, a tie wasn’t wearing a suit. And he got in the car. I picked him up at the airport and he just kind of looked at me and, you know, he was wearing flip flops, some shorts on like a Tommy Bahamas shirt.

And, uh, he hadn’t shaved like in, in six days or something. And, and the first thing he said, he goes, oh, just like that. And I said, well, what does that mean? And he goes, well, just like in the videos, like, you’re, you are like a casual guy. And I, and I like just like to work with casual. Um, and so, you know, he, what attracted him to my videos was, was apparently what I was wearing, cuz he wears the same thing and that’s why he wanted to work with me.

He did not wanna work with a suit at Collier’s or tremble Crow. Any of those it’s too formalized and he ran a big company. I won’t tell you what his company is, but all of you know, his company, he sold it to, uh, Toro. The, uh, lawn care company, but, um, you know, he gravitate towards that. So Marjorie, so Marjorie has the content idea.

Let’s, let’s pretend Marjorie that you already have the content. Okay. So you’ve written all the blog posts. You’re working with Jeb, or you’re working with me or Evan or Andrew during this, you’re figuring out how to put these CTAs. Over to the squeeze page. So you can get traffic over there understanding that the days of like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12% conversion, this conversion is gonna be much lower, but the lead that this generates is gonna be worth 30 of those leads.

Right? So the way that we drive traffic is, um, fairly simple, the easiest way to do it outta the gate is just to run Facebook ads that are web traffic ads. Just like, you know, you would write a Facebook post. With an image. It says, you know, three reasons why you need to buy a home in Westfield right now and not wait till the new year, like whatever that is.

So that would be the.

You know, are you looking for a home in Westfield, three reasons why you should be buying now and not waiting till the, the holidays? Here’s the image that supports that. And then there’s gonna be like your little face and learn more. And then the, the learn more button right there. That’s just a, a normal post that you’re gonna build in the ads manager, or you can build it directly on your Facebook business wall and you’re gonna boost it to all of west.

And we’re just gonna put like three, four, $5 a day behind it. If this post gets somewhere between 0.06 or not 0.06, but 6 cents and 12 cent clicks, then we’re gonna push it. Cuz Facebook is probably telling us that the audience that you push this to likes it, you’re getting 12 to 18 cent clicks. That’s probably average.

If you’re getting 20 to 50%, 50 cent clicks, maybe a little. But there would be still tons of op tons of times where I would spend 50 cents on a click. That doesn’t mean I’d necessarily show it, shut it off. I would just keep trying different versions of this until you can get that click down. Here’s the benefit of doing content marketing.

When you do content marketing on Facebook, you don’t have to do Westfield plus 15 miles. James believe it or not. When you do Washington DC in Facebook ads, uh, I, I don’t know if this is a glitch or maybe it’s how DC is formed, but there is no, at least on my side, there is no 15 mile radius. It doesn’t even gimme the option to do it.

Maybe DC is considered, uh, uh, what is DC considered? Is it considered a, uh, somebody told me that it was not considered a city. Is that true? It’s a district. Oh yeah. Duh district of Columbia, right? Um, oh, it is a city. Yeah. I was bringing that up the other day with somebody a couple weeks ago. Actually. I said, yeah, because Facebook doesn’t view it as a city, so there is no 15 mile radius could be totally wrong.

Right. So we’re gonna keep doing this. Now you guys might be asking how much do I have to do this? Um, The correct answer to that is as much as you can, uh, the right answer to that to get actual traction, I would be writing two quality pieces of content a week.

Now, those are long form blog posts or videos, or if you’re Heather Connor, it’s a podcast, right? Doesn’t matter what that is, but I would be doing two a week and then we can create, you know, six posts on Facebook, six posts about Instagram, six tweets. We can make a bunch of whole P small pieces of content to support.

And we’re just gonna keep it going. The other benefit that I didn’t tell you earlier around this, and I’m like, I’m never going to let up on you guys on this content thing, right? Uh, because like I’m gonna, I’m gonna ride you until one day. You say, if Steve talks about content marketing, one more time, I’m going to fly to Carlsbad and I’m going to kill him until you get to that point.

I’m not gonna stop talking about this. Uh, the other reason why this is so much more valuable than just straight up IDX ads is because James Grant could continue to. Two pieces of quality blog posts up a week, advertise at a ton, but because we’re not asking people to register or squeeze or book an appointment or anything in the ad, you’re never gonna run into ad fatigue.

You could just keep cycling these posts over and over and over and over again. And the consumers are never gonna get sick, sick of it because it’s not really an ad. It’s like you’re, you’re, you’re just feeding their newsfeed. That’s probably the biggest reason to do this. Okay, I’m gonna pause here. I know you guys are stuck.

Tell me where you’re stuck right now.

Give you guys two more seconds to type in the comments.

We spent $40 a day on, um, one blog post. And I think it ran for, I don’t know how many days, but let’s just look at some general numbers really quick. Um, I think the lowest it ever got was 11 cents per click, but that’s just average, uh, 13 cents. So every day we spend $40 divide that by 13 cent clicks. Is that right?

$40 divided by point. Oh no. It’s $400. Sorry. I was gonna say that seems low divided by 13 cent clicks. That means every single day. Think about this for a second. Every single day.

I’m not saying you guys should go out there and spend $400 a day. I think that’s 12 grand a month give or take, but you’re spending 400 grand a day, 13 cent clicks. That means every single day, wherever you advertise 300, 3076 people every day are coming to your website. Some of those are gonna be duplicates.

Here’s that? Oklahoma do it again. Some of those are gonna be duplicates, right? There’s not all gonna be unique visitors. But could you imagine the brand, if, if for now, for the next 60 days you had 3000 people every single day, reading your content,

um, James, uh, I can either help you with that. Or you can schedule a call with Jeb. Jeb is gonna be quicker, but if you know, like the design of how you wanna do it, we can build it however you want. Yeah. Good question.

We can do topics between who I serve agents recruiting or the public oh, Andy. That was in re in reference to, um, What your content is, right? So let’s, let’s stay on this really quick and I’ll, and I’ll go to that and we’ll go to the topic list really quick. So if I had 3000, 76 people a day coming to my site, and let’s say that my call to action, like I just wanted them to get access to those posts.

So to join like a VIP list or something, and let’s say I had a measly 0.5% conversion rate on that. Right. We’re gonna, we’re gonna, we’re gonna get them to the blog post. It’s gonna be text only. Here are my thoughts. We’re gonna wait 11 seconds. And a popup is gonna say, it says, Hey, do you want these delivered to your, to your email twice a week?

Yes. Put your email right there. Let’s say that popup converts at one half of 1%.

So that’s times 0.005. That means every single day you’re gonna get 16 people. That formally said, yes, I like this content and I want you to email that to me every single day. Okay. So we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna multiply 16 times 30 that’s 480 people that have manually said yes. Please send that to me.

Now. $400 a day. Times 30 is a lot. Think that’s 12,000, right? Yeah. 12,000. So you might be thinking, dude, I’m gonna spend 12,000 to get 480 registrations, which means you’re spending $25 registration. Those 480 people that only converted off of one half of 1%. We’re not even talking about crazy numbers right now.

I think you’re gonna blow that out of the water, but let’s say that was worst case scenario. Those 480 people are probably worth I’m totally making this up. I would probably say that 480 person list is probably worth more than 5,000 Facebook leads. Who, who agrees or disagrees.

And now here’s the other thing, because it’s content driven. I don’t have to worry about the velocity of the market anymore. I don’t have to worry about in my market. Like if, if I’m in Palo Alto, Richard, how many homes are listed for sale right now in Palo Alto? Give me a plus or minus number

80. What’s normal in, in a, in a normal market. If we ever even get back to that, what is.

Three times that, oh, that is normal. Okay, cool. So you got, nothing’s really changed. Um, we’re down 70% here. And if I was only, if I only worked Carlsbad, there’s like 110,000 people in Carlsbad right now. I think there’s probably 85 listings on the market that really needs to be around 370, I think is normal.

Um, but if I’m running new homes for sale this week in Carlsbad, and it was only that city and I ran that over again, eventually that ad’s gonna tire out because the inventory is just not turning over as much as it. Now, this is a blip in the radar. It’s not gonna be like this forever. It’s just right now.

Right? And it’s already starting to open up, at least here it is. Right. But that ad’s gonna tire out. This is never going to tire out. Never. So it, rather than look at the 52 topics drew, this is what I’d be thinking right now. Number one, I would make the, how to blog posts.

20% of your content,

how to, how to win in a market in a multiple offers, how to list your home, to get multiple offers, how to negotiate an appraisal that comes in low. Or you can do waste three things you need to do before you get pre-qualified for a mortgage, uh, four things that you need to do to prepare your home, to break a record in today’s market, three things that you should consider before you call a real estate agent.

That would be the 20%, right. That’s just me like off the top of my head. I’m sure we could just go on forever. Okay. The other 80% drew, especially with you, because you’re viewed as a business leader. Um, and I think that a lot of you guys need to consider this as. How do you want you to, how do you want your, um, sorry, I gotta take this off.

It just, I thought I turned all those off, but clearly I didn’t. Um, how do you want the consumers to view you? Do you want them to view you as a real estate agent? And I’m not saying that’s bad, I’m just asking. Do you want them to, to view you as a business owner, do you want them to view you as an entrepreneur?

I I’ll tell you what, when, when you look at your friends, And, uh, let’s say that that one of you guys had, or, or all of you, let’s say all of you guys have a million dollars in disposable liquidity right now, meaning, um, you could take a million dollars and invest in something. If it made sense. Let’s just assume you guys are all in that spot right now in your market.

If you’re always talking about buy real estate, buy real estate, buy real estate, sell real estate. Sell real estate, sell real estate. Buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell real estate real estate real estate. Guess what’s gonna happen with that million dollars of investible.

It’s never gonna get put to use. Why? Why is that money never gonna get, put to use? Because you’re not attracting the opportunities. You’re not training the public to say I have an opportunity to invest in, or, or maybe you have the opportunity to invest in. I have the capital to make it happen because we’re always telling them, bye byebye, sell, sell, sell.

The only way that they think of me or James Grant or drew carry or Richard or whoever is they’re a really good real estate agent. Most people don’t view real estate agents as entrepreneurs. We do internally. But people outside of our systems don’t view us that way because we don’t train them to view it that way.

So that if I was drew, I’d spend the other 80% of my time documenting

the growth of his company.

Now drew may say, well, if I spend 80, 80% of my time doing that, does that mean that I’m probably gonna get pushed outta production? Yeah, probably does not a hundred percent, but I will tell you drew, you’re gonna start to attract a different group of people. If you do this too late, you’re gonna get, you’re gonna get a, uh, a different group of people.

What if drew was able to, to build a hundred person mastermind?

That met every month in his office. And all drew talked about was how they used Facebook to generate a, an obscene amount of business in real estate. And he gave those mechanics to everybody else. No charge, no nothing. You might be thinking like, well, a hundred people that’s gonna cost me some catering money.

Yeah, sure. Um, they’re not paying for it. So I’m gonna make money. If all these a hundred people view, view drew as the business leader, that’s driving the growth. Who do you think they’re gonna refer everybody real estate wise. It’s all gonna come to drew or choice homes, and Drew’s gonna say, oh, go work with this.

But I think because the industry and, and listen, I’ll be very honest. I, I was, I was part of this issue. I’m still probably part of the issue today. The, the industry forever in real estate has trained us bottom of the funnel leads bottom of the funnel leads bottom of the funnel leads bottom of the funnel leads don’t buy, if anything else, bottom of the funnel leads, right?

And then we just kind of get addicted with this. And what, what happens is, and you do build a brand off this. It takes a lot longer, but you do build a brand. If you do this. It’s not, it’s not lost, but because we’re always chasing the deal for next month, we never build a brand. And when we never build a brand, we never attract the people we wanna work with.

And consequently, we have to work with people that maybe we’re not excited to work with.

The people that grind us all the time. Yeah. So if I could go back to Andy’s comment earlier.

Here. Here’s how I would do this. Andy, if you’re stuck, I, I think the comment was be who be between who I serve agents recruiting or the public. All right. So you, you, here’s the way that I would answer that if everything happened exactly to plan, and if you guys were taking notes, I would write this down.

If everything happened exactly to plan. And I started this six months ago, preferably what would I have done?

If everything happened to plan, I hit a grand slam on the first swing and I started six months ago. Where do I wanna be right now? Andy answered that question really quick. Yeah. But, but in regards to stuck between who we market to and who we attract, if you would’ve done everything right. Six months ago, which never works that way ever, but had everything worked out for you six months ago, who would you like to be serving?


There’s your answer.

There’s your answer.

It’s way more fun. I agree. Cause you, you wanna know why it’s way more fun. This is my opinion. Yeah. You already know their problems. Drew is a hundred percent, right? You already know the problems. The other reason why it’s way more fun is you now get for the, for the same amount of effort, you now get to help two people achieve their goals.

You’re helping the agents achieve their goals and you’re helping the agents help the client achieve your goals. So you’re like, you’re like killing two birds with one stone. So if your goal honestly, is to simplify real estate for a million people by 2026, which is one of the things that’s on our list.

Um, I doesn’t mean that I need to go serve a million people directly as their real estate agent, but I do need to put stuff out there that allows other real estate agents to have better relationships with their clients and indirectly. That’s how we make it easier for a million people by 2026. You, you see where I’m going with and Andy, now again, I don’t think the struggle is who I market to.

I think the internal struggle is like, well, shit. If I do that, what happens to revenue? How many of you guys struggle with that on content right now? Well, if I put money from this and I don’t focus on bottom funnel leads, what happens to my revenue and the secret is the chances are, um, if you’re, if you’re in that mindset right now, you’re probably not working your sphere effect cuz your, your sphere should be always paying the bills.

Leads should never be the source that pays the bills, unless you’re like a transplant like me,

your sphere should always be what pays your bills. Right, right there. Right. And, and drew, going back to our Richard conversation, right. If we got a hundred agents to follow the weekly action plan that Richard and I outlined on, I think it was like three or four calls ago. Like you wouldn’t even, then you could spend your entire budget.

On documenting, you wouldn’t have to spend anything on Facebook ads whatsoever because the revenue from the company comes from this sphere. Always like, that’s what we market for. If you really got, if you guys really think about what we market to it’s just to grow our sphere,

it’s really all it boils down to. Right. So if you guys, um, if you’re in a spot right now where you’re like, God, revenue’s kind of thin this market’s like starting to freak me the fuck out. How many of you guys are stuck there right now? Maybe not from a revenue thin perspective, but the market is so thin.

You’re starting to get a little nervous. When in doubt, when in doubt over commit to this fear, you should write that down. That should be on your wall. When, in doubt, over commit to this fear. If you guys ever saw me present in our Phoenix office, God, this was eight years ago, right? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Yeah. Beginning Tom fairy days, 10 years ago. That’s crazy. We had these two logos taco bell and Costco on the wall and taco bell was the way that, you know, how you ask questions. It dictates how you, what the results you get. I’ll tell you guys that story earlier or later. I’m sorry, the Costco is how you ask the Costco story is the questions you ask to take the results you get.

The taco bell story is, is a assembly line approach. I I’ve probably given you guys this multiple times over the years, but I wanted everybody on the team to, to remember when I see those two brands. Oh, I remember I remember the story Steve talks about with those, and that brings me right back to the center.

When in doubt. Over indulge over focus on the sphere because there’s nobody in your, in your life. That’s gonna talk about you better than your sphere, hopefully, hopefully. And if, if they don’t, uh, things need to change and we need to do that. All right. Um, drew, does this help with the topics in regards to the 80 20 rule?

You know, if, if you guys, I don’t know if I can do this really quick, you know what I think I can, let me see if I can change, turn on my camera. This would’ve been a really easy example. I’m gonna try to share my screen. Let’s see if I can get this to work here. I haven’t done this in a while. Uh, basic airplane, a share.

Connect to wifi.

Oh, this will work. Okay. Oh yeah. This will work. Okay. I, 20 pieces of content easily of what if I flip it this way? So I had to, to put all these lights, this is what you guys see behind it. Right. So right here is, is the. Camera. I’ve got a screen up there that controls all the sources. And then what I see is you guys down here, then there’s a light up there.

And then there’s a little control center. No, nobody’s sitting there. You guys love my cable management. I am so good at this stuff. Uh, but pier behind there is the MacBook that controls everything. There’s the little switcher, uh, all spare batteries, car keys, leftover coffee, all of that stuff. Right. Um, it took me days to reset this up to where I can have everything in front of me.

That I could see. So I didn’t have to worry about going down here and, you know, editing that way or putting my computer in French or doing any of this stuff. Plus I knew this for more of a live event set up, but just doing this alone easily, I’m telling you this could have been 20 blog posts in what it took for me to set this whole thing up.

And I’m not in that big of a room. This room is probably, I don’t know, 700 square feet give or. So even if, even if drew was gonna build something like this and those TVs you saw up there, the 4k TVs, 55 inches, they were 3 99. Isn’t that freaking crazy 300, $900 for a 4k 55 inch TV. But my point is is that you might think like, okay, all that stuff, like what the hell does that have to do with real estate?

Nothing, but I need this to be able to impact a million people by 2026. So it’s necessary. I would create content around that. Right content around team members, right? Um, how, how many of you guys have there? There’s an ad where it starts on YouTube and it says I made $57,000 this month. Then they go to the next guy.

I made $14,000 last month, next guy I made 21,000 and all these guys are sales people for this guy that trains them to sell stuff for you. Kinda like an e-commerce ISA team, I think. And I don’t even know the name of the company. I just see as ads all the time. Um, and then their ads are literally, they, they talk to one person.

What’d you do before working with me? What was your skillset? What did you learn here? What do you wanna learn? How much did you make your first month? How much did you make your second month? What was the different? It’s basically like an interview and you see this person’s growth trajectory. The longer they’ve been on the.

That’s their entire marketing plan. Now their company hires people to sell stuff, and then they hire companies for those people to sell four, they take a revenue cut of it. That’s I, I think that’s what, that’s how it works. So I’m, I’m probably not far off, but their marketing funnel is just to prop up all the people in their team.

People like to see how the sausage is made. Totally agree. So if you guys are over, like, if you want to be like Andy and you know that you need to serve agents, but I’m not saying Andy today says what never go on an appointment again, those days are over. But what I would be looking at is Andy is maybe to make this simple, Andy is I would take a blog category and I would call it growth.

And I would just make the commitment every week. I’m going to make two videos in, in real estate. Video is, is the winner. I will tell you right now, if you want to get it go after real estate agents, um, video is where you wanna go, uh, podcast. Maybe you gotta crush it. Written word will work. Video is the easiest, and you’re gonna make two posts a week.

How to posts, what’s working scripting mindset. How to think bigger. What am I reading right now? How do I present? What happens when my client gives me this? Objection, we’re just, you’re gonna give literally everything away. You’re gonna give it all away. Steve. If I give it it all away, they won’t join me.

They won’t pay me. It is 100% not true. People are looking for something bigger than themselves. And they’re looking for an evangelist. They’re not looking for whether content’s gated or undated. Right. So Andy could start that right now. You can say, you know what, I’m gonna, I’m gonna go, you know, I even have the list, Andy, just email me.

Obviously I’ll give you all the California agents lists and you can put them in a custom audience and advertise, advertise to ’em right now the list is like six years old, so it’s not super accurate, but you’re welcome to have it. And then you can search everybody. That’s an inland empire upload ’em new custom Facebook audience.

Write those two blog posts here and just spend $2 a day and put those posts in front of that list. And then softly every once in a while, Hey, I’m growing the biggest, most productive real estate team in Riverside right now. I’m only looking for agents that wanna make $170,000 a year. They wanna take Fridays off and they stop work every single day at four 30.

If that sounds like something that you are interested or a business that you would like to build, here’s how I would recommend having a conversation with me. And by you saying the type of agents that are gonna jive on, on, on your team, Those become the people that, that are attracted to you, right. Um, if you constantly put content out there about how you’re working all the way until 12 in the morning, guess what type of agents are gonna gravitate towards that agents that work at 12 o’clock in the morning?

Drew, are you excited to get a, um, and Google reiners aren’t bad, but I don’t. If I was drew, I don’t know that I want to be AC you know, answering slack and text messages at 11 o’clock at night. That doesn’t sound fun to me. Oh, man. I love you. I wish I went to sleep. I, I, we, we tried to go to sleep between nine 30 and 10 15, depending on what the kids do.

Um, I don’t wanna answer that stuff. So I, I wanna put, yeah, there you go. I wanna put content out there that attracts people that are my tribe. And you could use music as an example. I know top agent in Phoenix, she only wants to work with people that are, that are musicians, rock stars. She doesn’t kill it, but she probably does 15 million a year.

She’s a musician herself does really well with it. She yeah. Identifies with that crowd. Very. Right. Million different ways. We can do this. Here’s here’s the best way that you guys can allow me to support you if you know what you want. Right. So, uh, James, are you still on this? I’m not gonna share any details.

James sent me an email the other day, uh, or maybe it was this morning or last slide. I did read it today, James, for our call on Monday, I think is when it, when it’s scheduled. And he basically said, dude, this is what I want. Like, that is the best email that you guys could send me because once I know what you want, the, how is.

I just can’t create the want out of you. You gotta have a reason to do what you wanna do. Like in, in, in the Tom fairy days, we used to call these enough is enough emails. We wanted those I’m done effing around. I’m done with this. I’m done with that. I broke it. I need to do this. Those are the best emails that we can get, because now at least you gave us a path to walk.

The path for me is. If James told me, Hey, on, on January 31st, I wanna run an event. And, um, I want to get, I’m making this up. James. I wanna get 5,000 people in and auditorium and I wanna have the best entrepreneurial, local entrepreneurial summit in the history of DC. Would that be hard to do yes or no?

Sure. But we could do it because James now put a, put a stake in the ground of saying, this is what I wanna do. So now we only do things that gets James to the 5,000 person event on January 31st. But if you’re just like, no, no, no. I just want more time. I need to make a little bit more money. Great. I probably can help you with that, but the more specific you are, the easier it is for us to get you there.

So if you feel like you need to send me and, and if you feel like you need to send me and enough is enough email. And send it to me because once you have clarity, the path always follows. There is no path behind the, um, this was something I heard a long time ago and I’m gonna butcher, but there is no path behind the curtains of ambiguity.

We, I, I talked about you this morning, drew in, in a, in a good way. Um, he is, he is stuck on something. I can’t remember what it was, but I’ll talk to you. I’ll talk to him today about that. Yeah. Good. Like dude, bleed Jeb dry man. Jeb is one of our implementation coaches for the partners. For those of you guys that are, you know, know what I’m talking about with, with Jeb that’s who that is.

Uh, but my, my point is is that if, if you know the destination, I’m here to help you carve the path. I, I just, I can’t make the path for you. That’s I wish I could. I can’t, it’s too hard for me. All right. So I hope this was valuable trust. I’m not gonna let, I’m not, I’m probably gonna talk about content on the next 71 webinars.

If you don’t like content, I, I wouldn’t come. I would do it. All right. Um, for those of you guys that don’t know we’re running, uh, I’ll, I’ll lead you guys with this, uh, and I’m gonna document this. I don’t know how I’m gonna give this to you or, or, or, or in what way. Um, but for on the partners, we are doing a big event, uh, the, the 2021 real estate expo, which is basically a 25 talks.

It’s all virtual put a bunch of money behind it. Um, they’re gonna use their list. We’ll use ours. We’ll advertise for a bunch of, um, bunch more, but the value behind this that I think you guys have the ability to take away from this is when I’m done. I’m gonna be able to give you guys a roadmap of what it took starting on September 2nd, all the way to September 29th, to build a brand, a list and event, all of that from, from nothing from absolute zero.

And it, it could be the greatest thing we ever did. It could, it could totally bomb. It’s not gonna bomb, but it could, right. It’s not, not guaranteed, but at least we’ll have data at that point of saying, Hey, we thought this was gonna happen. We took X action. And this was what really happened. How do we make it better the next time?

So I’ll be able to document and give you guys if you guys wanna do virtual event stuff. Um, if you just wanna do webinar stuff, if you wanna do in person stuff, there is no wrong way to market yourself as a real estate. But at least I’ll have a beginning to end process to show you, Hey, here’s our idea.

Here’s the tech stack that it took. Here’s the, the physical elements of what it took to pull this off. This is how we got the people. This was a software and, and, you know, it’s just one more tool in your Arsal. If you wanna go down that road, most of you guys could do a Seth’s or, I think is what it is.

That would be big enough. We do it a bunch of different ways. All right. So on Tuesday, best thing you can do that form that I give you guys every week and email 15 minutes before this. Oh, that’s leaking everywhere. That sucks. Um, 15 minutes before this, fill out the form, fill out the form. If you don’t fill out the form, I can’t help you with specifics.

And chances are, if drew has questions, James May have the same question drew and James, your goals are not all that different. Right? So if James has questions. Maybe drew needs those answers and vice versa. But if you guys don’t give me the result, I can’t give you the path. Alright. I love you all. Any questions?

Let me know. I hope this was valuable. Content will always win. It will never get tired and you’ll learn from it. You’ll get better over time, right? Anything I’m here to help and I’ll see you guys on the next one. All right. Peace out. So you’re on Monday.

Where’s my end button. There it is.