The Facebook Advertising Trifecta

Hello? Hello. Let’s get you guys all in here. I’m gonna click a whole bunch of buttons here.

Hello? Hello? Admit. Oh.

I’m gonna do, uh, Brady bunch here for a little while. Make sure none of you guys are texting me here.

Give me a thumbs up if you can hear me. Okay. Yeah. Cool, great, great. So I’m wearing a hat today. I got a bad hair day going on. It’s a little too humid down here, south. So Ron knows the, uh, Ron knows the drill. Ron, are you on the boat right now, dude? I, for those of you guys who don’t know, I think Ron sold his, his house and now permanently lives in the San Francisco bay under the bridge, which is great.

God, I wish I could do that. Well, someday, Ron.

Right. So, um, let’s go through a couple housekeeping updates right now. So number one, due to a lot of feedback from you guys, it was more important to get you unstuck than it was for me to give you new, new module. So as we work through, uh, us building out the team up here, everything that I’m doing, I, I must have recorded.

I don’t know how many hours of video yesterday, a lot. Um, I’m gonna record everything that I do. All the ads, the run, every single landing page. I use all, all the results, everything, and we’re just gonna keep dumping it in there almost to the point to where I’m now just recording the raw video and I’m sending that off to somebody else and they’re gonna start uploading it into the, uh, members area.

My hope for you guys is not to overwhelm you with a whole bunch. Cool ninja stuff that maybe you’ll use, and maybe you don’t use what I want to give you is basically the library of everything that you guys need so that you can pick and choose your menu of options of how you, how you grow your business.

Um, I’m working on ways and, and, uh, totally open for feedback on this to make sure that the content is digestible. But really what we’re looking at is a couple key components. Uh, the first component is, uh, how you grow your business. So this would be everything from like hiring, um, you know, how, how you build out different wings of your business, who does what, who, who says what, who goes on showings, who does all that stuff think of that as like normal team growth.

And you could apply that to anything from, um, you know, you being a solo agent, just whining some like specific ninja help, or you might apply that to, you know, I, I’ve got a small team of five right now and I’ve got, I’ve got a goal of building. You know, a 600 person team that’s gonna take over the entire state of Colorado, right?

There is no wrong way to do it. It will scale at, at, at, uh, any number. The second thing that’s important is how you advertise, uh, today on Tuesdays is gonna be advertising and funnels. So anything to do with landing pages, anything to do with ads, whether it’s Google, Facebook, whatever ad platforms you guys are using, I’ll get you unstuck with that.

And then the most important part I think is, is ops. And, you know, you could build the amazing team. You could have all the leads, you can have all the funnels. And I think a lot of agents get really good at kind of toying with this stuff. I know a couple of you have had, I’ve had calls this week on some other platforms that you’re using right now, uh, that are generating leads at a very low cost, which is awesome, but there’s no central repository of how we get those into a system and actually to an appointment without that middle part.

The whole thing’s kind of pointless, right? So we need to convert those into appointments, anything to do with business growth ops or CRM, those sort of Thursday webinars, anything to do with, uh, advertising and funnels is Tuesday. So today would be advertising and funnels. Next Thursday is gonna be all about ops CRM and, um, sales growth, all, all of that fun stuff.

So if, if that structure makes sense, we’re gonna, we’re gonna push to hard on this for a, a few months. You guys are gonna give me. A whole bunch of feedback. You’re, you’re gonna love my shirt. You’re gonna hate my shirt. Totally good. Either which way. And then we’re gonna, we’re gonna change as we need, uh, drew, are you raising your hand for, with a question or that you understood?

Yeah. The, uh, the form that you have on the site says that team slash business growth is Tuesdays. Uh, website funnels is Thursdays. And I think what you just explained was opposite to that. Cause I’m trying to submit so. That is, that is good. That is, comes to no shock at how quick I build some of this stuff.

But yes, Tuesdays today is advertising and funnels. Thursdays is, uh, CRM growth. So I will flip that after the call. Thank you drew for that. And then obviously if you guys have any questions, I will, uh, I’ll take those live on zoom as well. If you’re stuck on something, um, use questions and answers. So you guys should also see a Q and a on the bottom of your zoom.

Gimme a thumbs up. If you see the Q and a section, or is it just chat that you.

Just chat. Okay. So for right now, use, uh, chat, we’re gonna switch over to an enterprise level of zoom, which should enable both on this meeting format. I didn’t wanna go to the webinar, you know, link where it’s just me talking to you guys. Can’t see each other, cuz right now there’s, you know, I’ve got about 35 of you in the group total.

Uh, we are gonna work to expand that. I’d love for you guys to start to understand that like, you know, Drews and Chattanooga and Nashville and Ron’s in the bay area and you know, it was like, so you guys know where everybody’s at, so Hey. Make more money, past more referrals, but a lot of your guys’ markets are very similar.

All right. So let’s get into it. Uh, I’ve got a couple questions already. Um, Richard, no, the answer is, uh, this, this is for, uh, clients like this is for paying members only. So this is for team leaders and then individual agents that are in the agent. Success fault only mastermind 100%. Lily. Good question.

Richard or Jackie, whoever asked that.

All right, so let’s get into, uh, a quick screen share. If you guys would change it to speaker view, this will help.

I wanna make sure that’s on. You guys can see my screen. Correct.

See. Awesome. Okay. So just to give you guys an update on my awesome handwriting, this is the Facebook results from this week on the ads that I showed you guys in the ads challenge. So the OUS ads are converting at, uh, $4 and 54 cents per lead. A. The Carlsbad lead ads are converting at $7 and 14 cents. The weird thing historically, that I’ve experienced up here is those numbers are normally flipped, but, uh, Carlsbad seems to be more expensive right now, which is totally fine.

And I should note that these are no phone, not asking for a phone number on these. Okay. Um, I’m gonna show you I’ll I’ll explain really quick. How many of you guys gimme a raise of hand? How many of you guys watched. The a, the October ads challenge, those three, one hour videos that I did two weeks ago.

Okay. So I’m gonna give you the overarching structure of that right now. And then I’m gonna, I’m gonna answer the couple questions that I have, and if you guys have any other ad questions, we’ll hit those. And then, uh, you know, we can go from there. Um, schedule clicks. This will make sense in a second for all the retargeting ones going to a, Hey, you should schedule an, a, a call with us.

That’s, uh, a dollar 62 that I paid per click. Right. That is not per registration. We have, I believe don’t quote me on this. I wanna say we have six, uh, scheduled calls. Two. I have later on this week, uh, two later this week three were a waste of time. One is a deal in January.

I don’t know how to spell it January right now. And then one is a, uh, not sure. Okay. So just to let you know, that’s where it’s, uh, video views. This is middle of funnel. We track 15 second video views. So we’re average two to averaging 2.87 cents per video view. You need to understand these numbers cuz what I’m gonna explain right now, we’ll map all this out.

Why this is so I. I wanna give you guys three categories. I’m only gonna talk Facebook right now. Then we’re gonna apply this to Google in a second, we have, um, what we would call top of funnel ads.

We have mid funnel ads and we have bottom.

Just so you know, these are like the lowest quality leads. These are okay. Leads and these are the best leads you can get. All right. So here’s what I want you guys to consider right now. Top of funnel ads would be new homes for sale.

This, you should be running all the time.

I gave you guys this structure on it, but this is a lead ad. If you guys are just starting right now, version one. I want you to start with no phone. I don’t know if, uh, oh, let me admit all here. I hate this waiting room feature. Um, if Caleb is on it, I think I saw him earlier. Uh, Caleb started and his first ad was converting it like a dollar 80 something.

And then I said, okay, cool. Show up those off and add phone number, his cost per lead. One up 28 cent. So just so you know, that was a, you know, for him, that was a big jump. That was a 40% jump, but it’s still under two bucks, which is great. So if these do well, then we’re gonna duplicate that campaign and we’re gonna add the phone

on the form. It’s first name, then email, right? If that does well, then we’re gonna, we’re gonna duplicate the campaign. We’re gonna do first name. Email, and I’m not gonna go into great details. Just watch the, watch the webinar, then we’re gonna add phone and we’re gonna see how that goes. If this does well, shut this one off and only run this one.

And we’re gonna do that for every city that you work. So yes, it’s a, it’s a, um, it is a. Uh, Facebook or, or real estate ads. So you’re gonna have to do like Chattanooga plus 15 miles, but don’t worry. The copy is gonna segment who should look at that? You don’t, you guys don’t need to worry about that whatsoever.

So we’re gonna run that first ad. We’re gonna run to everybody in your city, plus 15 miles. It’s new homes for sale this week in Crested Butte. They’re gonna squeeze on that. We’re just gonna keep that going until the, uh, frequency jacks up when the frequency jacks up. In my opinion, I think once it starts to hit six and it’s gonna take a lot of money.

For it to hit six. So I wouldn’t worry about this right now. You guys all know what frequency is, how many times, uh, somebody sees your ad. So you’re gonna have views. You’re gonna have impressions and you’re gonna have frequency. Impressions are literally how many times the ad was shoved down into the Facebook universe.

Views are how many unique people saw that ad. And, um, frequency is how many times on average a view saw your ad. So if, if you have a thousand impressions, 500 views and you have, uh, you know, 2.7. Um, frequency. That means your 500 people saw your ad on average, 2.7 times at around six. We wanna throttle that ad, turn it down.

I would never turn it off, but I would take the spend way down to a few bucks a day. Let it go for a couple days. Change the copy. Turn the spend right back up. Right. We don’t need to create new campaigns. There’s no reason to do that. The only reason why I would edit the copy of the campaign. And we’re dealing with this here.

I’m sure you guys are dealing with it as well as if right now in Carlsbad, if there were like 27 new homes that hit the market the last seven days, and for some reason, the market shifts, like in December, it’s gonna shift a little bit. If that goes down to like six homes listed this week, I don’t want the ad saying 27 homes like that.

That’s just kind of weird if it’s 60 this week 65, the next week, 58th week after that, if it’s fluctuating 10. Don’t worry about it, cuz those are gonna change by the hour. Okay. So that’s what we’re gonna call. That’s what we’re gonna call top of the funnel ads. The reason why these top of the funnel ads are very important is that people will click on these ads, irrelevant of who runs the ad.

So in San Diego, if Ron Davis, because he is licensed in California, if Ron wanted to run a new homes for sale this week in San Diego from voyage real estate, his brokerage in San Diego. Nobody’s ever gonna research and say, wait a second. Voyage is like up in the San Francisco bay area and Brisbane, like Ron’s not local.

They just see new homes in San Diego. They click, they respond. That’s why those are top of funnel. They’re very low qualified. They don’t describe any emotion. There’s no qualification to ’em. It’s just, I see the picture. I like the homes I’m gonna register for that. And then it’s up to you guys to do everything from there.

Step two. Let’s talk about mid funnel

in order for this to work. Again, this is in the, that thing. You guys need to create a custom audience over here and the custom audience in Facebook. I’ve already set this up with many of you. So if I’ve already done this with you, you don’t need to do this. You need to set up a custom audience that says Ron Davis or whatever your page name is all page engagement.

This is gonna include clicks of any post likes or any interaction. It’ll be video views. It also includes page visits. Basically, anytime anybody interacts with your page whatsoever, this custom audience is gonna build that. So for everybody that saw Ron Davis’ ad right here, but maybe they clicked the lead form or they liked the post or they commented, or, or they did anything, but maybe they didn’t submit their info to become a lead.

They’re still gonna get pulled into this audience down. Okay. So this is gonna pull all of our conven, uh, our converted lads. And it’s gonna pull everybody who took any level of, of, um, engagement with the post. Even if I, even if I did see that voyage real estate post in San Diego, and I’m like, wait, who’s this voyage company.

And I, and I just search his Facebook page and I just go to the page. I’m gonna get sucked into that audience. Okay. So that’s really important. So now we’re gonna encapsulate now, if it just shows up on my news feed and I take no action on that post, I’m not gonna get pulled into that. It does not count views.

I have to engage with the page or engage with the post. Somehow if you’re running video ads, which are gonna talk about in a second, like a video views, gonna count with that. Alright, so I’m gonna pause here. Gimme, gimme a good and chat. If, if you’re tracking with me so far, Guys, if you do this and, and you start to up the spend with your lead ads, getting it at a decent cost for lead, these audiences will build super quick.

All right. Great part two mid funnels where we’re gonna run video ads.

These are one to five minute videos, drama or entertainment. Will Trump, everything else?

You guys should write that down here, knows drama and entertainment. Will Trump, everything else drew could have the best story he’s ever told about a contract, but if there’s no drama and there’s no entertainment in there, the video is probably not gonna do very well. There needs to be some emotion in that video.

If it’s too quant, if it’s too analytic, if there’s not a whole lot of ups and downs, you know, to the video from a vocal perspective, it’s not gonna do well. So we’re gonna post this video. Start out with no CTA, no CTA. We’re gonna post a video on your page. And then in the ads manager,

we wanna run a video views ad. Now, technically. Um, I’m, I’m dealing with this as well. I think Andy’s dealing with this. A couple of, of others are, are dealing with this as well. Um, if you run a video ad to your city, because you’re explaining something and assuming you’re not talking about homes for sale or any price or anything, Facebook does not consider that part of the special ads category, but they’re taking forever to get approved, right?

Where a traditional ad will probably get approved in a couple hours. If you run a video ad and explain that here’s the seven reasons why you should buy a home in Berkeley, it doesn’t violate. Facebook ad categories, but it takes forever to get approved and it’s gonna get rejected and you’re gonna have to dispute it.

It’s just a hassle. So I would just tell you, click the special ad category button. The worst thing that’s gonna happen is it’s gonna go to, you know, DC James and, and 15 miles around it, which in most of your markets is totally cool. Right? So we’re gonna put that on the special ed category. The only goal for this campaign is to get video views.

There’s no CTAs and a video view in there. You wanna shoot for 15 second through. In chat. Why would we wanna do a through play? Why don’t we just do a three second ad? Anybody have any idea why we would do a through play ad?

Yeah, Russell, I, I, the dating service is great, but I told you not to launch that yet. So. Yeah, more so there there’s some statistic that Facebook came out with that shows that if they’re with your video for 15 seconds, they’ve turned sound on. And once they turn sound on, they’re somewhat interested.

Nobody turns sound on at three seconds. Nobody turns sound on at five seconds, but if they make it for 15 seconds, statistically they’ve hit the unmute button so they can hear what your has to say. Or if you’re Russell, what, what the dating service has to say. Right? So we wanna make sure that we don’t collect three and five second video view.

A lot of those are not gonna be people that actually care about Maryanne’s videos whatsoever. All right. Or Russell’s dating service. So we wanna do 15 second through place. The second custom audience you need to create. This is the only other one is you want to do video views.

I’ll put custom audience here.

Inside video views. You’re gonna have to select every video that you want include.

So if, if, um, Xeno makes posts the video today, she puts it up on her Xena REM associates page. And it’s about, you know, three things you need to know right now in tamp on why I would buy before the end of the year. She’s gonna boost that to Tampa and St. Petersburg plus 15 miles. She’s gonna get a whole bunch of 15 second views, but they’re not gonna populate in this audience unless she goes into that audience and adds that video in there.

When you guys go to create that audience, you’ll see what I mean. That’s also in the October adds challenge on how to create that. Now you might be asking like, well, if I have this custom audience here, won’t these guys automatically go in this one as well. And the answer is yes, we want them in both. So we have the ability to target them based on future ads.

So it’s okay that they’re in both because video views are gonna be included in Ron Davis’ custom list over here. So that’s totally good. The reason why we want to create those two lists, we’re gonna run these by the way. These are four days. And once you get really comfortable with ads, I’d spend $10 a day.

So just think every video would you spend $40 on this video to expose your market with? That’s a question I would ask myself, is this video good enough to where I’m willing to spend $40 to expose this to my local market? If the answer is yes, put it up there and, and you should do that. Right? So here’s the last, last thing that we gonna do.

We’re gonna do, these are bottom of the funnel ads, and I’ll give you guys this landing page inside the October edge challenge. We’re gonna run this to custom audience. Number one. That’s the page engagements, and we’re also gonna run this to custom audience. Number two, that’s the video views.

This is a direct call to action ad. This is a, Hey, watch this. If you wanna sell your home right now in Chattanooga, like we want to be super clear and consistent wa read this. If you wanna, you know, do this in, in Chattanooga, watch this. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Portland right now, this is a very, like we’re talking directly to the customer and the reason why we need to run this as an ad, number three, to those other two audiences, if you’re gonna run a direct ad like that to everywhere, it’s gonna take a lot of.

A lot of split testing and you’re not gonna get any results because they it’s gonna be all over the place. So we’re trying to show that ad only the people that have engaged with the page and only the people that have engaged with your video views. Now, some of you guys have real estate pages that you’ve asked all of your real estate friends to like, if that’s the case, um, how many of you guys have done that before?

You just send mass emails and say, Hey, all my realtor, friends go like my page. There’s gonna be some ad wastage there. It’s, it’s just the way it is. Um, the only way around that is to create a brand new page. And, um, you know, if like, I wouldn’t overthink it. If, if it’s all real estate agents that like your page, you’re, you’re gonna be running those ads to all those real estate agents.

And trust me as, as the zoom gods, as my witness, um, I don’t know what percentage of my leads or real estate agents here in north county, but it’s a lot, it’s like 25%. And you know, I, I, I called somebody yesterday that had a real estate, a Berkshire halfway email address. And so I called saying, Hey, I’m looking for agents.

I’m here. Do you know anybody? And she goes, I never, I never clicked on your. And I said, you just did it like four minutes ago, you know, you know, so even they don’t even realize what they’re doing in the real city just right. So you’ll, you’ll find that very funny as you run these ads, as you run these videos, that list will get deeper and deeper and deeper and it will get more solid as you go.

So right now, the results aren’t gonna be very good for number three, the fact that I got six red, or what did I say earlier? Yeah. Six registrations earlier three were a complete waste of time. Even before I had the call. They were, they were, they, they were not even, I don’t even know why they did it, but they do that.

They’re gonna be, I went, I went a week and a half and I got nothing. No, no call registrations. And I happened to get three over the past couple days. Last week was, was, uh, bleak, you know, dollar 65, a click, I think last week was actually 90 something cents a click and no registrations whatsoever. And then I got a couple early this week, so it’s gonna go up and down and it’s gonna be why it’s, it’s gonna be controlled based on how much you spend on the ads.

So, uh, really quick. Is the bottom of the funnel ad what you call the conversion ad. Yes, Heather that’s exactly right. Uh, as mid funnel ads, only to your zipper are wet targeting the custom audience from top of funnel ads. You can Russell. I, I would do both because again, we it’s, it’s a form of retargeting, but yeah, absolutely.

In the middle of the funnel ads, when you’re running the videos, I would do, um, like mission valley plus 15 miles. And I would include that custom audience. Um, I don’t know. I, I typically separate them or the way that I’ve done ’em in the past is I’ve separated them. I don’t know if the special ads category is gonna kick that feature out.

Russell. I could, I could be wrong. I normally run ’em as two separate campaigns. Yeah. Great. Ron says video audience is 1200, um, bottom, a funnel ad conversion ad. Yes, that’s correct. Uh, Ron Davis, uh, can you re-ask that question? Uh, so my video plays were, um, 0.02871 on my through place. If yours were 0.06, uh, oh, the result rate would be the action you took.

There was no action because it was video views only. I, I think if I’m understanding your question, that’s where that’s. So, if you, if you guys apply this to the Google landscape, Google’s actually very similar only instead of using Facebook to track everything. We need analytics. So we’d run all the new homes for sale as a Google display ad, they’re gonna go to a landing page and they’re gonna say, enter your email.

They’re gonna enter the email. And if you guys have the second page put together, they’re gonna go to page number two, and they’re gonna say first name and phone number, and then you’re gonna release them. You’re gonna release the, uh, what’s that movie release the crack. Uh, you’re gonna release the cracker, which is all the homes for sale.

And then in Google analytics, you’re gonna say if they saw this page, put them in this audience, right. And with that custom audience, now we can not only retarget with Google display, but now we can retarget them with YouTube videos as well, because it’s the same ad platform. So as you got, yeah, exactly.

The result rate is, um, Ron, if you want to email me the, a screenshot. And I’ll, I’ll compare that with what it says in my, my account as well. I can tell you what that is. I just I’m blanking for a second right now. Um, You can run anybody who’s engaged with the ad. You can run anybody. Who’s visited a specific page.

You can even retarget based on how much time they’ve spent on your website on any page. So if somebody goes to Drew’s and they look at 600 listings, and, and even though it’s 600 page views, but they spent an hour, drew can run a campaign specifically to how long somebody is sent on a, spent on a site. Um, I believe you can even run people that bounce after three pages.

Like you can get really ninja and in real estate, I don’t think you need to do it. Um, But for those of you guys that are using IDX plugins, where the city shows up in the URL. So drew yours might be like choice homes, dot co slash properties slash Chattanooga Ford slash 1 23 dash main street. Like, you know how that URL structure goes because showcase IDX puts the city in the, and I believe, um, I home finder does that as well.

You now can build custom audiences that say if they saw a page that says forward slash Carlsbad forward slash so that will target everybody. That’s ever looked at a Carlsbad home on your website. James is it’s the same for you. It, it would be no different, right? As long as that city shows up. So Google takes a little bit more thought.

But the great thing about Google is, is now you show up on every site, not just the next time that I log into Facebook. That’s why the value of Google display is so powerful because no matter what site I’m on, I’m gonna follow you everywhere, as opposed to only seeing you, once you log into Facebook. So if Richard’s ideal, client is on Facebook, he may have the best campaign, the best ad, the best video, everything, but nobody’s gonna see it until the next time I log into Facebook.

Now, uh, I think the latest stats are the average person right now is logging into Facebook. How many times a day have I told you guys this stat?

It was on, uh, let you, you guys are gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna throw up a little bit in your mouth right now. Social media examiner. Oh, many.

Um, I wanna say it was pre COVID. It was 7.6 times. That was a Gary V sta. And I think according to the social media examiner, they ran a test and they came up with 30. I think it was 37 point something logins a day 37 times they picked up their phone and clicked Facebook and scrolled at least one scroll.

Like that’s nuts. That is totally nuts. Right? So everybody that says, oh, I’m not on social media. Like that stuff. Look, the statistics are telling you they’re completely full of crap. They are on it. Right. Your clients are on it. Wealthy people are on it. Poor people are on it. Everybody is on social. So that’s why we wanna stay on that.

All right. Uh, showcase allows you to change the URL structure. So I have city and zip. Yes. I would just make sure that whatever you wanna target with on Google display is in the URL because anytime they see a page in Google, that’s the easiest way to retarget. Then you gotta start doing events and all that stuff.

And you guys don’t wanna mess with that. That’s it’s a total black hole. Okay. So, let me cover that really quick. And then I wanna take, uh, a couple questions. Facebook only if you’re, if you guys are not doing anything due to Facebook funnel, I just gave you go watch the three hours worth of October ads and literally verbatim launch.

What I tell you to launch in there. I didn’t make that up. I was taught that by two other people. It works like a charm. Like it just, it works. Trust me. It works. Trust me. It works. Trust me. It works. Trust me. It works. You need to do it right now. OK. Homes for sale, the lead ads. First name and email. No phone.

Let that run for three days, don’t spend anything less than $10 a day, three days, $10 a day. And just see what your average lead cost is. If you’re happy with the lead cost, duplicate the campaign, add a new lead form and just add the phone number. That’s the only thing that I would change and see if the lead conversion relatively holds strong, then we’re gonna build the conversion audience of everybody that engage with a post or engage with a page.

Then we’re gonna record a video, right. Don’t overthink this before you buy any equipment. Good lighting. Good audio is the most important thing you can do. Don’t worry about the camera. Good lighting. Good audio is the most important thing. Audio’s probably first lighting. Second camera third. You fixed those, those two be things.

Everything would be good. One to three minute videos. Hey, uh, Russell, will you unmute really quick?

Russell? Bet me 10 bucks that I can, that I can see Jessica’s ad right now. We have, who did that? Where did you make that, uh, that image, uh, you didn’t talking about blue one blue. Yeah, the retargeting one with a side thing on it. Yeah. Canva. Okay. Of course, Canva. Um, just because Russell told me earlier this week, he has a bunch of money to, to, to mess with, go to hit, go to their page and engage with their post.

So you can see this or maybe Russell, you can just put it in the chat. Dude. I see this image every single time I freaking log in and now I don’t see it. Um, but when I’m scrolling through that, if I’m engaging with Jessica’s post, like this image sticks out like a sore thumb, because it lit literally looks like she’s like towering over your phone.

There’s a big little blue thing right here that says, Hey, you should take this action. It’s a really good image. I’m I’m I dunno if Jessica can hear me right now, but I’m totally given her credit. Um, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. And if the name sticks out, I’m gonna click on that image. And I’m just assuming Russell, that that was the retargeting image.

Cause I’ve already seen. I bet I’ve seen it five or six times. Yeah. The thing is I, I have it being ran and then also the same thing being retargeted. So if you see it, you’re probably gonna see it again under a different ad. yeah. So, but that’s good. Like, you guys need to convict Condi condition your, your group locally to engage with you guys over and over and over and over.

Yes, there are gonna be people. And, and to my, I think as of yesterday, when I saw it last time, go figure, uh, there were no negative comments or any comments on it, which is great. That would be the only reason I would kill that ad Russell is if the comments got so bad, but I don’t know why somebody would comment bad on that ad, but they do people.

They definitely troll, you know, so excited to pull that up for you guys. I should have faked it and show up on mine. Yeah. Right. Um, So we want to condition ’em to do this over and over and over again. And, and even though the, the, the last ad, when we’re asking them to schedule a call with us, even though that’s bottom of the funnel, that actually will reinforce the top of the funnel ads that say search homes for sale.

You guys with me on this. So do me a favor in chat. Um, give me a commitment right now. When you will get the first add up like today, like after this webinar, you guys have to trust me. I would do this right now.

Um, Shane, if the comments are really bad, then I would restart. If they’re just like, oh, this guy’s an idiot, Carlsbad real estate. Market’s gonna tank that. Those are the most common, common, like we have a lot of people that hate on the market. Um, we, we, Carlsbad is not the most, uh, diverse community in California and, uh, they definitely, you know, they, they say that stuff on uncommons.

I would delete the post over that you can, um, There’s actually a new feature in here. If you guys are creating a new ad and you’re duplicated a previous, um, campaign, there’s an option that says, do you want to carry forward? All the social engagement? That would be all the likes, the hearts, the comments, and all that stuff.

And Facebook will copy it over there. I would always choose. Yes, unless you are turning it down. If it’s an ad that they’re just arguing with the message, I would engage on the post with them. So even Shane, um, come any, any of you guys know, uh, Gary MAs. MOS associates in, in San Diego. Great agent up, up here, he does a really good video market update.

And there is this troll that lives in Encinitas that literally writes like a four paragraph dissertation about how Gary is completely wrong. And Gary is way too nice. He’ll comment back. Oh, I always appreciate your insight. Thank you so much. And even I want to chime in and just tell this guy to F off, but I will tell you, because this guy does this and a whole bunch of other people comment, his videos do better than any other ad that he runs.

Yeah, haters are stating our market as expensive on my listing. It is that’s because it is expensive, like, like that, but that’s the way it is. Everybody knows it’s it’s expensive. That that’s totally okay. They they’re just getting priced out and, and you know what our job is, is not to talk amounts otherwise just, I would let those comments run.

Because for the, for the, for the, and I know this sounds weird for the, for the, those are the people that think that that’s a negative thing. There’s an equal group that think that’s a positive thing and it’s not true. It’s not your position to judge who’s right. And who’s wrong. It just is the way it’s right.

Lorraine says her first ad is up. I love it. Lorraine. I know you and I worked a lot on these video ads, so that’s great. Friday I’m community getting something up. Good, look Zena. If you, if the only thing that you did right now was watch day one of the October ads challenge for an hour. I literally, I gave you the entire deck.

You guys have all seen that deck, like it’s 54 pages and I literally put buttons, click here, click there, type this here, use this like step by step, all the way through, just do day one. That’s all you need to do. Or have Michelle do it. You should, on Friday, you should go drink P CLOs and enjoy the, the water.

Don’t, you know, don’t waste your time doing this. Comments. I got to that. Uh, we, you pushed a template for conversion video ad and where do we find that template? Heather? I think she had to jump, um, the, if you guys want to know what that page looks like, and I haven’t even changed it, I’ll put this link in the chat.

I think it’s pages dot Steve Olsen,

I’ll give you guys this link so you can copy it. An Elementor this, I spent a lot of time on this design, so please don’t uh, don’t knock me on this.

That bottom of the funnel page. This is it. Logo strategize with Steve. This video. If you guys watch that this is the exact video I recorded live on the webinar. It was one take. I think there, I, I coughed in the middle of it, so I cut that out in the middle, but this was one take the schedule now is just a popup.

It says, first name, what’s your email address? What number should I call you at? And when’s the best time I didn’t even send them to Calandy co.

This is what they’re filling out. If somebody hasn’t experienced you guys yet, if they’ve never spoken to drew before, and you sent him right to Cal, you’re gonna lower your conversion. I did not test what this would mean to go to Calandy. So I have no idea what the conversion difference is, but I will tell you, um, I got six off this so far, so I’ll copy this link.

I’ll put this in chat. So you guys have it, and then I’ll give you the JSUN file too. If you want below is just. General footer, everything you guys do, by the way. I know I’ve told you this before, you always need to have terms and conditions and privacy policy links on your, on your landing pages. If you don’t do that, trust me, you’re gonna get blitz for it.

I don’t want that to happen to you guys. Um, hi, my, so of the price point. Yep. I totally agree. Um, you too, Shane. Okay. Um, let’s talk about middle of the funnel. One more idea there. This, this comes to the first question that we got. Uh, there’s a PDF ad that I run. And one of you guys, um, who put that comment, I closed that window.

If you, if whoever put this comment, if you raise your head, you can give, you can give me more, more clarity. Um, There’s a, uh, read this if you’re considering selling your home in north county right now, and there’s a picture of me on a stage and it says free guides, you know, seven things you need to know before you list your home.

All that was our question was, is how did I create the PDF I was on with one of you yesterday? I explained this. It may have been you. Uh, but, uh, I might be boxing that, so regardless of who it was, it’s, it’s irrelevant. All I did was on this was I recorded a five minute video talking about it, just like this.

DSLR. Camera’s on a little tripod right here. I talk, I talk right to it. I record it. I edit in premier, premier pro. I upload it to Vimeo. And then I go to E B B I spend $3. And it transcribes the video into text. Once it transcribes in the video text, I put it on my iPad. I spend 10 minutes. I clean it up.

That’s it. That’s the PDF I give away. So I know that some people are gonna watch the video. I know that some people wanna wanna read the PDF. Nobody’s gonna read the PDF. Nobody is. All we want the PDF to be is good enough to where they’re like, Hey, I’ll give you my email for that PDF. And then that becomes a middle of the funnel ad.

It’s just another way. Hey, maybe you don’t like the way I look. Maybe you don’t like that. I wore a hat today. Maybe you don’t like that. My windows are closed and I have no natural light in my office right now. So you’re gonna, you’re gonna go watch this PDF or read this PDF, right. They convert. Okay. But it’s only the second level of after you don’t wanna run that as a cold ad, it will not convert as a cold ad at all.

Cuz nobody cares cold wise about PDF. So that’s how that PDF was created. Literally apple pages logo on top my phone numbers in the photo. That’s all I did standard text. So hopefully, uh, let me get back to the questions, hopefully that answered that you just wanna give them as many different ways to engage with your content as possible videos, the easiest way, because you can just read and repeat that over and over and over again.

And hopefully if you do a good job, people won’t get sick of you. Okay, good on that. So I don’t think I saw, so I saw Xena said Friday.

Yeah. So I’m looking for more commitments right now. By what day will these first ads get out Friday from Maya? Awesome. This week. Awesome. Richard. Great. I wouldn’t even worry about the automations right now. I would just worry. I would just worry that Zappier puts ’em into Infusionsoft or active campaign or follow a boss, whatever you guys are using.

And that somebody somewhere on the team knows that that lead exists. I’d worry about the automation later. Awesome or sooner. Great next week, Lu great Friday or sooner I can do Shane. Like your lead cost up. There are like 53 cents and a half. Maybe not even. So I, I would push that. You think with all that?

Uh, I don’t know how close you are to all the writing, but or if that even’s going on, but maybe because they’re all live streaming, they’re seeing Shane’s ads. So it’s about halfway done. Great. You like literally, if you guys go through the, the, the Friday or the, uh, first thing of the October ads challenge within the hour of watching that you, you should be able to go screen by screen and launch.

This current listing ad is at $4 on day five. You mean, uh, $4 per lead. Good look, most of your guys’ price points, you can tolerate all the way up to a $15 per lead. Don’t don’t get overwhelmed by lead costs. As long as somebody’s there to pick that lead up, they will convert if nobody picks the lead up and nobody calls ’em and nobody emails ’em nobody bothers them.

You’re not gonna convert anything. Right. As I talked about, Ron sent me a great email last week and Ron, I won’t share anything from it. It’s an awesome email, but the easiest way to get over like real estate depression, uh, because I definitely get stuck in this all the time is just to make sure that leads come in every day.

There, there is no easier way to get over, like hums are or a really good closing or really bad closing, um, running. I don’t know how, how many years you and I have known each other. It it’s gotta be going on at least five or six. But like Ron’s been in this business a long time. I’ve been in it for, for 13 years.

And I, I can tell you, I’ve had some amazing years and I can tell you, I’ve had a couple years in there where I didn’t even understand, like why I was even doing this. Am I even in the right field? Right. Uh, that’s why, and, and you want that in real estate because that’s what keeps us humble. And that’s what keeps everybody honest.

Uh, because if that didn’t exist, then you know, you guys think there’s a lot of real estate agents. Now there’d be 10 times more in the future. Right. So that’s. That’s good. Uh, I’ll watch the later day on that. DMV. Love it. Maryanne. Oh man. You gotta go to DMV in California. That’s too bad. Awesome. We’re gonna go to DV spending $200 a day on a new listing for seven days.

So that’s uh, what is, what is $4 a day? That’s 50 leads a day, right? Shane give or take that’s a big funnel for seven days.

Good. Oh yeah. More like 10 to 13.

All right. Good. Okay. Listings are king of registrations. Yeah. So one of the things that I didn’t talk about at the beginning of this, anything that’s coming soon, any active listings price reductions did okay. For us new listings all day long. If there was anything that I would overspend on. Would be new listings.

If you guys don’t have any new listings, I would go to your brokerage. And I could, I would ask. And I think you guys know the story of one of the top agents in Phoenix, how he broke into paradise valley is he just offered to do the marketing for every agent at paradise valley. That was too good to run social newspaper and magazine ads.

He did it for three years and now he’s in the top three. So, uh, if you have no opportunities right now, 100%, I would be going to the brokerage and saying, Hey, would you bring me on as a co-listing agent on your property? I want no commission, zero commission. I’m gonna run all the ads for it. If even if you have to work out a temporary, like any leads that I convert in the first five days, I’m gonna give you a 25% referral fee for you allowing me to run these ads.

I would do it right now. Any way that you can front load your activity into the market. If you have none of those available, I would do that right now, but all of you guys can run new homes for. Um, yeah. Shane, do you want to, um, Shane, are you still using a lot of emojis like we did at Kingston lane in your ads?

Oh, yeah. Thanks. So you’re, you’re benefiting out off the inventory. Um, Shane in, in the, uh, members area, if you wanna post a screenshot of one of your listing ads, just because I know yeah. One emoji per line. Uh, I know those do really well. Uh, Tanner that used to work for us at Kingston lane was a big emoji person.

And to be, uh, totally transparent, Sharon and I told him not to do it. He did it anyway. And I’m saying, this is a good way. And the ads actually did really good. So I never would’ve thought emojis worked really well and they, and they did. So I’m glad that Shane’s still doing that. Um, so whoever asks Xena, if you wanna ask Shane, if you guys can connect and, uh, Shane can give you one.

Oh, cool. All right, great. And then, then you can just rip that off. It’s don’t overthink. This is the only home in St. Petersburg with four bedrooms and a view, and it gets listed next Friday, click below to access full property details. Right. Don’t overthink the ad. If they see the post and they know exactly what it’s supposed to do, they’ll click the ad.

Awesome. Okay. I think that answered the three questions. I think we’re good in chat. Do you guys have any others? We have commitments from this, which is great.

Coming soon. Get on the list. Yes. Turn that. Thank you. Xena. Oh, it’s kids driving test. That’ll be fun. Bye. Um, and did you want, like my, uh, you mean my chicken scratch on Notability I’ll put that in a members area. Sure. I’ll have a, uh, a Chinese translator. Tell you what it says in English, but, uh, yeah, I’ll put those up.

So just remember three categories, top of funnel, which is new homes for sale, middle funnel, which is video ads, bottom of funnel, which is, Hey, if you’re thinking about buying a home in the bay area, we should check wa watch this simple, so super simple video, and I’ll give you the, uh, JSON file too. For those of you guys using elementary.

Um, last two housekeeping things. If you logged in the members area and you saw a little error that says that your password may have been exposed I’m 99.9%. Sure. It’s because I use an auto login, email auto login link in the email and the WordPress security system that we run caught that. So I’m gonna, I I’ll verify that, uh, today to my knowledge, there’s that no data breach.

So don’t worry about that. Uh, the second thing is, make sure you always submit your needs through the. Form and I’ll take ’em there. You guys can obviously also also use it right here. Um,

it was one other thing I was gonna tell you, but the data breach thing, escape me. If it comes to me, I’ll send you guys an email. Is this format more valuable? Yes or no? It’s gonna take a while for the questions really to get up. So I know like the screen shares, I didn’t expect this was gonna happen this time, so, but the, the screen shares will kick in.

There’ll be a lot more sharing. Good. Okay, cool. Uh, yes, I think we can see it. Thank you, James.

You gotta download it first clicked open. Yeah. Perfect. So Zena ripped us off exactly. Other O other than your homes and Shane, just so everybody’s clear, these are lead ads, right? That’s how you’re squeezing them.

Okay. Good.

All right, I’ll get the recording up today. I’ll get the notes up today. I’ll get the JSUN file up today. I’ll talk to you guys all later on in the week. Uh, I’ve got a busy week with, uh, infusion soft stuff. So some exciting stuff for you guys coming that way as well. And then I’ll see you guys on the calls and we will talk soon.

All right. Rock and roll.