Using direct mail to prospect sellers

Raw Audio Transcription:

Yo, what is up? Good morning. Good afternoon. I hope you guys are doing amazing. Let’s uh, let’s get some notes up here.

I’ll give you guys just a couple seconds to, uh, come on. I think we’re good on audio. Everything seems to be going fairly well. So far, Hey everyone, what’s up, Mr. Matthews, get some water here. I got something really, really exciting in this envelope. Something that I think all of us can, uh, can use today. So I will scan this envelope in and, uh, I will show you exactly what’s in this envelope was it was a spam letter to me, but what’s in here I think is super interesting.

And I think all of us could use. Uh, right now. So as we’re getting ready, do me a favor. How many of you guys know put it in shot? How many of you guys know what a stick letter is? A stick letter? Anybody ever heard of a stick letter before

slide on over here? Yes, it is. No. Richard has not heard of a stick letter before. I haven’t heard of it until like, uh, nine months ago. I never heard of what a stick letter. Stick letter is very simple. It’s a letter, uh, meant to keep people around, right? So maybe Andy has a listing and maybe the listing and, and this is not like normal, right.

But maybe Andy has a listing and, uh, it’s just not selling. Right. And we, we tend to like, oh crap, we’re gotta spend more money on ads or we gotta do this. Or we gotta do that, you know, to kind of appease the. and, uh, what happens is, uh, we end up doing things that we shouldn’t be doing. We vary from the plan to appease the seller, right?

A stick letter, uh, could be in the form of a letter. It could be in a form of, in the old school days. It could have been the form, uh, of, um, a fax. It could be an email, it could be a video, it could be a postcard, but the intent of a, a stick. is to get somebody committed to taking action on what you want them to take action to.

Right. Uh, you could also view it as something like, um, what would another way, like, like just getting them excited about, about the purchase they just made. Right. Um, you guys might, how many of you guys in chat? I know there’s a little bit of, of delay, but how many of you guys in chat, um, send something in the mail to your clients once they sign a purchase or a listing a.

E even if it’s like, uh, you know, I don’t know what size this is. If I could find my, I don’t think, I think, uh, lovely Jenny stole the tape measure from me. Yeah. I think, I think we took it home. This is probably, uh, and I don’t even have, oh, I do have paper. Here we go. Here’s a sheet of paper. This is the size of the envelope.

So it’s quite a bit bigger. It’s probably eight. I’d say this is probably two inches, so it’s probably 10 and a half by 13. Maybe, maybe it’s a 10 by 13 envelope. I don’t know. But a good letter to send after you sign a listing agreement would be a simple thank you letter. I’m so excited that we’re working together.

Um, it means the world to me, uh, you know, I’ve done this so many times before. Don’t worry. You’re in good hands. If you ever had any have any questions. This is my, yeah, I know you do Maryanne. Um, this is my, my bat phone. When this phone rings, everybody drops everything they’re doing and we take action. I really appreciate it.

You know, let’s crush this, right. You might be thinking like, Dude, Steve it’s like 20, 21, almost 20, 22. Like nobody mails this stuff. And I’m telling you, like when done effectively, um, direct mail can be one of the best things. All right. So lemme tell you what I got in the mail. Uh, I don’t know who this company is.

Um, shame. Uh, I’m thinking of, uh, a coaching client. I used to have Donna Roberts a while ago. Uh, and I thought of her because of this, because this is from camis, Washington. , which is where, uh, Donna Roberts lives, but the company is called. I don’t know if you can see this it’s called Fisher investments. You can see it right here.

Little, little stupid, you know, writing down here that says the favor of your reply. Is requested the favor of your reply is requested. And then it’s got a cool little branded, like Fisher investments. And then my address right there. Okay. So this comes in the mail. It’s not, it’s not manually stamped it’s it’s, uh, metered stamped.

So I obviously know that this is, um, uh, spam ma not spam mail, but I know this was set in mass. I know it wasn’t set directly to me, but so let’s pull it out. Let me tell you why. I think this is. I, I, I don’t know if you guys like this stuff, I save all of this stuff. I scan all of this stuff in there. There are so many, like, there is so much.

So many clues and success that we can just learn and whip off of this. And hopefully you guys are looking at this and, uh, you’re taking the same thing. Let me read you. And, and by the way, this isn’t true. Okay. I don’t consider myself one, one of the, uh, wealthiest, um, people in America, but that’s what they say.

So they’re definitely peaking my interest in regard, or I’d say, uh, probably a better term would be fluffing. Ego would be something they were doing. It’s says, dear Mr. OLS. I’m guessing. Congratulations are in order. You’re probably wondering why congratulations are in order. And I have a logic, logical reason for you.

It takes skill, perseverance and savvy to be counted amongst the wealthiest Americans to have outs saved and out invested your peers speaks to the kind of individual you are. It should also explain the exclusive nature of this communication. So within, and I’m just right here in the letter. So within the first paragraph and a half, if you even want to call it this, they’ve already.

Told me why they’re talking to me, right? This is a wealth letter and they, and they’re probably gonna ask me to move some of my funds from JP Morgan over to Fisher investments, right? It is exclusive because we select so carefully. The individuals we invite to acquire free to you, our investment guide, 99 retirement tips from Ken Fisher.

Again, they’re playing against, uh, this is our private community. It is exclusive because we select so carefully the individuals we invite to acquire. Our investment guides, uh, 99 retirement tips from Ken fit Fisher. And you may have seen my book, the only three questions that count the New York times best seller is blah, blah, blah.

Understand, please. I’m not asking you to buy anything. It’s totally free. Uh, if you respond right now, I’ll give you these bonuses. What else do they say in here? Executive blah, blah, blah. That’s not important. We have clients just like you build wealth. There’s nothing, unless you wanna do this. And then here’s the weird.

On page two, it’s basically just a whole bunch of, uh, Hey, we think you’re wealthy by our stuff. We think you’re wealthy by our stuff, right? I’m gonna parlay this in the listing, your home in a second, on the second page. Um, and, and listen, if you think people aren’t like, I, I signed documents upon documents with our investments at JP Morgan, uh, private client that says they don’t, they don’t share our info.

And I’m not saying that JP Morgan shared our info. It could have been, you know, credit cards that we have, or, or maybe they just know that based on. Uh, credit profile. They know what type of credit cards I have. And if we have those cards, then that must mean we have a wealth of, of, of X. Right. So there’s a lot of ways they can get this data.

And by the way, um, can you guys get this data? Yes or no.

Do you think you can get this data? Yeah. David wanted to go buy a list in, in Denver, Colorado. If everybody had, who had a net worth of over two and a half million, um, has prime credit and you know, X, Y, and Z. Could you buy that data 100%? Yes. Could you direct mail that data? Uh, not the data. I’m sorry. Could you direct mail that list?

Yes, you could. So when you guys think about farming, when I’m gonna give you some interest around this, and I know a lot of you guys are putting together your plans and talking about what’s gonna be different next year and what we’re gonna go after and what we’re not, don’t think of farming as just like a, a neighborhood in, in this part of, you know, Scottsdale Arizona or, or San Diego, California, wherever you live.

Think about like the demographic that you wanna work with now. I don’t mean. You know, Hispanic people that have 10 cars that live in a mansion that love to fish. Like, I don’t mean that type of demographic that would be illegal. But if you know that the type of people that work, work, live and play in your market have a credit profile of X we’d wanna find out if that was, um, uh, protected class.

Now, if you solely did it on net worth, um, I know income is there. Do you guys know in, in chat, is, is net worth considered a protected. Does that fall under income? I don’t know. Maybe it does. I’ve never really thought about that until, until I, I, I just said. Um, but you can buy that data and, and we can, we can mail them assuming that we’re, we’re good with, um, protected class at the end of this, it says, uh, there’s a little tear off, like this is old school, right?

There’s a little tear off that I can tear off. And it says, yes, please send me this guide. Here’s my telephone. Here’s my email. Um, and it’s already got all my info pre-printed on there, so I don’t need to put my name or anything on there. And then, um, it says outside of real estate, the total investment size of my portfolio was zero to 200 K 200 to 500 K 500 to a million or a million plus.

And then it says, yes, rush me this copy 99 things. Yes. Rush me a copy of this, uh, to maximize social security for, uh, retirement. And then I assume I just.

Oh, you know, what’s weird.

It said they had a prepaid envelope. I wonder if they did, it’s probably in here. Let’s let’s take a look. Yes, it is. It’s right here. I didn’t even see this. So they even gave me a prepaid envelope that I take this out, fill it out. I put it in here and I mail it back. And I know some of you are on this call thinking.

Dude, this is freaking old school, man. And I’m telling you, do you guys remember when I told you earlier that the market that we are going back to is best message wins. You guys are gonna start seeing stuff like this because email, although it’s still the most effective communication channel, it’s really hard to break through.

Right? Um, I found this foot feature on my phone the other day didn’t even know this existed. That said if the phone number is not recognized in my phone, don’t ring. How many of you guys knew that that feature existed? I didn’t know that existed. And I will tell you yesterday alone, uh, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 freaking calls yesterday.

I got 11. 15.1, iOS says, Shane Todd 11 calls. I got yesterday and only one of them said spam risk. The other ones were, I get a lot of 2 0 9 numbers, Jackson, California, or wherever the heck. That is, um, my wife called me three times yesterday, but sh I probably need to call her back. Um, Most bizarre places in the world.

And only one of them says spam risk. Right? So all the other ones and you’d think like, okay, well I’ll turn this off. The call still comes through it just doesn’t ring or vibrate. It doesn’t go right to voicemail. It just doesn’t ring or vibrate on the phone. And then of course, if they leave a voicemail, I’ll look at the text transcription and if it merits a, a return call, we’ll do it.

Um, and I will tell you that only. One of the calls from Los Angeles, California left a voicemail. Nobody else left a voicemail. Can’t be that important, right? They can’t leave a voicemail or they’re not gonna text me right after or they don’t follow off. Um, no, my wife’s call did ring it. Yeah. It, her hers ring.

Uh . I, I have not blocked Jenny yet. She’s probably blocked me. But I have not blocked her. Okay. So, um, let’s parlay this to real estate. Could we take something like this and deploy this to the real estate space? And my answer would be yes. And I don’t know if this can fit in my scanner. Um, so this is the size of the letter and this is the size of a sheet of paper on it.

So it’s probably that looks like, I don’t know, nine by. 12 letter never even heard that, that size before. Maybe it’s maybe it’s yeah. I’d say nine by 12. What size that is. So I don’t know. I’ll, I’ll scan it in with my iPad and I’ll put this in the members area so you guys can, uh, can do it. Um, what, what would you do?

What would you say in a letter to get somebody interested about selling their home? Right. So let’s, let’s use the same structure, cuz I think the structure. I did not reach out to Fisher investments for good or for worse. All of our money is at JP Morgan and, and, um, so far, uh, and Bitcoin, which is not doing very well right now.

Took a nice little, 10% haircut yesterday. Yeah, totally agree. Shane. Um, so first thing, you’re probably wondering why congratulations are in order. I have a logic reason for you. Um, and instead of saying it takes skill perseverance, and so to be counted amongst the wealthiest am Americans. If I wanna identify a seller, what am I gonna say right there?

I’m gonna say something to the effect of, Hey, congratulations. Living in your neighborhood for the past two years on average. Uh, you and your neighbors gained $51,343 in equity,

David. I don’t know if you’re, if you’re shaming me for, uh, buying Bitcoin and Ethereum. Which went way up and then came crumbling down or I’m just joking. Um, so if you live in neighborhood X and Denver in cherry Hills, your great news, your home appreciated $51,376. Uh, it doesn’t stop there and then we’re gonna go to it.

You are in an exclusive club because we so carefully select that people that we choose to do business with. Now, can we say it in those words in real estate? I don’t know, that sounds a little on the, uh, Hey, we only work with these type of people. We don’t work with those type of people, so you’d want to carefully, um, you’d want to carefully word that.

So it doesn’t seem like you’re steering or only, only applying to a specific amount of people. we could definitely talk about city. We could definitely talk about, um, architectural types. We could definitely talk about zip codes. We can definitely talk about types of homes in regards to condos, town homes, single families with pools, with view, ocean view, not ocean view.

We can talk about all that stuff, right? Uh, Russ Macias and I were on a, a long webinar or a long meeting yesterday. And we talked about, um, him building a marketing entity that will cover the entire 70 miles of San Diego. I didn’t know that San Diego county had 70 miles. Right. Um, so that broken Margaret was something like a thousand dollars per day for luxury PR.

Yeah. So there’s a lot of ways shame that. And I know that there’s a delay between when you guys are typing this and when I’m talking, but there’s a lot of ways that we can message them why this letter is specifically to them. again. I, I know that I’ve, I’m in the marketing space, so I pay attention to this, but this was clearly, if I can get this right here, this is clearly a marketing letter, but because this was the biggest thing in my inbox that got opened, this same exact letter, the same exact design in a, in a, in a number 10 envelope, never would’ve gotten opened ever.

Never. Would’ve gotten opened. And the amount of money they spent on this was just probably a dollar 50 versus 51 cents or whatever it is right now to mail letter. Right. So they did spend three times more to get this out the door, but I would argue their open rate, probably quadrupled because of the envelope size.

Right? So we wanna write letters like this, something, the effect of this definitely calls out this specific homeowner. Some of you guys have Marjorie. I don’t know if you’re on the webinar right now, Marjorie and I talked about this tech that they have in New Jersey, their MLS or their office just bought it.

Um, here we have something similar. It’s called Reine R E M I N E. And look, I, I can’t tell you it’s wildly. amazing. I can’t tell you it sucks, right? It’s probably somewhere in the middle and, and honestly, the effectiveness of that platform, if you’re in CR MLS or most MLS is here in California, you probably have access to a mid-level account of rewind for free.

I would pull, you know, people. Yeah, cool. Shane. So I would pull, um, people that have like, I think in remind it’s like an 80 score or. And I would pick 150 of them and I would take a stab at the first letter. And again, I’m gonna scan this in. I’ll take a picture with my iPad. It’ll create a PDF. I’ll put it in the members area.

Um, I would copy all the texts. I would put it in word or notes or whatever you use. I’d rewrite it to identify listings and call out the success. Of the equity that they’ve gained and the call to action at the end would be, I would love to put together what your home could sell for based on today’s market conditions.

The only thing that you need to do is go to this specific link, right? And you’re gonna put a link in there. Now, if you wanna get ninja, um, you can say, and your code is X and your code is X. And the code would be like their address number. Right? So mine’s 69 0 2. So if I got a letter, it would say, please put your exclusive code.

S oh six, uh, 6, 5 0 2 or 6, 9 0 2 6 9 0 2. I don’t know why. I can’t remember this stuff. Uh, 6, 9 0 2 into the form. So we know to send you your evaluation. So that way, you know, that it came from a letter and you can say you send out 150 letters. We, we look at it in two weeks and in two weeks, we’re gonna see how many people.

Uh, filled out the form. So if we sent out 150 letters and we got four requests for that, you’re getting one out of every, I don’t know, 37 and a half people. I would take that on direct mail all day long, but the problem that most agents can’t stomach direct mail is there’s no tracking mechanism that shows can I get them from this medium to the web medium?

Can I get them from the web medium into my CRM medium? Because if we can’t track that flow, we always blame the direct mail doesn’t work. And I, and look, I can’t tell you the direct mail’s wildly effective, but if you, if done right, there is a multiple of success. There is. Uh, I’ve never done this before. I think I’ve told you guys this before.

Uh, but we were in the direct mail game when we were doing expires and canceled back in just coming outta the short sale days. We were doing a lot of ’em because people were kind of on. You know, that Teeter totter of like, of kind of having enough equity to sell, but they weren’t really kind of sure. So they were listing high and then not selling.

So we had a lot of expireds. We had a lot of cancel that we had to work through. So we had, um, eight postcards, I think, or maybe it was nine postcards and one letter that was like fake handwritten. And the only thing that we got traffic back was the letter, which was sent number two. And it was sent in an envelope like this.

And, you know, it was really super cheesy. And if I could find it, I’ll show it to you guys. We actually, uh, my coach kinder Reese helped me put it. Um, those of you guys who know Jay kinders, he was the guy that helped me put that thing together. The postcards were ineffective completely. Nobody, nobody went to the web or called us on the postcards, but the letter got calls.

Any, anything that we got calls, it was the letter. And I will tell you, because the postcards didn’t didn’t stick out. They was just one more piece of mail in their, in their mail. But this letter sticks out. Yeah. So what, what I would do Maryanne is, is you want, you want to get them somehow off this letter and into our ecosystem.

So the way that I would, the way that I would do this is I rather than do this, like, you know, little tear off, I don’t know that I’d go through the effort of doing something like this, but I definitely would say, um, head over to, you know, ask Mary for the title of this letter is. And then there’d be a form that says.

Like, uh, you know, first name, email address, and offer code. Right? And keep in mind, you already have their name and their mailing address. So we’re not gonna ask for that again, but we wanna do, uh, offer code cuz you’re gonna create that above. And when they put that in the form, you’ll already have that stored in the CRM when you import this and to keep, um, so that way, when that gets formed, you’ll know that oh, offer code.

So 6, 9 0 2 was Steve Olson at 6, 9 0 2 waters end drive. Does that make sense? So it, I mean, you could forgo that whole thing and just have them put in their address again, that would be the same, but it’s just more info for them to do. So we’re trying to make it a little bit easier. And then from there, you know, we put together the CMA and we put it back in the mail, same thing.

We give them this big envelope and once we send them the envelope, we’re just gonna email it to them anyway, after we’re gonna do it both, Hey, I just wanna let you know, we dropped this in the mail the other day. Uh, you should have received it right now, but in case you didn’t, because we know the mail’s funky, right?

Uh, here’s a PDF copy of it a as well. I’ve got some time later on in the week. Would you like to discuss it and that’s it. Right. So I would go to a company like re mine or any of those that give you sell scores. And, you know, again, don’t, don’t get caught up in like, oh, this is really valuable. This is sucks.

Or these leads are great. It’s not about that. It’s can, can you invest in a software program or does your MLS provide you data? That just makes it a little bit easier not to have to blanket an entire. . Yeah. And, and, and, and Shane, anything that, that, anything that can demonstrate that you did just a little bit of homework upfront, not a lot, you didn’t do all the work, but that you did a little bit of homework up front, and that at least there’s a system that’s put together.

This paper is not overly thick. And in fact, a paper that we print here in the office, which we never print. Uh it’s. Yeah. It’s a little thicker than that. Actually. It is bright. um, it does look like it was printed with a, um, ink jet does not look like a laser jet. Doesn’t matter. It looks sharp. You could probably print this on your printer too.

If you have a big, like Canon has these wide format printers for like 200 bucks, the Pima. like IJ it’s AIMA IJ something. I have one at home that I print photos on. I, I shouldn’t say that I used to print photos on, I don’t even use it anymore. Uh, but that would print something this big, you could print something out out of that.

That’s that big. And like I said, that print is probably 200 bucks. Ink is, is relatively inexpensive, not crazy, but again, if, if we add 150 people on rewind that may tell us that they. Uh, higher likelihood to sell. I would put something like that together in the mail. I’d get 150 of them out. I’d wait a week.

And I would just see what the traffic’s like. Um, for those of you guys on the partner side of things, we’re working on setting up Google analytics, uh, or if you guys are in coaching, you should set up Google analytics. If the only place that I use ask Mary for help slash offer six is on direct mail.

Google analytics alone will tell me how many views I got to that. so let’s say that Maryanne sends 150 of ’em, but she gets, uh, four submissions. Right. And I, I think you’d probably get one deal within six months, every five submissions you got, that would be what I would model this against. Right. Um, but let’s say that Maryanne found out later that yeah, she got four submissions, but she got 21 views of the website.

Well, we don’t have a letter issue. The letter did its job. We have a landing page issue. Because our, our, our page only converted it at at 15%. So then we edit the landing page, right? Because we’re tracking it on Google analytics. If we write the letter and we get no web views, we have a letter problem. So that’s how we can marry direct mail.

And, and the, the letter problem may not be a copy problem. Maybe you just, they just don’t understand why they’re, they’re going to the website, maybe the call to action. Wasn’t clear it wasn’t written for a three year old, um, the call to action on this. One’s very simple. I’ve enclosed, a quick confidential request form that should take no more than 20 seconds of your time.

And of course I’ve included a post paid envelope for that form. You can also call us tollfree at 1-800-586-FIVE five nine oh. Or fax the form below to 6 5 0 3, 5 0 52 90. Or go to Fisher All right, let’s do that really quick. Let’s see what we do when we go to, uh, I have not gone here.

Let’s see if there, if it’s, um, what do you say was Fisher

Oh, look at that simple squeeze Lanny page. Get the guides. Let’s see what it asked me for. Let’s get started. Please provide a valid email address. Uh, I wonder if.

and you guys can’t see this, but maybe I told you this earlier, look on this little thing right here. It says invitation code. Right. I don’t know if I caught that earlier, but there it is. So there is an invitation code. Let’s just see what happens here.

Put in my email address to continue. If they’re smart, they’re gonna ask for an invitation code right here. I didn’t. Steve Olson. Well, that’s kind of cool.

All so we’re not gonna do this. Oh, there’s a 1, 2, 3 main street in Vista, California, whoever would’ve thought.

Yeah. So it’s a very simple investment thing. Nothing. Nothing crazy. Right. But there’s no, um, there’s no continuity with the letter. So if I would’ve done this, the way that I would’ve done this is I would’ve created a, a landing page. It would’ve said, enter your email. And then on the next page, I would hide the email.

And I would say, what was your invitation number? In my case, it was 10 V R D, whatever that means. Uh, and that invitation number, if I’m already in their CRM, like if you, if, if, uh, Shane downloaded the list and put it all in active campaign, or maybe Maryanne put it all in keep, and then we had keep generate the letters, which is how I would.

Then, uh, the, the, the people are in there. And once I put the email address in the, in the, the reservation number they’re typing in, and every let’s say that we want to go nuts on this. And let’s say that Maryanne puts together 10 letters and she wants to know which letter they converted on, because that’s important.

We want to know what converted. So every single letter is going to have a different confirmation code on there. And based on what code they put in there, Maryanne knows, oh, that confirmation code’s on letter. So letter three’s the winner. In that case, it would be confirmation code per letter, not per client.

Do you guys understand that it’s confirmation close on the letter? Not the client, so we wouldn’t pre it. Wouldn’t by confirmation code. If Mary was mailing me would not be so 6 92, it would be some random number. 10 V R D and Maryanne knew that that was on letter one and then maybe 11 V R D was letter two and 12, D 12 V RD was letter number three, right?

Uh, could you bribe them, could you say, enter this promo code of this address to get a free $10 Starbucks card? Would you guys pay $10 for a home valuation registration plus the cost of direct mail? You could send a letter right now and Maryanne could say, Hey, I wanna buy you coffee. And the reason why I want to buy you coffee is cuz I think it’s gonna take 10 minutes to review the report that we would like to put together in regards to what your home could sell for in today’s market.

So to redeem your $10 Starbucks card is really quick. Oh, to ask Mary for for slash Starbucks, offer enter this promo code in there and we will send you your CMA, your, the value of your home, plus a $10 Starbucks card. So that coffee is on us when you review. Totally fine. You could do that. Uh, could you combine the two, so one identify the prospect and one you could, I don’t know.

Um, you’re going to get, um, so in active campaign and in keep and in everything else that we use, when they put their first name, last name and email address in hopefully inside your CRM, they’ll have their first name, last name and mailing address. And then you’ll do a, a duplication search and then.

You’ll find that the tech to automate that process, Shane, um, because I’m talking to you about this in real time, in regards to ideas, I don’t know how I would, um,

Active campaign works the same way as keep. And when you, when you, when you fill out a form, the way that we do it is we use WP fusion and then WP fusion will, and you can also use Zapier it’s the same. So you would zap. That over to zap and then zap would pull out. And then in zap, there’s, there’s a little section for keep, and I think as active campaign’s the same, it says, how would you like us to check for duplicates?

I believe it’s first name, last name, phone, and email are our only options. So the syncing, the new lead up with the existing leads up would be a duplication check. That would be a manual process and active campaign. And in keep, uh, there’s probably a snippet of JavaScript or API code that we could write to.

I don’t know that stuff. That’s not what I’ve never had to do that before. So I would keep the code to the letter. Um, but what I would do is I would do a mail merge form on Google docs or word or whatever you use. And when you’re gonna, when you’re gonna mail them, these letters, I would just hit enter.

And in one Google doc, it would have like all six letters. You have to print button. It prints all six letters at once. And you just put it like in a tickler file. And you know, on the seventh of the month, you take all those letters out and you mail ’em on the eighth of the month. You take all those letters out and you go mail them.

Right. That’s how that would be the easiest way that I would do it. Um, You could do. I think, I think they do this. Let’s go back to our, our little, um, thing here.

I think direct mail manager does letters.

We use these guys quite a bit, or we have used these guys quite a bit rather, um, features let’s find out if they still do it is totally different.

This will integrate with, with keep and active campaign, which is great. Let’s go to pricing and see if it’s just postcards letters. 65 cents. Boom dude, no brainer, no brainer to have them do it. So the way the direct mail manager works, you can do it for free and you can pay 82 cents for them to print and mail the letter.

or if you’re gonna do a lot, you’ll pay $29 a month and they’ll cut that down 20 cents. Give or take. So you’re gonna save a little bit, um, users, uh, artwork’s 50 max mailings, 3000. I wonder what that means.

Maybe it only allows you to send. 3000 mailings a month. I don’t know. Uh, that would be something that I would look into.

Yeah. So I mean three thousand’s good.

Uh, it might, I did turn on Shane. I just saw your comment. I did turn on, uh, save the stream. And that might be what’s causing that issue. Let me, let me turn wifi off. Gimme one second here.

Let’s see if that’s any better.

Yeah. Sorry about that. So that’s direct Mayo No, I don’t think it’s your internet connection. I think it’s Vimeo. I don’t think it’s your VI your, uh, internet connection at all. I don’t think it’s ours either. Um, we have a gig up and down, so I know it’s not ours unless something’s going on. I have no idea.

So, uh, that’s direct mail manager. So the reason why you’d wanna use direct mail manager is you’d write your letter. You’d put all your merge fields all over the letter. You could merge in codes, an inside keep or active campaign. You would run a campaign and it would send out an HTTP post or a web hook that web hook would grow to direct mail manager.

And they would just mail letter within three days. Every time they got pinged. Today, you may ping them 11 times tomorrow. You may ping ’em once the next day you may ping ’em 350 times. And then I think the delivery’s like six days after they’re pinged. Uh, if I’m not, uh, if I’m not mistaken, assuming it’s going through first class mail, uh, we’ve used them a lot for you can actually upload post kinds.

Um, you can actually upload postcards designs and you can merge everything into a postcard. If you want it here, it’s pretty, it’s pretty ninja.

So if you don’t have, uh, Richard, if you have no video, um, just, uh, refresh your screen and the, it should kick right back into it. But yeah, I can kind of see what you guys meant lost he at 33 minutes. Yeah. Sorry. Um, So that, I mean, that’s how I would do that. I, I think that, and you could do the whole, like print it out in the office and mail it, but you gotta go to the post office and all that.

And for, you know, a little bit, um, it’s been arriving within seven days. My postcards would direct me on my drive. I’ve been super happy with it. Yeah. So there you go. It’s it’s it’s whether that’s right, David, I forgot we were using that. So, um, and letters are even cheaper or, or postcards are, are even cheaper.

Six by nine is 66 cents of four by six is 44 cents. Um, There is another company out there. David, maybe you remember when I was talking to about it. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but they will send, uh, eight and a half by 11 postcards out. I just can’t remember the name of the company. Uh, I can’t remember the one thing that I was gonna tell you earlier, a guy that I was kind of in a group with going back long time ago in the inspireds market, uh, we would send out nine postcards and ours were like, uh, 11 by six and six and a third or something.

A really weird size. Um, Really weird size. They’re very narrow, very tall. And again, it’s just to disrupt what’s in the mailbox. So we sent out nine of those and a letter. The letter was the only thing we got any response on. He sent his name was Jeff. He sent all of them at once. And, uh, you know, he had a big market, huge marketing budget.

These guys spend an obscene amount of money in regards to, uh, anybody that I know, and probably still to this day, they probably spend an obscene amount of money on this stuff. And he thought that, Hey, if I, if you open your. Even if you only check, check it once a week and you pick out and there’s nine postcards and a big letter at one time, you’re probably gonna remember who I am.

And, and again, all we want is that first phone call or all we want is that first. That first interaction. Right? I don’t really care whether that direct mail takes me eight months to get that interaction. Or if it takes me three days because we just front load. Now, I wouldn’t send all of them once because a percentage of these out of reline are gonna be invalid, addresses, wrong names and, and they’re gonna bounce back.

So we want a little bit of time for those to come back to us. So we know, oh, this Steve Olson over on waters end drive, it’s a wrong address. So I’m not gonna spend 30 more dollars sending him all these other letters. I will find it’ll take me two seconds to Google it. There’s a whole bunch of them. Um, in fact, if I go to it right now, direct mail postcards with keep,

Ooh, I haven’t heard of these ones. I think it was called, um,

Oh, there’s six by 11. There’s six by extra page. So these guys do six by 11 for a dollar oh three standard mail. A little bit cheaper if you do standard. So that that’s gonna go out a little later. You’re gonna pay a lot. That’s 200 bucks a month,

but you’re gonna save that if you, I mean, if you send out 2,500, which is gonna be three grand a month, a little over 2000, you saving money out, but that’s not who I was thinking of. I th um, did rocket notes do it?

Products integrations

five by seven, five by seven for, oh, there it is. Right. Oh, that’s eight and a half by that’s eight by 11 in, in half. That’s expensive. Uh, but that would be pretty effective eight, an eight by 11 greeting card. So that would be, I think that’s eight by 11, folded in half. So that would be seven bucks, but that’s gonna be written stamped and put in an envelope.

You can make that super custom. This would be another one. I think pricing is, I think this is 50 bucks a month plus that,

and, and all these are triggered by, um, these are all triggered by, by web hook.

no, there there is. And I just can’t remember Shane, you know, I thought maybe if we Googled it really quick.

Nope. That wasn’t it. Nope. Zavier is not, it

there’s a lot. Shane. There’s probably 50 at least. Oh,

post grid sounds familiar.

Uh, I’m almost positive. This is.

Yes, because they do brochures and all that. I’m almost positive. Shannon’s post grid,

postcard, mania. I have not heard of these guys, but I am, um, oh, that’s kind of cool. They lock out the whole thing. maybe it’s just cuz of, yeah, it’s just due to a landing page. Let’s delete all this crap.

Geez. They got a lot of tracking code in here.

Good for them.

okay. That’s all right. There we go. So pricing products, postcard.

Yep. They got everything.

So this is just printing.

Yep. You can, you can API the whole thing. Yeah. Same thing. So this is postcard mania. Uh, I would look at post Alytics. They’ll be able to do it, um, post grid and direct mail manager. You’ve already got a direct mail. Manager’s probably the cheapest, but you have the lowest amount of options. So letters would be good.

I don’t know. Um, it would be interesting, David, if, um, if you could have, if, if you knew, if, if, I don’t know if David, if you sent any videos or any videos, have you sent any, I just saw Richard was comment. Have you sent any letters or has it been postcards only

I’ll fix the video stuff. Don’t worry about.

By Thursday, hopefully only postcards. Okay, cool. So that’s what I would look, there’s no minimums. There’s no contracts. Uh, direct mail works. I’m telling you, but you, you just, you can’t just say, let me sell your home. Call me. I’m the number one agent in the world. I tried to screenshot this. You guys can Facebook message my wife, Jenny Olson, if you don’t believe me, I was in bed the other day, probably last week in my, on my iPad, watching a YouTube video and the little banner ad comes up, um, on the bottom of the YouTube video, right?

As she sits down, we were gonna watch, um, what’s stuff. Show on apple TV with, uh, Jennifer Anderson morning show, getting ready to watch morning show. And on the iPad, I’m watching some how to video on YouTube and a banner comes up on the bottom of it that says. X, uh, you know, ranked number two real estate agent in all of San Diego and then in a, in, in not tiny print, but a little bit smaller print.

It said asterisks in 2013, realtors still do this shit. They still do this stuff. Right. So don’t be that real estate agent. That’s lame. We don’t wanna do that. Right. But that’s what your competition’s doing. So just think it out a little bit more than what your competition is doing, and I promise you it’s.

You know, your clients will love you. And don’t only think about this direct mail stuff. This is not only a lead generation tool. This is also going back to the original part. This is also a stick letter tool. These need to be going in the mail so that they understand, wow. When I sign that agreement with Shane Todd, like this, guy’s got his stuff together.

I don’t care that they get it. Seven days later, who cares literally, right when you’re done with, with the, uh, appointment go right to your. Go to active campaign, go to keep filling all their info. Say, send letter one, enter and Bo that letter’s like, Hey, thank you so much for meeting with us. I really appreciate it.

Doesn’t matter when they get it, they get it seven days later. Great. It just matters that they get it. All right. I hope this was valuable after this call. I’ve got a meeting right after this, but I will scan this in with my iPad. I will put this in the members area, along with this video. Um, I will figure out the video delay on my end.

Um, I, I have, uh, five monitors right here. And this one that, that you guys can’t see over here has the actual stream up and it’s, it’s not freezing on me and I’m seeing what you guys see, cuz that’s how I can see the chat. Uh, so, but maybe there’s so I’ll figure that out. There’s gotta. Yeah, there’s gotta be something going on.

I have no idea. Um, but I will, I will do a little bit more testing. It will always be this link going forward. It’s just easier, cuz I’m gonna start bringing guests on as well so that, uh, you guys can learn advertising and all this fun stuff, not just from me, but from a whole bunch of other people. Uh, and this is the easiest way for me to do it.

So I don’t have to go out there and like cancel and activate a bunch of zoom licenses, which is a. Uh, disaster plus, uh, the screen sharing thing is a little clear. It’s a little CRISPR in the recordings. Yeah. Um, we’ll figure it out. Don’t worry about the video. It is what it is. I wish I wish it was better, but, uh, such as technology, right?

I’ll talk to you guys all soon. I’ll scan this stuff in. Look at the direct mail stuff. If you need help, implementing how we send those things out or how to write the letter or copy all of that, definitely reach out. Schedule a call with me. Schedule a call with Jeb. We’ll help you with that. I’ll talk to you guys on Thursday.

Have an amazing Tuesday. and we’ll see you all soon.