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September Virtual Event

How to scale your business using our simple 3-step R.C.C. content process

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For Real Estate Agents who need to take control of their marketing without having to rely on Zillow and other high cost referral based systems:

I have seen this business go through numerous cycles. Up cycles, down cycles, foreclosures, short sales, hedge funds, and iBuyers. 

Unfortunately, this is the new reality. It isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Now, I don’t think the real estate industry is going to go away. 

… But I do think it is changing right in front of us. 

Do you want to know who wins in all of the above markets no matter what?

  • It isn’t the highest performing agent
  • It isn’t the luxury agent
  • It isn’t the “neighborhood specialist”
  • It isn’t the agent  who was “born there”

You only have to be the agent that is known..

How do you get known?


Ok, what content, how do you create it, an most importantly, who do we get clients from it?

This is what this entire live event is about. I am going to pull back the curtain on a specific marketing method so easy to execute, your clients will actually come to you asking if you have availability to take on their listing. 

No more chasing listings. No more begging for your fee. You won’t need to compete any more because you’ll “be” the competition. 

Think back to your easiest sales...

You probably knew them. They were coachable. They had a reason to move. They priced their home correctly. 

What if every client came to you this way?

That is the power of content. You see, it does all the sales for you. 

They are a "YES" before they even arrive.

This allows you to take on more clients with the same effort because you wont feel like you are constantly chasing the commission check. 

Do you want to know the true power of video? It handles 90% of the “sales” before you even meet the client…

Now I am sure you have heard all the industry experts for over 10 years telling you that you need to go all in on video. 

So why are you still not all in?

I know doing video can be super overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be though.

  • It can be fun
  • It can be simple
  • It can be profitable
  • Best of all, it can do all the heavy sales lifting for you


Even with all that sad, I believe there are still 3 core challenges most face when building an inbound based business.

Challenge #1: I don't know what to talk about

Creating content can be overwhelming but you don’t need to be a YouTube or a TikTok star. During this live 2 day event, I’ll walk you through exactly what to create and how often. 

You’ll win with cadence over quality, so the process is worth more than the result. 

Challenge #2: The technology overwhelms me

No video equiptment? No problem. I’ll show you the apps and software you need to pull this off just with your iPhone or Android phone.

Challenge #3: How do I take this content and actually get clients with it?

Through our exclusive R.C.C. method, we’ll show you how to build an audience, grow your list and set more appointments without significantly disrupting your business. 

Here is the best part… You’ll no longer be held hostage by Zillow and other high referral fee companies again. 

Trust me when I tell you this is easier than you think...

You don’t need to be on a real estate reality TV show. You know the ones where no one actually sells real estate anyway?

You don’t need to compete with Mr Beast.

You just need consistency and focus. Displaying homes for sale on your website is great but it won’t set you apart. You know what will? Your views and opinions. But you need to be strategic about it. 

You don’t need to be gorgeous. 
You don’t need to be a TikTok star.
You don’t need to make dance videos.

You just need to be the solution to the problem people are searching for locally. 

You could do it via video, written word (Blog), or a podcast. They all work.  In fact, our site in Southern California is not based on video at all. 

Here is the other great news. You don’t need to be on every platform like Gary V. Just pick one and go all in. 

I’ll give you a secret now before we even get started. All you need is:

One city
One platform
One message 

And that alone can get you seven figures in real estate.

You don’t need to be everywhere at all times to win. During this action packed live event, I’ll walk you through the exact process we have used to scale multiple businesses in multiple industries. It works when you work it. 

Why should you take anything I say seriously?

A couple things you should know before you register for this event…

1. I got licensed in 2007 right when the market fell apart. We grew one of the earliest (and biggest) REO teams in the nation.

2. I have personally held well over 10,000 coaching calls both through my own company and Tom Ferry since 2011. I have coached everyone from the beginning agent to some of the highest performing teams looking to 4x their size. 

3. I have started and consulted with numerous Real Estate S.A.A.S. startups. 

4. I am the founder of, a scaling southern California real estate team.

I tell you all this because I have seen the industry through a different lens than most. I have seen around the corners you haven’t yet. I come from the Ad Industry before real estate so I know all good businesses pay to scale. 

Organic is a myth. Can you get there? Yes. But build this the right way and you won’t have to wait for the success. 

If you do paid traffic right, organic will follow. 

Here is what we are going to cover:

Session 1

The R.C.C. Method overview. Steve will walk you through the 3 phase process of building local fame allowing you to take more listings and work with clients who are activley seeking you out. 

Session 2

The Technology you need to pull this off. You’ll be able toi immediately take action on this right after this half day event is over. 

Session 3

How to create content at scale while releasing the fear you have of what to say, how often to say, and the judgment that comes along with creating video content. 

Tickets are 35% off for a limited time: $145 $95

*Use Promo Code: RCC35 at checkout

September Virtual Event

How to scale your business using our simple 3-step content process

Here is exactly what you're going to walk away with...

Steve Olson was such an instrumental key to our team's success. As a team leader, the top 3 qualities Steve brought to the each and every coaching call were: sales skills for the team, leadership skills for me, and his ability to bridge the gap in our systems & processes with technology. A HUGE asset to anyone that has the privilege to work with him.
Cindy Hererra
Phoenix Real Estate
Steve is an amazing coach and mentor! He is an expert at sales skills, scripts, funnels, mindset, influence and so much more. Steve knows how to transfer skills and help agents level up! His understanding of technology is unparalleled. As a mentor he is patient yet firm he takes you where you are at and helps your reach your goals. If you are looking to be a better sales person, run a better business, be a better leader or just make more money he is your coach!
Kristi Jenks
Phoenix Real Estate
Steve has been my coach for about 2 years. This two year transition has been the most pivotal time of my career. When I started coaching with Steve, my goal was to sell more homes. What little I of my last call after two year, not only did my team sell more homes, we turned our team into a real business that was scalable, profitable, and enjoyable which led me to reach much higher accomplishments than just more sales. Most recently I purchased my own building and open a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Franchise. My family and I owe the world to Steve.
Doug Edrington
Chattanooga Real Estate
Steve's approach to business and life is fantastic. No nonsense and no excuses! It is exactly what I needed to hear. He help me get not only my business but my personal life organized. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge and has an answer for almost every thing you could think of. It was a pleasure to have met him and been coached by him.
Eric Zutler
DC Real Estate
Steve was easily the best coach we have ever had.. We are so disappointed to lose him as he took our business from 526 sales in 2016 (before coaching) to 669 sales in 2017.. We are on pace for 800+ sales sales this year and that is because of the tweaks and ideas that Steve has given us for our business. Steve is the complete coach and is the master in all aspects of real estate. I truly believe we would hit 1000 sales in 2019 if we still had Steve as our coach. Thank you Steve for everything you have done for my business and my team. We will miss you !!
Paul Rushforth
Calgary Real Estate
"You changed my life. Prior to working with you, I was very skeptical of coaching, especially the TF organization. I have never been a fan scripts, the ABC’s of selling, “it’s a number’s game”, cold calling, “pop-bys”, etc. I assumed all coaches were the same and had a one size fit all program for their clients. Afterall, RE agents need someone to hold them accountable right? (<-Input sarcasm) You proved to me that I was WAAAAY wrong. I was skeptical at first. I even told my wife I didn’t like the fact that we were doing this and didn’t think it would be helpful. She has always understood my stance on the RE industry and coaching as a whole, however, she encouraged me to be an opportunist and to enter the program with an open mind (one of the many reasons I locked her down and #marriedup). I’m thankful for her support and yours as well. You taught me how to converse more effectively. Trained me how to track the things that matter to ensure I reach my goal. Showed me how to be more efficient with my day to day actions. Shined light on the things I never paid attention to i.e. open house protocols, appointment scheduling, and how to creatively ask for business. And most importantly, confirmed my stance on the importance of relationships I’m honored, feel more confident, and know the things I learned from you will continue to impact my business in ways I never thought possible both personally and professionally. Coach Steve. Friend Steve. Fellow Arizonian Steve. You’re the man and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.
Shane Burgman
Florida Real Estate

Top Questions and Answers:

Is this live?

Yes, this is 100% live and Steve will be condicting all the sessions. 

Yes this will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings for 30 days. 

Nope! We will give away everything you need to pull this off in one single event. 

We do consider partnerships in key markets across the country. If you are interested in launching an expansion team with Steve, send a quick email to

Tickets are 35% off for a limited time: $145 $95

*Use Promo Code: RCC35 at checkout

September Virtual Event

How to scale your business using our simple 3-step content process

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