Ep 003 – The is the only marketing framework you need to scale a real estate business


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  • Steve discusses a content framework for scaling a real estate business.
  • The framework has three phases: Reach, Collect, and Convert.
  • In the Reach phase, content creation is emphasized, covering various real estate topics.
  • The Collect phase involves lead generation with PDFs or lead magnets, addressing common real estate questions.
  • The Convert phase focuses on using webinars to convert leads into clients, highlighting the importance of storytelling and value proposition articulation.

Raw Audio Transcript

Title: “Ep 003 – This is the only content framework you need to scale a real estate business” Transcript: “so I’m here with my trusty iPad and I’m going to answer a question that I know I get all the time from real estate agents in every phase of their growth and that’s Steve I know I need to be able to create content I know I need to create a lot of content but listen my Market’s a little bit different I’m doing this or I’m doing that I don’t know what type of content create I don’t know how often to create it I don’t know whether it’s vertical video or landscape video I don’t know if it’s a podcast I don’t know if it’s written I’d like I need somewhere to go if you could just give me an example of somebody who’s doing this right now I could just like copy them and do it myself and it’s a brokered record conversation that I’m having like way too often it is really frustrating and not that you need to reinvent the wheel I’m not suggesting we do that so far but what I am suggesting is that we don’t go down the rabbit hole of believing that somebody else has to do it before we do it right so

I’m going to give you our really simple three-phase process as to how this works I’m going to map the whole thing out for you right now I’m going to stay a little high level if you like what this is if you think that you’re you know I’m onto something or or something like this you think would benefit your business then we have

What’s called the RCC accelerator it’s a six-week uh hybrid live interactive accelerator with me once a week to where I walk you through this process in great detail the technology how to create the content all of that stuff I’m going to give you the high level of it right now if you want to take it on steroids and implement this in your business

I’ll put a link below this video or in the podcast description depending on where you are listening or watching this so for those of you guys that are watching this video I’m going to share my screen we’re going to put the iPad up there it is right there and I drew these three really sexy boxes for you and so what goes i n this box well we’re going to write our C C and this stands for reach collect convert hard to talk and write at the same time now I have consulted with people in many different Industries at many different price points with many different types of products and this process works across the board universally for professional service based businesses real estate agents which all of you guys are could be coaches could be Financial it could be mortgage could be marriage counseling it all it’s the s ame all the way across the board okay so I’m going to you know relay this all in the real estate space because that’s what we do and I don’t want you to overthink this I want you to be thinking okay how can I take this process and pour gas on it and do it a ton of this now for example me recording this video no notes it’s something that I talk about all the time it’s not scripted I’m not reading from bullet points I talk about this so much that I’m easy to re it’s easy for me to Riff on this rig ht now uh because this is really all we talk about in general so in your business I would be thinking about this content around the same way I would think I would be thinking what is the content that I need to create with all my clients out with all my prospects without everybody in my community that when they hear me talk about it it just resonates out of my voice that like I love what I’m talking about right that’s what you need to be creating the instant you start to venture outside of that u h you probably realize it gets very stressful uh you start to get a little bit of imposter syndrome because you’re talking about things you probably shouldn’t be talking about or it’s really like I’ll give you an example um I love Finance I love real estate right but if I had to get on you know these videos and talk about the stocks and you know dollar costs like all that stuff it’s it would just be really hard for me because I don’t it’s not my native language I understand it I know that when w e invest what I’m supposed to be looking for I have a couple people that I work with you know to advise on these simple things but could I get on a podcast like this and talk about it with no effort the answer would be 100 no so we never talk about it right that’s really important for this stuff because when you don’t when you under think this stuff and you start recording it gets very difficult so let’s get back to the screen share reach if you’re in real estate here’s what I’d be thinking of a nything to do with idx or homes for sale what can you get for sale right now in Carlsbad what are the most expensive homes what are the biggest homes what are the ocean view Homes what are the water view Homes what are the you know for those of you guys I know that short sales and foreclosures a little bit are coming back what are the distress sales what sold last month what sold last week what was the highest sale what was the cheapest sale you’re giving your input and feedback over everything that is going on in the market I know what you’re thinking Steve people have access to Zillow do they really need to see this and the answer would be I don’t know maybe but here’s what I know to be true about everybody who wants to buy a home they want to be protected they want to identify their dream home they want to have a great experience and they want to do it with somebody that they know that has been down that road before right so we’re going to create content around this because that’s h ow we’re going to articulate our value proposition to the market and one of the things for those of you guys that are a member of any of our accelerators or we’ve installed stuff with you or you’ve gone to any of our Live Events you know that the people that win are not always the best people the people that win are the people that are just known so our goal is just to get known that’s what I would be thinking of this content another thing that I would create content around how to how to buy a h ome how to sell a home how to view a home how to talk to a lender what questions do you ask a lender like what do you pay attention to in the home inspection as a side note I wouldn’t get super aggressive on like the closing procedures because if they if those videos take off most of the people researching bad stuff like what happens when an inspection goes wrong they’re probably already under contract so your conversion rate is going to be fairly low on those I’d still create content around it I don’t know that I would go above 10 local events right what’s going on right now um where to live top food uh stories that you’ve run into like what happened when a client didn’t do what they were supposed to do what happens when a client wrote an offer too high what happens when a client wrote an offer too low all of that counts right why you love the business inspirational we could do all of this stuff right and our goal is just to continue to create create create create create and you’re go ing to find your own voice you’re going to find out hey you know what I really like this entrepreneurial side of the business that I’m talking to you right now I like to talk to entrepreneurs on my market I like to talk about inspirational stuff and it seems to be resonating with everybody and so you triple down on that stuff some of you guys are really like analytical right so you want to talk about like the reports and what happened and what sold and where’s the market going and what’s the ave rage price and what’s the median price and you know your predictions over the next six months there is room for all of this all right we’re going to create this and we’re going to push to everybody like your city plus 15 miles then everybody who experiences consumes click shares whatever the content we’re gonna run the collect face which is going to be lead generation and here we are going to offer like a PDF or a lead magnet and this would be like three questions to ask your realtor before you sell your home right four things you need to do before you buy a home uh six questions you need to ask your lender how much does it cost to buy a six hundred thousand dollar home cost breakdown like do you think that people you know I sold a home to a family member and I got a call three days before closing with an additional twenty seven thousand dollars in closing costs that they didn’t understand it was due out of their pocket they thought it was going to get wrapped into the loan right so we assume that people that have bought multiple homes remember the stuff they just don’t right so that would be like a cost sheet based on something a sample purchase contract sample listing agreement you guys think people want to know what they’re signing before they sign it how many of you guys have ever gotten like a really big contract it’s like 12 pages and it’s time to do the deal and you’re like dude I’m ready to let go you want me to read this whole thing right now and then the salesperson ‘s like oh don’t worry it’s standardized like just go ahead and sign the whole thing it’ll be okay like if you guys ever done that I’ve done that before it’s not very Comfort um it’s not very confident right it doesn’t build a whole lot of trust here’s the goldenness in in the collect face live or Evergreen webinars but Steve I’m in this market webinars don’t work I’m telling you I’ve sold everything from 50 whatever to twenty thousand dollar High ticket Consulting packages on webinars trust me when I tell you if you understand how to tell a story and you understand how to articulate a value proposition in a specific product or service webinars will work now can you have a crappy headline with people that want to buy your product and convert maybe do you have to have a great headline do you have to have a great call to action do you have to have great scarcity 100 is it a skill set you need to learn 100 but once you understand all of that live our Evergreen webinars is probably going t o be your most profitable marketing activity we’re going to do all this stuff we’re going to run all this traffic to everybody who watched our content in Phase One or the reach face all right then we have phase number two we’re gonna have one to six variants and I’ll just put one video here rather than you know do all this uh that’s a video logo for those of you guys that don’t understand Steve art uh we’re gonna do sixth variants of a straight up video that says my name is Steve Wilson I’m a re al estate agent here in Carlsbad California listen if you’re thinking about selling your home right now there’s probably three main challenges that you have to get over before you pull the trigger to put your home on the market number one number two number three and I’m sure your situation is different than everybody else so here’s what I’m offering if you have questions around selling your home in Carlsbad California right now in today’s market I’m going to give you a free call there’s no oblig ation there’s no aggressive sales pitch even if you don’t even choose to use this as your real estate agent I want to make sure you’re armed with all the info that you need so above or below this video there’s a link give us a little bit of details about your move I’ll hop on a call with you totally discreet totally private again no aggressiveness whatsoever I’ll get all your questions answered and only at that point can you determine where you want to go from there we’re going to run six variat ions of that straight up and we’re going to run all of these ads to everybody who became a lead in the second one that’s it nothing else and we’re gonna do that like crazy and you might be asking oh Steve in the reach thing how much how many pieces of content should I create as many as you can well what do you mean as many as you can can you do five a day I would do five a day can you do One A Day I would do one a day we’ll one a week work no you will get nowhere in any level of content Creation with one piece every single week because no social platform nor ads platform will ever take you seriously you will never get the trailing effect of great content even if that video is a banger now if it’s a banger and you know you put a whole bunch of money to it if the quality is really good and you do it once a week you may have a shot but we’re talking one out of a thousand I don’t know about you I don’t want to do marketing one out of thousand I want to do one out of one right so as many as you can do second question you might be asking okay great but what platforms whatever platform you like uh we’re we’re tending to go really heavy on the podcast on the YouTube side and then taking short clips of that and then using threads Instagram Twitter and Facebook to kind of repurpose that stuff just to stay relevant I don’t know if you guys have figured this out but um especially on the ads platform somebody’s very video heavy like we are uh YouTube Just tends to a lot better so I create all of the stuff with YouTube in mind you may create everything with Instagram reels of mine or Facebook reels or Tick Tock or something like that whatever your native platform is that you love to interact with I would start there I wouldn’t try to go learn another platform because it’s just going to add like you know lack of flexibility in the process it’s gonna it’s gonna add a cog in the wheel as you get all this stuff going so whatever you like to consume create content for that it will get live on a webinar ask me anything you want in regards to this process get unstuck and we’ll see you there that’s it reach collect convert hope this was viable see on the next one”



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