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Revealed: The exact blueprint to attract more listings allowing you to thrive during this inventory crisis market amplified by a high interests

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What others have said...

"I have worked with Steve for over 2 years now, and my business has vastly improved! This year I am on track to double my income over last year, and I plan to do it again in 2015. I would have never set goals as high as these if I wasn't in coaching! If you are looking for a coach who has lots of "techy" knowledge, Steve is your man! I am not the best with that stuff, so he's really helped me there. He knows what is working in today's real estate climate and what's not, and can help you set up strategies that bring results. I am so grateful for the success I've had since we've been working together!!"
Sue Forbes
"Steve Olson became my coach exactly one year ago, Dec. 2013, and he was the right fit for me. I wanted a coach who had experience running a small team rather than a solo agent. I now operate as a team of four. Due to the down time needed to get a team trained and up and running, my net income only increased by 11% over 2013 (my goal was 20%), but I am poised for tremendous growth in 2015 due to the software recommendations, checklists and systems implementation, helping us with usable scripts, and the valuable advice Steve provided throughout the year. As an "older" agent, I relied upon his knowledge of using the internet for business generation, much to my benefit. And the accountability is valuable for everyone, whether we like it or not. Steve has the skills, and the desire, to help anyone wanting to grow their real estate business."
Gary Shapiro
"Steve Olson is a fantastic performance coach. He is clear in his direction and has a superb understanding of my need for precise growth and areas of improvement in my business. He also has just the right balance in setting expectations from me as well as holding me accountable. I am excited as he is helping me take my business to the next level
Radhi Shah
"Steve's success in building, and actively managing, his own team provides instant credibility to the advice he offers. Steve consistently demonstrates an understanding and appreciation for the various challenges I have faced and invaluable counsel in developing action plans which play to my particular strengths and compliment my strategies. Thank you Steve for helping me to achieve my goals."
David Pellettier
"We have seen significant improvement in our business since we began coaching wtih Steve. We had been comfortably coasting along but not achieving what we wanted to on our own. This year we will close over 63 transactions! Not only has our business increased but our free time has increased as well. Steve has helped us to grow our team with guided actions that create a solid foundation to build on. He takes a complete approach to our growth maintaining balance in our personal lives as well as our business lives. This is a key factor for us as we look to increase our business significantly next year as well!!"
Rich and Denise Fox
""Steve Olson has been instrumental in my success in the real estate business. When I started coaching, I had no money, a pile of debt, and a lot of worries. Steve has helped me to systematically change my "job" as a Realtor into a business, where I serve a constant stream of clients and I no longer worry about the next paycheck. We are now focusing on growing the business and building a team to help me leverage other people's time to do more transactions and ultimately have more time and money for my family.""
Ian Batra
"Coach Steve Olson is positive, knowledgeable, patient and experienced. His weekly coaching calls have been critical in helping guide me through the next phase of building my business and Team. After only 3 months of coaching, he has already played a vital role in guiding me though hiring choices, team contracts and foundational strategies."
Donna Roberts
"I choose to work with Steve because I needed a major overhaul on the technology side of my business. Steve is a wealth of knowledge and can take complex technology platforms and break them down for me into simple terms. While there is no magic pill in the real estate business, every single call with Steve is worth it's weight in gold. I always walk away feeling like he gave me correct advice or information to take action or to avoid spending money on a system that likely wouldn't work for my business. I highly recommend Steve to anybody who is looking to really enhance their understanding of real estate technology."
Nichole Story
"Steve has been a fantastic coach and really understands the concepts when it comes to building a team and trusting the system Tom Ferry has put in place. Steve has the ability to listen to our needs wants and put together a plan to make it happen. We're incredibly thankful we've had Steve for the past year and owe much of our growth to him and his coaching skills."
Robert Gosalvez
"Imagine having, regular, uninterrupted meetings with your Broker 2-4 times per month. Now imagine you broker's "experience" collective goes beyond the other agents in your office to include the top agents from coast-to-coast. The benefit of working with Steve is not only the lessons he has learned through personal experiences - he funnels the shared experiences of the entire Tom Ferry coaching team. When I have (what I think is) a new idea, Steve will point to the successes or failures of other ultra-successful agents like himself around the country. If it doesn't work, he can tell me why and then detail another method to achieve my desired outcome. If the idea has worked, he will refine the strategies and give me the proven steps to implement and achieve my objective. This is my second year of full time real estate sales and coaching with Steve. Steve has empowered me with decades of knowledge, methods and means perfected by the best of the best. "
Rick Saunders
"Steve has a 'no-nonsense' approach to direction and accountability. He doesn't micromanage and has a way of driving to the heart of a problem. We have very similar personality types (High D, Driver, Type A) which I was concerned would be a problem before diving into coaching with him. It has been anything but. I have accomplished numerous objectives over the time I've coached with Steve. His understanding of technology, lead generation, and conversion is unparalleled. I would highly recommend coaching with him to anyone who is willing to take some direction in hopes of growing or making their business more efficient."
Jay Pitts
"Before coaching, I was following a mindless and crazy path of building my business. I had no daily schedule, routines, and seemed like I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Steve has changed my life, not only my business life, but as a result it has impacted my personal life. In the little over a year I have been coaching, I have doubled my income, spent more quality time with my family, and I have SO much more structure than I ever had before. With Steve's help and guidance, he gave me the tools and reinforcement I needed to hire an assistant and a buyer's agent allowing me to be solely a listing agent. Thank you for keeping me level headed Steve and I'm honored to say you have had a HUGE part in my success and growth!"
Garrett Thill
"Steve is that coach that has helped me with immediate changes in my business. I need help growing the online portion of my business. For the last 2 years I wasted so much money on things that could work, but I just didn't know what to do, what to say and when to do it. Steve has helped me on the right path and I am loving the success. He is easy to talk to and I don't feel judged when I have to share something that I need help with, nor do I feel like the time we spend on the phone is wasted with a bunch of jibber jabber. I am a very high "D" and Steve was matched perfectly with me."
Brian Ramsey
"Steve has been a fantastic coach and really understands the concepts when it comes to building a team and trusting the system Tom Ferry has put in place. Steve has the ability to listen to our needs wants and put together a plan to make it happen. We're incredibly thankful we've had Steve for the past year and owe much of our growth to him and his coaching skills."
Robert Gosalvez