The Real Estate OS Install Terms and Conditions

Here are the simple terms and conditions for the Install

Here is what we will install with and for you. 

  • Website Assets:
    • Homepage
    • 3 Blog template
    • Live event Funnel
    • Recorded event funnel
    • Lead Magnet Funnel
    • Irresistible offer funnel
    • Listing Fulfillment
    • Buyer Fulfillment
    • Campaign automation for all the above website assets
    • Weekly email marketing cadence setup
    • Listing appointment automation
    • Buyer appointment automation
    • Custom sales pipeline
    • Branded email
  • Branding and Business Building
    • Irresistible Offer development
    • Font and colors for website assets
This is not an ongoing membership. This is a one time installation working with you hand in hand. Typical installation times can be 60-90 days. 
Technology we use:
  • CRM:
    • KEAP – We have $0 setup fee and discount links exclusively through us. Please do not sign up without our partner links. 
    • Phone Tracking (optional) – (Again discounted pricing)
  • Web:
    • Hosting –
    • Page builder: Elementor
    • CRM Connection: WPFusion
    • WordPress theme – Hello by elementor (Free)
    • IDX – IDX Broker (if needed) becuase you can get sold data. 

Because you own everything and we are installing it for you, there are no refunds. We will work until the above are installed and you have a playbook on how to execute on it. 

Payment options:

  • One payment of $16,995 or
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $5995

Questions, please email Steve here and we will get you squared away.