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Our team will get all your questions answered and from there you can determine how and if you would like to proceed. You're in complete control.

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Our team members are local experts and will always lead with care and concern putting your needs above their own.

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Our team members sell over 2 times more properties than the national average. This helps when negotiating deals and finding homes that may not be on the M.L.S.

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When you agree to work with our team, if at any time, you feel we are not honoring what we committed to do, you can cancel at anytime.

Why work with one of our team members?

Our team members are full time, professional real estate agents. They have navigated all the challenges to buying and selling real estate and will guide you with care, trust, and honesty throughout what could be the biggest financial investment of your life. 

Buying and Selling Real Estate Should be fun

Avoid the stress of finding your next property

Even if you’re selling your property, we’ll make sure you are in good hands finding the next one. Our team members are excellent at finding homes not on the open market. 

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You’ll be given a roadmap of everything that is coming up so you can focus on the important things like making the the home your own. 

Simplify Financing

If you need help getting a mortgage, our team can provide multiple introductions so you can get the best rate while understanding all your options. 

Common Questions

There is no cost to get you questions answered. The call is totally free. 

It is always advised to put any agreement in writing to help you understand what the agent will be doing for you and what the obligations of both parties are. Our team will always include an easy out clause so you can feel protected. 

When Selling a home:

A fee is negotiated as part of the sale. While there is no standard commission amount, you will typically see commission percentages in the 5-7% range. A portion of this is offered to the buyer brokerage who beings the buyer. 

When purchasing a home:

This commission is normally paid by the listing agent so working with a professional real estate agent to find your next home won’t cost you anything. 

No, there is no obligation to continue if you don’t feel the agent is the right fit for you or if you are not ready to start the process. 

The purpose of the call is just to get your questions answered. 

Our office will reach out to you and make sure you are introduced with a team member that can help. 

This typically happens the same day.