The Network

If you are looking to build generational wealth in addition to what you are already building in real estate, then continue reading...

There are 3 pillars to a generational wealth building real estate machine

Phase 1

Leveraged Real Estate Team

A real estate team that is growing without you being “in” the business. You have your sales, admin, operations, and marketing divisions built out that consistently deliver record breaking profit. Size does not matter for this to work. 

Phase 2

Your Own Best Client

You’re buying the deals that create equity instead of being the broker that creates wealth for clients. You can build a syndicate, a fund, or invest with your own family capital. Include your team members as well for additional leverage

Phase 3

Duplication and Expansion

In previous generations, this would be the equivalent of building your own Real Estate Brokerage with hundreds of additional real estate agents. Thanks to the REAL attraction structure this is no longer required. 

I want to let you in on a little secret... Most real estate agents right now are looking for more time, more leverage and a predictable business that they can grow year over year.

...but there is one problem

There is a massive gap between the knowledge, the playbooks, the team, and the community to pull this off.  

Here is the good news. 

You don’t need to invent anything.
You don’t need to be a pioneer. 
You don’t have to do it cheaper.
You don’t even need to be first. 

You just have to do it more often and for longer to win. 

A friend of mine, Sharran Srivatsaa one told me that transformations don’t happen in isolation. In fact some of my personal biggest growth years in life came from when I had multiple partners involved during those times. 

So what is The Network?

We are looking for a select group of Real Estate agents across the US that want to build wealth building machines through teams, investing, and agent attraction.

There are no fees and no membership dues. I’ll explain a little more about that later. 

If you have ever had a coach before, you know that it can be a life changing experience. When you only have one mentor, you can only go as far as that one mentor can take you. But what if you have 80?

I am not knocking coaching, it works. I still consult some of the highest producing teams in the us. To work with me one on one, it is now about $17K a quarter. 

But I think we can do better. 

If you know there is a huge opportunity in this new market to build something massive while others are trying to figure out a way to cut costs, (what they really mean is cut themselves out of the business) then again, you’re on the right page. 


So here is what I am proposing...