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Update to the daily emails


A few things to note based on the daily content.

A lot of you are joining me every day on the YouTube lives which is great. I have a ton of fun doing those. I also get a lot of emails from you saying those times are tough to make and with it being daily, you feel like it is a lot.

To be clear, I don’t expect anyone to join me daily. You shouldn’t. You should be creating your own content.

So the daily content is going to to continue. Most will be video. All of it will be hosted on this blog. Don’t worry, an email will still go out driving you to the post.

I will continue to do at least a live broadcast every week though. The link to register for these will also always be on this blog. There are a ton of things changing in the real estate space. Almost on a day to day basis. My goals is to keep all of you in front of it and to always give you everything you need for a business that is consistent, profitable, and scalable.


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