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Why I believe cold call prospecting and door knocking are some of the worst investments you can make with your time


There I said it.

Let me add a few more things to the list:

  • Calling Expireds
  • Calling your SOI
  • Having pointless lunches with people hoping you get the courage to ask for a referral

Don’t ever ask for a referral again… I mean it.

Why am I suggesting you stop all of this madness?

It isn’t effective

In today’s market, no one thinks now is the best time to buy a home. Interest rates are high and inventory is low. Don’t fight this battle. Just understand that it is a “rule” of the game.

The only 1 to 1 activity you should be doing is appointments

Everything else should be in bulk or in speed. IF you can’t do it in bulk (IE: Send a mass email or create a video ad on youtube) then you should be able to do it fast (IE – send 25 vidyard emails to prospects)

What about lead follow up?

This is the only exception. These are people that have already raised their hand. What I am suggesting is that you only spend 1 to 1 times with people that want it. Not 1 to 1 time trying to convince people they should want to talk with you.

Here is a good example of what I mean.

2 weeks ago we had a community garage sale. My wife suggested we get rid of our storage unit and then sell everything at this garage sale. Not a bad idea at all.

We took one Sunday, rented a trailer and brought all the stuff home. The next weekend we used half the Friday to get everything ready and then we spent half the Saturday selling everything. Then when the garage sale was over, we took the rest (minus a few valuable things to sell individually) and just donated it.

Do you know what we “made” for all this effort?


A complete waste of time.

I have never done a deep dive on what my time is worth, but when I factor all the labor into what we did I made about $14 an hour.

We did get rid of a lot of stuff though which was great.

Let’s get back to real estate. One of the biggest reasons most agents don’t ever make it big is that they don’t do enough activities fast enough to see progress or momentum. They move slow, and when you move slow, it is tough to see the finish line.

Here is what I would be doing every day:

  • Send mass emails
  • Create video for social and YouTube
  • Send Vidyard Emails
  • Record house tours
  • Schedule a live virtual event on how to buy or sell a home in your market

I’ll leave you with this.

When the market thins out, you need to cast a wider net.

Most real estate agents are doing the opposite. Don’t be like them.


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